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Spring Awakening #2020

Spring Awakening Wedekind s play about adolescent sexuality is as disturbing today as when it was first produced Spring Awakening was written in but had to wait the greater part of a century before it received it

  • Title: Spring Awakening
  • Author: Frank Wedekind Edward Bond
  • ISBN: 9780413476203
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Paperback
  • Spring Awakening By Frank Wedekind Edward Bond, Wedekind s play about adolescent sexuality is as disturbing today as when it was first produced Spring Awakening was written in 1891 but had to wait the greater part of a century before it received its first complete performance in Britain, at the National Theatre in 1974 The production was highly praised, much of its strength deriving from this translation by Edward BonWedekind s play about adolescent sexuality is as disturbing today as when it was first produced Spring Awakening was written in 1891 but had to wait the greater part of a century before it received its first complete performance in Britain, at the National Theatre in 1974 The production was highly praised, much of its strength deriving from this translation by Edward Bond and Elisabeth Bond Pabl For this edition the translator, Edward Bond, has written a note on the play and a factual introduction to Wedekind s life and work.

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      419 Frank Wedekind Edward Bond
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    1 thought on “Spring Awakening

    1. An interesting play, that s probably as taboo now as it would have been a hundred years ago Teen suicide, sadistic and masochistic acts, teen sex, murder, moping, masturbation and depression On top of all these disturbing elements are some very humorous moments and wonderfully written moments of adult as in grown ups, not as a euphenism for dirty banality and absurdity.

    2. Featuring abortion, suicide, a homosexual kiss and some masochism this play about German teenagers first published in 1891 is frequently still controversial when staged I suppose teenagers will be teenagers whileaudiences will be disturbed that children don t remain so.

    3. Usually, I find reading plays a poor second to seeing them performed, but some plays are simply unplayable Frank Wedekind s Spring Awakening Fr hlings Erwachen comes into that category Apart from the problem of most of the characters being young teenagers adults playing children never works , the play needs space and quiet for the audience to think in There is little of that in a musical or noisy West End show.Like Ibsen, Wedekind briefly mentions events and then leaves us to fill in the blanks [...]

    4. Poor or non existent sex education can lead to such undesirable results as rape, suicide and teen age pregnancy Illegal abortion can lead to death.Well, preaching to the converted, there The trouble is that the un converted are the kind of people who would get outraged by a play like this and try to ban its performance or publication I would like to think the problem is not as severe now as at the time of its initial publication but here in Britain it is still possible for parents to prevent the [...]

    5. Ein wichtiges Theaterst ck heutzutage wie seinerzeit Ich kann mir gut vorstellen, wie sogar das heutige Publikum eine getreue Auff hrung des St ckes als skandal s bezeichnen w rde.

    6. The living are as such not to be pitied.Don t let the title Spring Awakening fool you This is an impressive piece about growing up The underlying themes of this play are rather bleak The issues are serious, deadly serious Moral authorities parents, school, church are there to provide a compass for the adolescents, which eventually lead them astray, one way or another In some cases the road to their respective hell is paved with good intentions, in other cases it s just plain ignorance Somehow th [...]

    7. A controversial play published in 1891, not performed until 1906, and adpated into a musical in 2006, Spring s Awakening is the story of children facing the beginning of adolescence within the repressed culture of 1892 Germany This edition, translated and edited by Bentley, contains a number of mini essays by the editor on everything from the play s timeline to some of its key themes This commentary is interesting if artless and, combined with the sprinkling of typos, begs for an editor , provid [...]

    8. Having read this after watching the musical, it frustrates me even further that the musical version turned the rape scene into a love scene although I m not really buying the love scene anyway because Wendla had no real understanding of what was going on in both the play and musical The rest of the changes are minor in comparison, I guess, but there were a lot of them I do love that the themes of sexuality, education, religion, etc are still prevalent today in the same exact ways they are preval [...]

    9. I read this the original German play from the late 1800 s in anticipation of seeing the fawned over new musical which translator Jonathan Franzen is quick to dismiss as insipid Dark, unique and sadly funny I d highly recommend this one to theater people, and caution others that it may in fact be too disturbing to be easily digested My mind was spinning with thoughts of how you would stage the play today, and it was perhaps only this that prevented me from being truly disturbed Captivating, to be [...]

    10. An incredibly fascinating set of plays I know there are those who will bemoan the lengthy dialogue passages that almost seem to border upon histrionics However, this was a very common style for drama at that time Also, the delivery depends entirely on the performer, the director, and the stage presentation Shakespeare can seem hammy when read, but exudes wonder when delivered well.SPRING AWAKENING Since its creation in 1910, this play has had many revivals including as a musical It is not a diff [...]

    11. I haven t read a lot of plays but I don t think any that I have read have struck me as powerfully as this one did I also come from a place of bias, since Spring Awakening is one of my favorite musicals, but the play held so many differences and actually was impacting, in my opinion.There are so many little details I want to talk about, but mostly, the narratives of loss of innocence, extreme repression, total moral ambiguity was crafted beautifully The story of every single character was tragic [...]

    12. Well since I love the musical Spring Awakening I thought I might wanna give the book a go I read it in one sitting and I really enjoyed it Especially since I haven t really been reading a lot lately I m happy that this book surprised me so positively It is so sexual and was most definitely a taboo back when it came out But that s what makes it so interesting God I loved it

    13. Everything happens so fast in the play that I caught myself wondering if it wasn t simply meant to be a musical It is short and powerful, and I can only imagine how it was received in 1891 Its message, of course, is still very important today.

    14. Liked it but was not blown away but very interesting show for the time it was written challenging discussion of sexuality

    15. This is a story about several young teenagers in late 1800 s Germany who are all coming to terms with what it means to be both children and adults or at least somewhere inbetween It s a story about exploring themselves both mentally and physically but also noticing the difference in their interactions and relations with other teenagers and most importantly, their relation to the adult world and how the adults view and treat them and their questions and thoughts It s about the suicidal teenager w [...]

    16. This is by far one of the most influential and moving pieces of literature i have ever read Now, i will be honest i saw the musical first But, in my mind Spring Awakening the musical has it s own slot and Spring s Awakening the play has it s own as well They are very very very different stories.The play, despite being from a censored and cruel time in Germany s past, brings up many modern struggles The tale of teens reaching puberty and discovering these bodies and emotions they didn t know they [...]

    17. This is the original, un censored version of the script I guess it was pretty controversial back in the day.I have to say, I don t really see what all the big hot dog is about this script People talk in paragraphs, not dialogue I hate that Have a conversation People don t normally talk for 3 minutes and then stop and let the other person talk for 3 minutes in response to what they said I guess it would be disturbing to watch if you got a bunch of good, actual 14 year olds to play the main roles, [...]

    18. What good does it have to do We are fit for nothing , neither good nor evil Spring s Awakening is about mental and physical coming of age, hormone storm, sexual initiation as well as the hypocrisy of nineteenth century bourgeois society.This play was mired in controversy back in the day, due to its subject matter abuse, suicide, homosexuality, rape It is no surprise that it was banned and censored for a long time after being published.The teenagers in the story are desperately trying to explore [...]

    19. I don t have much to say about this, it was a good, solid play The message is obviously very important and the parents absurd, behaviour made me really angry at points, which would indicate that the play did what it was supposed to do I wouldn t say I bonded with the characters very much, though Melchior and Moritz are probably the most relatable.The course of the story scene per scene is a little foggy, especially in the second and third act Sometimes I found myself wondering why certain scenes [...]

    20. Mal wieder ein Klassiker Wedekinds Drama war ein Skandal seinerzeit Episodenhaft werden die aufkommenden sexuellen Regungen Jugendlicher mit einem starren Erziehungs und Moralbild Erwachsener im ausgehenden 19 Jahrhundert kontrastiert F r Jugendliche heutzutage unvorstellbar, daher ist es meiner Meinung nach umso wertvoller, dass das St ck nach wie vor auf den B hnen gespielt wird Mai 2014

    21. This book really shocked me when I first read it It was assigned reading in school, and I just couldn t believe I was reading a book about teenage sex, about abortions, masturbation, in school IN CLASS In a book that was written a hundred years ago It just knocked me on the head One day I ll take the time to re read it.

    22. I m probably yet another reader who was Spring Awakening on Broadway and decided to read the play after I knew the musical adaption well, so I did a lot of comparing and contrasting of nuances as I read Overall, I was underwhelmed by the play, but now I can say that I have read it.

    23. Wedekinds Fr hlings Erwachen war bei uns Schullekt re Ich kann mich noch gut daran erinnern, in der 8ten Klasse hatte ich es gelesen und ich wei noch genau, wie es mich damals begeistert hat Auch heute noch kehre ich immer wieder gerne zu dem St ck zur ck Es ist einfach gro artig

    24. This play has it all teenage sex rape, abortion, masturbation, homosexual acts, suicide, bad grades And it s all the grown ups fault

    25. This play will forever be synonymous with the second half of high school in my heart Thoroughly enjoyed it, even though it walks a bit on the dark side

    26. Tabu werden gebrochen Heute vielleicht kein allzu schockierendes Drama, ber cksichtigt man aber die Zeit, in der dieses Werk erschien, kann man nur voller Respekt sein.

    27. This is one of the most heavily censored works of the last 100 years Bentley, in the introduction, comments that the death of God proclaimed by Neitzsche in the 1880s was the death of the father principle A revolt against paternal authority was perhaps the greatest of the several great upheavals of those days It is a strange play It is much like the movie Kids in the 1990s, in that it is a sort of autobiographical drama about different children making choices against the established support stru [...]

    28. Ich musste dieses Buch zu meinem Abschluss Fachabi lesen und es war das erste Schulbuch, dass ich nicht nur komplett gelesen habe, sondern auch gerne Ich bin froh, zu der Zeit eine so fabelhafte Deutschlehrerin gehabt zu haben, mit der man so offen, ohne sich sprachlich zur ck zu halten, unterhalten konnte Das Buch ist sehr angenehm zu lesen, es ist zwar kein modernes Deutsch, jedoch deutlich und flie end Das meiste versteht man ohne es nachzuschlagen z.B Elfenk nigin und wenn nicht, dann ergibt [...]

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