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The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí #2020

The Secret Life of Salvador Dal This early autobiography which takes Dal through his late thirties is as startling and unpredictable as his art On its first publication the reviewer of Books observed It is impossible not to admir

  • Title: The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí
  • Author: Salvador Dalí Haakon Chevalier
  • ISBN: 9780486274546
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí By Salvador Dalí Haakon Chevalier, This early autobiography, which takes Dal through his late thirties, is as startling and unpredictable as his art On its first publication, the reviewer of Books observed It is impossible not to admire this painter as writer Dal succeeds in doing exactly what he sets out to do communicates the snobbishness, self adoration, comedy, seriousness, fanaticism, inThis early autobiography, which takes Dal through his late thirties, is as startling and unpredictable as his art On its first publication, the reviewer of Books observed It is impossible not to admire this painter as writer Dal succeeds in doing exactly what he sets out to do communicates the snobbishness, self adoration, comedy, seriousness, fanaticism, in short the concept of life and the total picture of himself he sets out to portray Superbly illustrated with over eighty photographs of Dal and his works, and scores of Dal drawings and sketches.

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    1 thought on “The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí

    1. The most striking aspect of Dali is his essential conservatism Beneath the exhibitionism, the surrealism, the extravagance is a 19th century, perhaps Spanish, clinging to rules, rigor, discipline, hierarchy, and finally religion He found freedom within tradition, and criticized Picasso for struggling reduced to slavery endlessly in the complete freedom of revolution Here is his frustration at the art school faculty I was already in full reaction against cubism They, in order to reach cubism, wou [...]

    2. Yet another Dali book I am unable to rate It took me almost a year to read this book off and on It was damn near impossible For two reasons I almost did the unthinkable and gave up 1 It is written by a man with a tongue of genius He has a way with words that throws you off from your pure amazement of their exquisiteness, and hell, all that genius makes for a complicated read It s hard not to get tripped up Exquisiteness Now that word is certainly not worthy of being called exquisite 2 The book i [...]

    3. Salvador Dal was thirty seven years old when he completed this autobiography, his book of secrets, he says He had become at this mature age a serious Christian, a Catholic to be exact, and his quest for heaven was really all that mattered to him by then besides the love of his life, Gala, his personal fame and glory, his home and possessions, and the faith in God that has eluded him all his life The god part was all a surprise to me and I was not expecting to learn of these extraordinary godly [...]

    4. This is a fascinating book with brilliant illustrations as you d expect but it s not a great read It s a one off, like the man himself, and while it swirls and dances and leads you all over the place, it shines but also obstuficates at will, making sense and willingly not, giving you brilliant insights and throwing you miles off course Useful, now, as a historical artefact and interesting, illuminating companion to Dali s work, it s also overlong, verbose and frequently boring My favourite print [...]

    5. This book changed my life and the way I used to perceive the inner lives of visual artists It flows like a painting, it s packed with surreal images and symbols that only Dali could relate to it s a real memoir, nothing fake, nothing hidden, just insane, strange and beautiful like Dali was.It s number one on my list of favorite books.However, I do understand why some people might not enjoy it so much, it s not for everyone one has to know a little about the artist and surrealism in order to gras [...]

    6. When reading this book one must take into account that Dali was a genius It is an accompaniment to his work and thus surreal not formulaic He reveals all his passions, fetishes and obsessions and he worked on them constantly throughout his life In the summer every year while staying at his summer retreat in Cadaques, he sent Picasso a postcard with the same message In July neither women nor snails What does it mean What does it matter Read this book

    7. Tai ankstyvoji Dali autobiografija, pateikiamas laikotarpis nuo vaikyst s iki apytiksliai 30 ties met Dali dom jausi jau seniai, noras perskaityti i knyg itin sustipr jo apsilankius jo muziejuje, gimtajame Figueres miestelyje, Katalonijoje beje is muziejus tikrai vertas d mesio, prie jo k rimo prisid jo pats autorius Pirm kart pa mus knyg rankas teko j pad ti jau po keli skyri , supratus koks bus ra ymo stilius ir min i d stymas supratau, kad tai ne ta knyga, kuri noriu tuo metu skaityti Iki ant [...]

    8. This book is the polar opposite of a quick read this book is a project that may take you months or years of on again, off again, reading it is worth the struggle, but it should be read in small doses Much like his art work, it is a bit overwhelming.

    9. Dal on Dal d other topicsd Of shoes and ships and sealing wax Of cabbages and kings Just the sort of book you would think he would write.

    10. At my second read, I still thoroughly enjoyed this book And yes, second read means I didn t quite make in through on the first go Also, I believe the translator should be given his share of kudos in deciphering what many agree is pretty much a labryinth of words and phrases, but most importantly fanciful albeit earnest embellishments I agree that its probably not for some readers and even that truth itself varies depending on whether or not one likes somewhat boastful storytelling, the artist, o [...]

    11. Like his painted images, Dali s style is bizarre in complex ways His life is very like his paintings In his book, he provides sketches that illustrate events and his perspectives on the episodes of his life, along with photographs He has a brilliant analytical mind and a style to do it justice He is truly myriad minded He was a friend of the avant garde director Bunuel and of the tragic poet Lorca Page by page, he fills the reader s head full of images and ideas His book makes the reader a conve [...]

    12. One of the best books I ve ever read, although I admit I read it believing it to be mostly real later to realize that it wasn t But So entertaining Salvador Dali should have been a writer, his writing is so well written, even for a translation I gave this away awhile back to someone, and I angerly realize that they probably didn t READ IT Why do I keep doing this I need to buy another copy.

    13. Dali s illustrations and some brilliant passages almost pushed my rating to five stars, but several verbose passages had me drowning in verbiage, and made me think Dali was nuts, or just filling pages to fulfill his contract with the publisher Overall, a wonderful, worthwhile read I especially enjoyed his perspective on Paris, New York, his beloved Leget and Cadaques, and his thoughts on Europe during and between the two world wars.

    14. Its what you want when you set out to read about a human its a self writ bio I couldn t believe it when i was reading he cuts himself on a small glass shot bottle he thinks that one of his hairs is at the bottom but it turns out to be a tiny crack he breaks a another kids violin and runs away as fast as he can anyway it was the best bio i ve read ever He taps into the greater Cggggghe finishes his project and sses his examination sb

    15. I wish every autobiography was this fascinating You really feel as though you ve entered the perversely complex insanity of Dali s subjectivity This book is quite a brilliant anomaly of an autobiography not to mention the delight of his lovely, fantastical prose I am planning on reading this again.

    16. Salvador Dali build this monument for his own talent and despicable narcisizm His talent is undeniable, the artworks are speaking for themselves and this book is also one of his best creations The writing style is surprisingly good and the whole books is fascinating It is full of rich language and interesting facts from Dali s life Enjoyable read for memoir and art fans.

    17. This book was very unique, brilliant and beautiful as his paintings Dali s bio leads to his childhood thru his age 37 This interesting and bizzare tale of how his captivated surrealism thru his art.So I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in getting into the artistic minds of the masters.

    18. This book is so pithy I just can t seem to get into it I love it every time I pick it up, but don t want to disrespect it by not having ample time to absorb it And the last year of grad school was certainly too sleep deprived to lavish attention on it, and I m still far from loyal book worship time But maybe I ll put a dent in this Christmas vacation That s how worth it the book is He s hilarious It also compliments my new surroundings the shameless self promotion is so L.A Who knew

    19. Dali was a fantastic writer Here is his autobiography from youth to the age of 30, tracing his ascent to fame He includes anecdotes that would be interesting to anyone familiar with his work his formative years in art school, the Surrealist Exhibition at the World s Fair, his inspiration for the melting watches but those facts pale in comparison to his writing style, which is compelling in its own right His intricately nested metaphors, extravagant vocabulary and vainglorious attitude makes read [...]

    20. One look at Dalai s paintings and you can see that he sees things in a different way It also becomes clear in his auto biography that he sees things in a different way But while at times I admired his absolute genius, in writing, his absolute sense of being a genius at times became a bit tiresome.Despite being an amazing man and an artistic genius, in his autobiography, he comes off as being a little bit too full of himself But overall, a fascinating read.Dali was and still is amazing

    21. A great and unique book, by and about a great and unique man to say the least I recommend this book to anyone who want s to get a true feel for who Dali was, how his genius worked his totally unique perspective on life This book is not an effortless read, but it is certainly worth the effort, both for the value of its contents and because you will come out with improved reading skills, an enlarged vocabulary, and insight into a one of a kind perspective, that will definitely surprise you.

    22. Where s the original book of this that I had with a painting inside dedicated to my Fatheris is a slim Replacement for what I had when I was 12 years youngrtheless.erful and imaginative and frolicsome and insane

    23. I learned from the first couple of chapters that the less I know about Dali, the better I couldn t stomach the rampant narcissism and psychopathic behavior I usually like learning about an artist and contextualizing it with their work, but I ll pass on Dali, thanks.

    24. Svi mi s puno truda rastemo, ovisno o nasim sklonostima, u ono sto jesmo Toliko sam znala Iznenadilo me koliko truda treba uloziti da bi se bilo ludo.

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