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The Last Mercenary #2020

The Last Mercenary PRIVATE PROTECTOR Micah Steele was a mystery as silent as stone and just as intractable Not even those closest to him knew the details of his life which was exactly how it had to be Because Micah was

  • Title: The Last Mercenary
  • Author: Diana Palmer
  • ISBN: 9780373244171
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Last Mercenary By Diana Palmer, PRIVATE PROTECTOR Micah Steele was a mystery, as silent as stone and just as intractable Not even those closest to him knew the details of his life which was exactly how it had to be Because Micah was a mercenary, and his lies protected those he loved Or they had, until the young beauty he d left behind in Jacobsville, Texas, was kidnapped by his sworn enemy Micah wasPRIVATE PROTECTOR Micah Steele was a mystery, as silent as stone and just as intractable Not even those closest to him knew the details of his life which was exactly how it had to be Because Micah was a mercenary, and his lies protected those he loved Or they had, until the young beauty he d left behind in Jacobsville, Texas, was kidnapped by his sworn enemy Micah was prepared to go to the ends of the earth to rescue Callie Kirby But he wasn t prepared for her sweet innocence to be dangerous than the evil he hunted He could protect Callie from ruthless drug lords, but who would protect her from Micah

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      Diana Palmer

    1 thought on “The Last Mercenary

    1. Another amazing read by DP she never disappoints.And I know, I have said that I rate DP books differently than other books, I compare her regular yet amazing feel ones to the I am mindblown ones, but it isn t fair to her From now on, I am going to rate them according to how much they deserve, and compare them to other authors, not just DPI have NO TIME to write a proper review, so I ll just say this h was super sweet, strong, and never did a wrong or irritating thing in her life Was on her side [...]

    2. You gotta be kidding me Ok I am on another Diana Palmer read a thon Blame the endometriosis I am stuck in bed, in paind these books are NOT helping My usual Diana Palmer guilty pleasure full of wanton virgins and mixed signal step brothers who are secretly in lust or have been for years with the heroine.This one, however, threw in a bonafide wanna be other woman who actually let the hero have it Good for her

    3. Oh my God I m so sad what a bad feeling I honestly haven t felt this way in so long I hated this book I can t even believe Callie isn t questioned at being mentally challenged like slow or something No virginal 22 year old is that clueless I get DP likes virgins and older men but good God this one was a stretch Callie was so stupid I wondered how she got up and got dressed by herself She was just so dense it was comical Plus Micah basically raped her while she was on a sedative I just can t even [...]

    4. In this book we have the last of the mercenaries, the handsome daredevil, Micah Steele going down to an arrow from Cupid s bow Although, I found it an enjoyable read, a couple of things in the book rankled.One was Callie being argumentative over every little thing and the other which left me as outraged as Micah was when after that sensual love making it turns out Callie thought she was having an erotic dream on account of the sedative Micah had given her and had no clue that they d had sex unti [...]

    5. The Last Mercenary is the story of Micah and Callie.Micah and Callie are stepsiblings, who have never gotten along with each other Micah pushes Callie away when she falls in love with him when she is a teenager, then Micah is caught kissing her mother Anna which breaks tender Callie s heart.Now Callie lives working for a law firm and taking care of Micahs estranged dad Jack, when she s kidnapped by Micah s enemies and almost assaulted.How he rescues her and them fighting their feelings is the st [...]

    6. Es ltimo libro de la serie un tanto confuso el protagonista pasa por una desesperacion para recatarla, no deja que otros hombres se le acerquen pero a pesar de todo no la quiere, confuso no me gusto, la chica no debi ponerlo tan f cil

    7. I only read the DP one of these books It was better than most of DP s work for me and that was because there was action I think There were also several spots where the hero said some lovely things to the heroine On the other hand it had the usual problems that I find with this author The story lines always sound good but the execution fails for me Things happened really fast By that I mean that a situation would arise and be instantly solved on the next page She s kidnapped Never mind, the hero [...]

    8. Omg I love this book and I take it out and reread at least once a year This story is powerful and so many great scenes I don t know where to start Ok so like most if not all of Diana Palmer books the heroine is a virgin and in love with the hero from the start Callie is strong cause she has had to be and sweet because she chooses to be She loves her step brother since she was in her teens and that has never changes and Micah the hero can t have her because of his life and history with Callie s m [...]

    9. Are you looking for a book that is non stop The Last Mercenary will keep you glued and connected Once again, Diana Palmer has delivered with her characters and plot.

    10. Loved all the angst plus heroine was such a brave and strong woman The ending was super cheesy and just perfect for these two

    11. DNFed It was difficult to connect with the characters especially the female lead.She was not naive but stupid.I didn t like how many times she said she pays her own way.Fine if you want to pay yourself but you don t have to brag about it so much.Also looking down your nose on someone because they don t earn like you is mean and totally judgemental.She spoiled the book for me.

    12. Are all of Diana Palmer s heroes such misogynistic assholes Are all her female characters total pushovers with no self worth JFC.

    13. Letto nel 2011 e rilettura 2018, anche questo collegato alla serie Long, Tall Texas, introduce la coppia Janie Brewster e Leo Hart di Giochi di gelosia

    14. The Last Mercenary is the last book in her mini series Soldier of Fortune And we have Micah Steele s story His name has been mentioned briefly in some of Ms Palmer s previous books I find his character very intriguing that s why I was so excited to read his book And I m glad I did I really enjoyed it.I won t go into so much details because there s a lot of things I want to say about it but I m afraid that I might end up telling you about the whole book Although it s your typical Diana Palmer s b [...]

    15. I LOVED IT Micah s stepsister, Callie, is kidnapped by Lopez, the drugdealer, who wants to take a revenge towards him Micah felt guilty because he s been treating Callie badly and now she s in danger because of him He gather every force he has and did everything he can to save her One of my favorite The angst is heavy but not sinking, Micah s not that asshole y annoying and Callie s not cry baby The portion are enough and if you re Diana Palmer s fan, you ll know what I mean You ll find familiar [...]

    16. My, oh my Micah surely knows how to declare his love There s no way anyone would turn down a declaration after that.It s hard for me to understand that any woman could be as clueless about sex as Callie is But she really is that clueless Micah doesn t help any though The hot and cold thing he has going on would confuse anybody I think that Callie being such a strong, self made woman, is part of what draws her to Micah Most women want him for what he can give them, not himself Only Callie.

    17. L ultima missione edizione Harmony eLit miniserie I mercenari di Jacobsville Da ragazzina, Callie si era presa una terribile cotta per Micah che per , nonostante la forte attrazione, l aveva rifiutata ritenendola troppo giovane Poi le loro strade avevano preso direzioni diverse, e lui era diventato un mercenario Ora, a quattro anni, di distanza, molte cose sono cambiate ma non i sentimenti E quando lei viene rapita da un pericoloso fuorilegge, Micah non esita a entrare in azione Ma salvare Calli [...]

    18. After reading many of the westerns written by Diana Palmer, I was disappointed in this book Callie Kirby, the heroine, is na ve to the extreme Micah Steele, the hero, is a mercenary yet gets caught by the bad guy because he is too tired to swim back to shore after making love to Callie most of the night Since Callie was sedated at the time, she thinks it was all an erotic dream Seriously

    19. The life of picture perfect Micah Steele who is rich,medical resident,awsume cook,blonde and a mercenary.Has a love affair with his step sister and her step mother.Saves the life of her average step sister from drug lords and along the way forms a bond with her and fell in love with her.Defeats his rivals and spend rest of his life with his love for whom he goes to lengths to save her from enemies.An epic romantic fantasy read which is very intresting.

    20. Every woman s dreamLove this story One of Diana Palmer s best in my opinion This book has a good story plot and romance I have read it 3 times Micah Steele is a man s man and Callie innocent but strong willed and mature Too many romance novels have little story and overboard sex This has just right amounts of both Serious and funny parts too They are an adorable couple.

    21. This western romance takes a darker tone from other books I have read by Diana Palmer The main character, Micah Stone is a mercenary, whose life remains a mystery Kidapping, drug dealers, and a dangerous step into the underworld make this than a romance The plot moves quickly and is filled with suspense.

    22. Blast from the past This book is a blast from the past for me That was the first book The second book attached to my kindle copy was a good heart warming tale This book would get only four stars as well It was straight forward romance where one couple is getting married and their best man and lady in waiting fall in love.

    23. Ho cominciato a leggere la saga dei mercenari della Palmer l estate scorsa con Emozioni senza paura ed ora sto andando a ritroso il pregio di questi libri che sono avventurosi e dal ritmo serrato, il difetto che i protagonisti maschili, anche se affascinanti, sono, probabilmente anche a causa del lavoro che svolgono, un po bruschi nei confronti delle donne, di cui si innamorano

    24. Micah Steele loves Callie but doesn t let her know it She loves him and lets him know it Then she gets kidnapped and he rescues her After some trial and error, they get married to live happily ever after.

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