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The Naked Gardener #2020

The Naked Gardener In a remote forest of northern Vermont Katelyn Cross takes five women on a wilderness canoe trip where they hope to come up with ideas for saving their dying town Although the river is not always wha

  • Title: The Naked Gardener
  • Author: L.B. Gschwandtner
  • ISBN: 9781453734865
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Naked Gardener By L.B. Gschwandtner, In a remote forest of northern Vermont, Katelyn Cross takes five women on a wilderness canoe trip where they hope to come up with ideas for saving their dying town Although the river is not always what it seems and the women have not left their problems behind, a painting ritual creates a new way to look at the world and themselves Artist Katelyn Cross loves Greg MazurIn a remote forest of northern Vermont, Katelyn Cross takes five women on a wilderness canoe trip where they hope to come up with ideas for saving their dying town Although the river is not always what it seems and the women have not left their problems behind, a painting ritual creates a new way to look at the world and themselves Artist Katelyn Cross loves Greg Mazur and he loves her He wants to be married but a previous relationship that went sour has made Katelyn overly cautious about any permanent commitment And what about Greg s first wife He lost her to cancer and Katelyn worries that he s only looking for a replacement What s a girl to do Canoe down a river with five gal pals, camp out, catch fish, talk about life and men The problem is, a river can be as unpredictable as any relationship and just as hard to manage On their last day, when the river turns wild, the women face the challenge of a lifetime and find that staying alive means saving themselves first while being open to help from a most unlikely source As Katelyn navigates the raging water, she learns how to overcome her fear of change in a world where nothing stays the same When Katelyn returns to her garden, she ll face one obstacle and the naked gardener will meet the real Greg Mazur.What readers are saying about The Naked Gardener Lyrical Scandalous Empowering Exhilarating Honest Sensual Fun Gentle Pleasurable Transporting TimelessIn her first novel, award winning writer L B Gschwandtner explores the push and pull of love, a woman s need to maintain her individuality within marriage, and the bonds that can make women stronger even when the world feels as if it s breaking apart.

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      283 L.B. Gschwandtner
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    1. What you feel is your own to tend No one can share it No one can endure it for you No one can inhabit your world but you Katelyn loves Maze, he loves her, there is no denying that Maze wants to get married but Katelyn has had her heart broken before and likes things just the way they are They have recently brought a farm in Vermont and spend time there each summer.Katelyn has made a friend and a few acquaintances They meet up one day and decide to take a trip A canoe trip down the local river Si [...]

    2. 4.5 5 stars Originally posted on my book blog 100starsorless 20I received The Naked Gardener at the start of November It came direct from the author as a giveaway to participate in a book discussion over at The Next Best Book Club The book came and immediately made me smile with its extra touch of including a package of flower seeds attached to the book with a pretty ribbon I began to wondere these flowers so that I too can garden naked The thought of it made me giggle There is no way I am doing [...]

    3. Reviewed by Amie LouBook provided by authorSix women, three days, and one river When I first read the blurb, I was afraid I was about to read Deliverance with women.I couldn t have been wrong The Naked Gardener is the story of six women of varying ages, walks of life, and personalities coming into themselves It s a poignant story of discovery, self acceptance, and understanding.Katelyn had always wanted to canoe down the Trout River, specifically the Trout River Falls.And when the women of the [...]

    4. I loved the naked Gardner The characters are believable and very full The story floated along just like the river It is very relatable to real life All the adversities and concerns of the woman are all things that we all face daily The bond that comes about on their canoe trip is what every woman wished for from friendship All six of them are very different in their styles Yet they mesh well together, Katelyn and the others learn things about themselves that they never realized before Each one h [...]

    5. The Naked Gardener is a fast, fun read and the main character, Katelyn, is extremely appealing and easy to relate to She isn t sure if she wants to marry her longtime boyfriend Maze because she knows all too well what marriage can lead to in terms of losing her freedom and identity But you have to move forward eventually, right Especially if part of you craves marriage and motherhood The author takes a classic female dilemma freedom vs love and family and rounds out the story with a cast of inte [...]

    6. The Naked Gardner By L B GschwandtnerSummary In a remote forest of northern Vermont, Katelyn Cross takes five women on a wilderness canoe trip where they hope to come up with ideas for saving their dying town Although the river is not always what it seems and the women have not left their problems behind, a painting ritual creates a new way to look at the world and themselves Artist Katelyn Cross loves Greg Mazur and he loves her He wants to be married but a previous relationship that went sour [...]

    7. The Naked Gardener by L B Gschwandtner is a thoroughly enjoyable read It tells the story of a group of women who have all arrived at a crossroad in their lives, where they have to make difficult decisions, which require courage and a leap of faith Katelyn, the main character, needs to deal with her fear of commitment to a man she loves Another woman is faced with a possible life threatening illness, a third has to decide if her marriage is still worth the effort, one woman is torn between her st [...]

    8. This is an interesting tale about life and love and women and relationships, an unexpectedly appealing story with great characters The story revolves around Katelyn, an artist trying hard to maintain her distance from her live in lover Maze As she works through the reasons why she feels the way she feels, she finds herself leading a group of inexperienced paddlers on a canoe trip through the wilderness Each of these women has a problem and of course the trip becomes a bonding experience that hel [...]

    9. A truly entertaining and intelligently written analysis of the dilemma of the modern woman, the classic freedom vs commitment debate Choosing love and commitment often seems to be paired along with the loss of one s identity and the freedom to live as one chooses with no responsibilities nor ties to anyone or anything The author flawlessly juxtaposes the struggle the main character faces in her personal life with the unpredictable wildness of nature itself the river, calm one minute yet wildly o [...]

    10. Stridently feminist, this novel annoyed me with its stock characters the woman undecided about marriage because she might turn into a wife the woman who has just found out she is pregnant, the botaxed social climber whose husband is having an affair, a young Christian who has never dated, the fat woman who discovers her true beauty It s not that the message is bad, but it s presented in such a heavy handed way that it put me off There is no subtlety to this story Of course they would all take tu [...]

    11. I really liked this book.The heroine enjoys gardening in the nude Not even her lover knows about her habit, but losing her clothes and getting in touch with the earth is satisfying to Katelyn Especially when she s so insecure in her relationship with Maze.When Katelyn suggests a canoe trip to five other women with their own problems, she doesn t intend it to be a catalyst for change, only for reflection But as they make their way back to civilization each woman changes, Katelyn most of all The e [...]

    12. I thoroughly enjoyed this tale of a woman grappling with decisions about her future Katelyn s an artist in a living with a widower college professor in Virginia He says he s ready for marriage She resists, fearing she ll lose herself in the traditional role of a wife They summer every year in Vermont on a farm in with dilapidated buildings they re renovating Nearby the town of Trout River Falls is in danger of disappearing On the spur of the moment, she organizes a canoe trip with the women of t [...]

    13. Women, you gotta love em L B Gschwandtner clearly loves her women characters and though The Naked Gardner, we fall in love as well When women are faced with a problem in the community they become a community of problem solvers They do it with grace, beauty, and support This book is filled with complex women solving modern problems using the typical tools of women hood relationship building, communication, logical thinking, and good old fashioned elbow grease If that weren t enough L B Gschwandtn [...]

    14. A strange, but totally engaging read Brilliantly written, thoughtful, funny, and even thrilling Six women in three canoes on a river never thought I d love an action type story, but it s much than just that Katelyn is a quirky and endearing narrator, and her relationship and troubles with Maze was wholly relatable I enjoyed this adventure with her to self discovery.The only thing that didn t sit well with me was how all these women would believably, and so eagerly, without much hesitation at al [...]

    15. I disagree with the low star ratings of this book I can see how this would not appeal to everyone, but personally, I thought it was an example of literary prowess and intelligent writing I liked the way the story unfolded and thought the author did a good job of giving the reader a view of the inner workings of the mind of the main character I thought this was an easy read from the beginning that kept me turning pages In the end, I was glad that I read it and would encourage others to do so as w [...]

    16. I LOVED this book It pulled me in from the first line right through to the end It s really not just about Katelyn, the naked gardener, but about all women, and the choices they make in their lives I adored each of the ladies in this book and could relate to each one at some level, and ultimately, I think that is why I enjoyed it so much The story is sometimes leisurely, sometimes fast and compelling, but always interesting LB Gschwandtner has proven to me that she s a writer to contend with in t [...]

    17. I won an early copy of this book from a while back totally forgot to post my review because I read it while travelling I actually quite liked it, it was nothing that I would ever have picked up on my own but sometimes those books are the best One s given to you and told to read or forced to read like some classes I ve been in The characters were multidimensional and I cared about what happened to them.

    18. Mar 2016 Re readingNov 2010 The Naked Gardner is a refreshing and thought provoking read Each of the 6 women gets to challenge themselves and reflect on their lives during a 3 day canoe trip The author put into words ideas that were lurking at the fringes of my consciousness but were never fully formed I find myself reflecting on the book often and wishing it was spring and the garden was alive instead of November and the garden is put to bed.

    19. This was a really fast read that immerses you in the lives of several women in a small town in Vermont it was neat that the women were of all different age groups but still had some of the same struggles and some unique to their to their age I love the freedom and liberation that Katelyn feels as she goes to her garden naked And there was a lot of symbolism with the rocks.I would definitely recommend this book to anyone wanting to be totally engrossed in a good book.

    20. The Naked Gardener was my favorite book in a long time It is a book about women and trust and change and empowerment There isn t one character in the core group of women that I couldn t relate to in one way or another This includes the elderly Ms Ward Gschwandtner has an amazing way with words I experienced every flower, every bend in the river and each emotion that the women felt on theirventure.

    21. A very unusual book called The Naked Gardner The story is a fast read, but one that makes you think about your own life choices.The main character interacts with five friends at her Vermont summer home All have some issues unknown to the others that become shared on a challenging trip in canoes down a roaring river.

    22. This is the type of book that you just love to read It tackles issues that modern women face and helps show a way to walk the line as the saying goes I think that all women would benefit in the reading of this book and I daresay that all men might get a little insight into why we can not understand the opposite sex as well as we pretend to.

    23. I won this book through giveaway.Oh, the thrill of gardening naked or canoeing over a water fall The Naked Gardener introduces us to women who take the opportunity to step outside their comfort zones in order to save their town and to resolve each individual s personal dilemmas What a great book I am passing it on to friends with an enthusiastic recommendation.

    24. This was an easy and sweet read I liked the women and I think delving any deeper into their issues problems would have made the book too long and too dark However, I wish I could have understood what really effed up Katelyn that she was so scared of committing to such a great guy besides people changing overtime I would like to see Katelyn s garden for sure.

    25. I enjoyed the beginning of this book but by the end there were just too many irregularities I kayak and I would never take five untrained kayakers down a river in flood stage Also, first they say they leave their equipment on the river bank, then that they leave it at the manor house If I was kayaking a river in flood stage, I don t think body paint would be the one thing I took with me

    26. This was a free book fro First Reads Overall this was a good story The female character has some issues She goes rafting down the river with friends, she reflects I don t know, there are many things I have issues with this book You should read it for yourself Going rafting with basically no experience and gardening in daylight naked you decide.

    27. How to classify this book I suppose it would be chick litr gardenerswith academic leanings.Enjoyed the meandering, Pilcher esque, real time plot And I would now definitely consider gardening naked just showering off outside Practical If I had endless acres And a Costco sized bottle of sunscreen Maybe a really big hat And a couple of margaritass, definitely then.

    28. L.B Gschwandtner writes authentic, clean prose that convey the story as well as the feelings of women who decided to embark on a life altering adventure The gardening theme encompasses not only vegetables and herbs, but friendship and personal growth as well They best part is that Gschwandtner does all of this without pretense or false depth and a little bit of humor to boot.

    29. I m the person who won Naked Gardner but that does not affect my judgement of the book Katelyn is extremely appealing and easy to relate to which is something not often found in a female protagonists these days This novel is a well written fun read Katelyn faces the problem many women do stability vs freedom and predictability vs adventure.

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