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Френското завещание #2020

  • Title: Френското завещание
  • Author: Andreï Makine Георги Ангелов Андрей Макин
  • ISBN: 9789545295195
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
  • Френското завещание By Andreï Makine Георги Ангелов Андрей Макин, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .

    • [EPUB] ´ Free Read ☆ Френското завещание : by Andreï Makine Георги Ангелов Андрей Макин ↠
      278 Andreï Makine Георги Ангелов Андрей Макин
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    1. The story is of a young Russian boy and his older sister who have a French born grandmother living on the edge of the steppe in Siberia They live a distance away and visit her only in summers From her old time stories, her reading of poetry and ancient newspaper articles, their perusal of newspaper and family pictures, she teaches them the language and imbues in them a love of French culture The grandmother s life spanned years from the tsars through Stalin and WW II to the modern era, so we get [...]

    2. The Goncourt prize in France seems to be drawn to Russian writers who can write French better than many French natives.In 1938 it was awarded to Henri Troyat n Lev Aslanovitch Tarasov for his L Araigne He later became a Member of L Acad mie Fran aise In 1956 and again in 1975 it was awarded to Romain Gary n Roman Kacew And recently, in 1995, Andr Makine a.k.a Gabriel Osmonde received this prestigious prize.Had Nabokov been the son not of an Anglophile but of a Francophile, we would probably hav [...]

    3. So I saw things differently was it an advantage Or a handicap, a blemish I understood that this second view of things would have to be hidden for it could only provoke mockery from others Andrei Mak ne, Dreams of my Russian Summers One of my interests in recent years has been in reading books about, and talking to people with cross cultural upbringings, and it amazes me how much is similar between people who were, like me, brought up in this way It s even interesting to encounter a person like [...]

    4. Several of the books I have been reading recently have been about place Together they show how the history of a community and the geography of a region can be combined and recorded so that they remain alive and vibrant rather than gathering dust in the archives In Cosmopolitan Europe A Strasbourg Self Portrait, the geographer John Western records the history and geography of the city of Strasbourg on the French German border through wonderfully immediate interviews with its citizens the reader a [...]

    5. On a flower covered balcony, cooled by Siberia s dusty summer breezes, a grandmother tells stories to her grandson, the narrator, and granddaughter But she is not just any grandmother, nor are these just any times The grandmother is a Frenchwoman and these are the 1960s in the Soviet Union Yet on that balcony, the USSR disappears and the children are immersed in another reality the reality of memories of things and worlds past They speak in French, and the language, the words, become part of the [...]

    6. view spoiler Bettie s BooksThe rating, any status updates, and those bookshelves, indicate my feelings for this book hide spoiler

    7. It s a French novel It s a Russian novel It s a French novel about Russia It s a Russian novel about France It s all of those things As a Hungarian American, I am almost never unaware of my own dual nature So too is Alyosha, the narrator of this tale of his encounters in Saranza, Western Siberia, with his French grandmother, Charlotte Lemonnier.Andrei Makine s Dreams of My Russian Summers is a wonderful autobiographical novel about never quite being a unified whole, but part of a centrifugal mul [...]

    8. This is such a wonderful book that my words could never do it justice The reflections on time, memories and his grandmother are beautifully written and almost poetic I would love to know how much of this book is autobiography The main character s trajectory seems to closely line up with what I have read about the author, but I would love to know if these are true memories of his grandmother One of my favorite books.

    9. Andrei Makine s beautifully dappled style, the conflagration of colours which leap from the page and the obsession with memory and the past recalls Proust who makes an appearance in the novel Makine lacks Proust s genius, yet Dreams of My Russian Summers reverberates with beauty and pathos The story follows the story of a young Russian who is torn between the exoticism, grace and individuality of French culture, as represented by his French grandmother, Charlotte, and the autocracy and brutality [...]

    10. Fascinating view into the series of accidents that come together to form a person s identity I learned a little bit of what it is to be Russian, a little of what it means to be French, and something about the historical attraction that the Russians have had for French culture I always thought that was odd, but I understand it a little now Well worth the read I spite of the title, it s all in English, except for an occasional word of French or Russian most of those are explained in the preface, [...]

    11. How one comes to maturity can involve a long but disconnected procession of events, many of which are elusive and in Andrei Makine s excellent novel, Dreams of My Russian Summers, the detailed memories involve fragments rather than clear specific moments of recollection Piecing the fragments together to form a tapestry that causes the story to become lucid is the task on the novel s narrator but also that of the reader I found the novel to resemble a Proustian journey of very gradual enlightenme [...]

    12. C est ma deuxi me lecture du merveilleux roman d Andre Makine Ce roman se m rite les prix Gongourt, M dicis et Gongourt des lyc ens Quel plaisir de relire ce roman qui d crit la relation d un jeune gar on russe dont l identit est forg en partie par sa grand m re fran aise qui vit dans un village isol e de la Sib rie Les relations, les vies et les choix se r v lent plus complexes et tragiques que ce que le gar on avait pressenti Une criture riche et juste Des paysages et des vies la grandeur des [...]

    13. To me, it is the most poetic, original and beautifully written book about a search for an identity and a life between two cultures It is a special book for me given my own attempt to embrace an American life yet retain all that is Finnish in me Still, I trust that Makine s delicate yet powerful story will captivate everyone Anu Bradford

    14. A pondering on roots, identity and memory as well as a look at the turbulent history of Russia in the 20th Century I did find the language a little challenging at times but a book that was definitely worth the effort.

    15. Makine s writing has all the subtle touches of masters of their trade nowhere does he falter or fail, and instead allows the reader to fall deeper into the layers of his stories without being aware they are doing so His tales are always created this way, their seemingly simple exterior giving way to sophisticated story lines that seductively pull the reader further into his interpretation of the world.This book centers around a host of themes being trapped between two languages, which reveal the [...]

    16. First, let me say that this is another one of those book I read a long time ago One of those that passes through my mind from time to time with a bit of wistfulness There are scenes that are vivid But mostly it leaves me unsettled Reading something in English, that was written in French, telling memories of a Russian childhood made me wonder what I could possibly be missing On the other hand, it was an intriguing cultural read and sadly, it s rare to run across a book in which a grown man focuse [...]

    17. Still reading but comments This book received the Prix Goncourt Did not know about the flood in Paris in 1910 I love the children s curiosity about the Grandmother s life, the places she lived Can relate to the wonderment as a child stars at the photos of those long gone More later.Occasionally, the author s language seems a bit convoluted and the settings jump around without due warning I know this is current construction of tales but this latter was a bit obtuse.Was, however, a good read sett [...]

    18. I didn t expect to like this book as much as I did The prose is flowery reminded me a little of Orhan Pamuk s scented pages but ultimately seemed right for this slipping in and out of memory, going between a French past and a Russian present, between languages I liked the urgency of the adolescent narrator s frustration in trying to reconcile the world of stories and feelings and ideas with the world in front of his face He s alert to poignancy he finds it everywhere and makes his reeling way to [...]

    19. Makine is the most profound author of our generation There might be writers who can paint a prettier picture see also, Best American Short Stories , but there is nobody on this earth who can challenge our perceptions on what it means to be human to live, love, laugh, and die like this fellow Please disagree with me Please recommend someone better I look forward to reading Thanks

    20. F r cuvinte Ele nu pot cuprinde sau exprima frumuse ea acestei c r i.Poate doar muzica va reu i youtube watch v 578ueQC1xyM

    21. Un roman chaleureux et enchanteur, bien que tr s nostalgique et intime Les phrases de Makine ont souvent l aspect de petits po mes d un contenu ineffable 4,3 5

    22. Nonna Charlotte vive in un isba isolata nella steppa siberiana e offre al nipote, che ospita durante le vacanze estive, i ricordi della sua Francia d origine Ammaliato, il ragazzo accresce sui libri l interesse e l a per quel lontano paese, tanto che in lui si delinea un tratto d identit francese, aperta e sognatrice, accanto a quella russa, chiusa e concreta, trasmessa da genitori e ambiente Da adulto destino ineluttabile si trasferir Francia e diventer uno scrittore affermato il narratore di q [...]

    23. Le monde avait besoin de ce roman qui montre l autre c t de la m daille de tant d excellentes oeuvres sur l exp rience migr Parmi bien d autres, Joseph Conrad la Pologne Tsariste , Erich Maria Remarque L Allemagne Nazi Daie Sije La Chine Populaire , Milan Kundera La Tch coslovaquie , Dai Sije La Chine Populaire , et Vladimir Nabakov La Russie Communiste ont crit sur des protaganistes qui ont fuit des r gimes oppr sives Andrei Makine nous raconte plutot l histoire d une jeune francaise qui se tro [...]

    24. 71 of 75 for 2015 The reading guide for this novel compares it to work by Nabokov and other great Russian authors, although I can t really see that The book, written originally in French and presented here as an English translation, tells the story of a young man growing up in Soviet era Russia, spending his summers with his grandmother, a native of Paris As someone who grew up in all the tension of the Cold War, I am fascinated by stories that tell of the life of my counterparts on the other si [...]

    25. I decided I m going to make room on my book shelve just for those books that are so well written that I some day will reread This one will be on it My gosh, this man can write I can t wait to read of his books It may be that I ve always been drawn to books about Russia, nonfiction, mostly, but fiction too This book is listed as fiction, but the author s life so closely parallels the book that I can see how it is sometimes referred to as autobiographical In a way it is a coming of age book, desc [...]

    26. The first thing to say about Le Testament Francais is that it is pretentious Published elsewhere in English as Dreams of My Russian Summers, Andrei Makine s novel seems to be somewhat auto biographical, although a quick poke around google shows this as something of a questionable claim.Regardless of the truth of the story and its pretensions, Le Testament Francais is one of the most beautifully written and translated books I have ever read Each word seems carefully picked to bestow maximum weigh [...]

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