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Liespotting: Proven Techniques to Detect Deception #2020

Liespotting Proven Techniques to Detect Deception GET TO THE TRUTH People friends family members work colleagues salespeople lie to us all the time Daily hourly constantly None of us is immune and all of us are victims According to studies by s

  • Title: Liespotting: Proven Techniques to Detect Deception
  • Author: Pamela Meyer
  • ISBN: 9780312601874
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Liespotting: Proven Techniques to Detect Deception By Pamela Meyer, GET TO THE TRUTH People friends, family members, work colleagues, salespeople lie to us all the time Daily, hourly, constantly None of us is immune, and all of us are victims According to studies by several different researchers, most of us encounter nearly 200 lies a day Now there s something we can do about it Liespotting links three disciplines facial recogGET TO THE TRUTHPeople friends, family members, work colleagues, salespeople lie to us all the time Daily, hourly, constantly None of us is immune, and all of us are victims According to studies by several different researchers, most of us encounter nearly 200 lies a day Now there s something we can do about it Liespotting links three disciplines facial recognition training, interrogation training, and a comprehensive survey of research in the field into a specialized body of information developed specifically to help business leaders detect deception and get the information they need to successfully conduct their most important interactions and transactions Some of the nation s leading business executives have learned to use these methods to root out lies in high stakes situations Liespotting for the first time brings years of knowledge previously found only in the intelligence community, police training academies, and universities into the corporate boardroom, the manager s meeting, the job interview, the legal proceeding, and the deal negotiation WHAT S IN THE BOOK Learn communication secrets previously known only to a handful of scientists, interrogators and intelligence specialists.Liespotting reveals what s hiding in plain sight in every business meeting, job interview and negotiation The single most dangerous facial expression to watch out for in business personal relationships 10 questions that get people to tell you anything A simple 5 step method for spotting and stopping the lies told in nearly every high stakes business negotiation and interview Dozens of postures and facial expressions that should instantly put you on Red Alert for deception The telltale phrases and verbal responses that separate truthful stories from deceitful ones How to create a circle of advisers who will guarantee your success

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    1 thought on “Liespotting: Proven Techniques to Detect Deception

    1. Rating 3 stars for good content, good references, good ideas Minus 2 stars for hocking her own services in the book, being for business only in many respects.Pamela Meyer first intrigued me when I saw her TED talk on deception There were two key concepts that I d latched on to and that are echoed in her book Firstly, that deception is a cooperative act we buy into deception because of a core desire to have filled greed, vanity, blissful ignorance, absolution, etc etc The second concept involved [...]

    2. This book is another that I m reading in my extended study It s a pretty straightforward book about what people do and why the do it when they lie It gives a clear indication on how to practice lie spotting, but it also brings up a good point The average human being lies 60 to 200 times a day Almost all of these lies are harmless lying by omission, lying to protect someone s feeling, lying to aid social interaction Sometimes we lie by talking sometimes we lie by keeping our mouths shut Sometimes [...]

    3. An interesting book I use some of the tells when I m being honest I say things like to be honest with you because I m a polite Canadian, and so I feel like I need to qualify anything remotely approaching bluntness Similarly, I often use qualifiers like to my knowledge about things that might potentially have changed since maybe that s the law student in me But the book emphasizes establishing a baseline set of behaviors for individuals, to account for such things, as well as for people who tend [...]

    4. The price of facing reality is ordinary misery.After Paul Ekman came back from Papua New Guinea, where he discovered that all people universally have 6 basic emotions joy, sadness, surprise, fear, disgust and anger, he made presentations to therapists working in mental hospitals They asked him something he had not previously considered could the nonverbal behaviours Ekman was analyzing reveal whether a person was lying The therapists were concerned that mentally ill patients might successfully c [...]

    5. Reading this book, I wondered how many times Pamela Meyer distorted the truth, or made outright fabrications e.g in the mini biographies There is a lot of reliance on the experiences of trained interrogators however, interrogators do no better then amatures at lie spotting They just think they are good at it Also, there is no discussion on the role of delusions in lying For example, trained interrogators illicit a surprising number of false confessions at least 15 25% , probably by inducing delu [...]

    6. The first part of this book is a really nice 100 ish summary of the subject of liespotting and serves well as an introduction to it The second half concerns with negotiation and honesty seeking in a corporate environment While the book should be pretty good for people who have to handle big stakes deals in those situations I still find myself a bit disappointed since it s not what I wanted from the book I guess I ll keep on looking for a book that digs deeper going to try Ekman and Darwin after [...]

    7. I read this book thinking it would help me with some Biblical counselling cases I m a pastor, and sometimes have folks lie to me It turns out the book is helpful only in some cases As a theologian, I make a distinction between deception and violating the 9th commandment, and Meyer doesn t make that distinction Ultimately, as a Christian the Bible calls me to believe my brother s word, and if I don t and am suspicious of him, that won t be helpful.There are lots of interesting things in this book [...]

    8. I m the most terrific liar you ever saw in your life It s awful If I m on my way to the store to buy a magazine, even, and somebody asks me where I m going, I m liable to say I m going to the opera It s terrible J D Salinger, The Cather in the RyeBeing human and being able to communicate and understand each other with our spoken or written words, might make us feel superior in front of other species We can be on the top of the food chain, the IQ chain and all other chains as much as we want But [...]

    9. Don t read this book unless you have a lot of time to devote to prioritize learning and practicing what it teaches, both while you re reading the book and afterwards I didn t, and for that reason I didn t get as much out of this book as I had hoped I would I read this book after seeing Ms Meyer s TED talk on the subject of detecting lies I was hoping it would help me improve at assessing the underlying realities of business conversations I read it carefully but quickly I didn t take the time nec [...]

    10. First half of the book is about lie detection, pure and simple I found this portion to be extremely fascinating and will definitely continue doing research on my own.The second half goes on to talk about ways to sure up your business association with tips and tricks on building trusting relationships between employees and employers It also outlines some good negotiation practices and other things probably important to those with a business oriented mind I was interested in the sociological ps [...]

    11. blech, what seems like a great idea for a book, becomes a poorly sourced coporate rant on negotiation i read this after watching meyer s ted talk, which was kinda one long plug for her book anyway i got the book from the library, and was subsequently dissappointed anyone know of a good body language face reading book that s out there you know one written with rigor, and focused upon the science of reading body language instead of ways you can use it to make money for your business i mean i under [...]

    12. There s nothing here here you haven t heard of or read of before Verbal tells, physical cues, facial indicators and body language it s all here, documented, and with an exemplary tale to go with it.I have to say, I felt like I needed to take a shower after reading this And I ve decided that I m okay with the little lies that I m told really, I mean it Go ahead and lie to me It feels better than analyzing every facial tic or verbal mark.

    13. 3 or 4 of the chapters are worthwhile Those are the chapters that deal with actual lie spotting The rest of the book is full of how to deal with people in big horrible corporations with deep hierarchy The moralizing is also a but much to take.

    14. There was no audible format listed, so I stated this was audio CD, but it was actually Audible.The book is about corporate culture than the individual Write a transcript of a verbal contract and have others review it Assign specific duties to the contracted It is difficult for someone to lie if duties are written out explicitly Audits can confirm truth telling, and discourage weak and inconsistent messages Truth audits in a company are ways of reinforcing positive behavior and discouraging bad [...]

    15. This book was a very quick and easy read with concise actionable recommendations for how to make sizeable improvements, suggesting very high return on investment I look forward to putting in to practice and attempting to use the techniques advocated in the book In addition the light tone of the book made it easy to keep reading and learn the different methods and make it likely that I will reference this book in the future whenever I am interested in brushing up on the key techniques and indicat [...]

    16. Wasn t exactly what I expected I thought I was going to read a book about different techniques I can use for lie spotting, but instead got a self help book on how to better access a situation at your place of business in order to identify and avoid specific pitfalls create by mustachio twirling co workers I know, I m exaggerating a bit, but not by much For a book that advertised techniques to detect deception, I found very few actual techniques in the book, and anecdotal stories scenarios which [...]

    17. Good and concise book about detecting lies Sure, you ve read most of it before look out for micro gestures, find discrepancies between verbal expressions and body movements, inform yourself about the target and trust your gut.The author goes into detail about the BASIC method used by law enforcement, which I found useful.The last 3rd of the book deals with detecting fraud and lies from employees in big corporations, which I ignored due to the corporate lingo and lack of interest Still, if you re [...]

    18. The first half of the book was interesting, listing techniques for, well, spotting lies The coverage is a bit uneven, though some items got in depth treatment and some got barely than a mention Maybe the latter are self evident and I m just a bit slow I gave up when I reached the second half of the book It seemed like an attempt to justify deception detection Why not just put it out there and leave the decision as to appropriate use to the reader

    19. Somewhat useful if obnoxious.Due to stylistic choices, the author comes off as pretentious which not exactly presenting any new information The same basics can be found in other books on the topic despite claims made Still, it s a decent overview of things to keep in mind when observing people.

    20. A f lsz veg s a magyar el sz alapj n nem eg szen arra sz m tottam, amit a k nyv adott Kevesebb ltal noss got r le, ink bb az zleti letre f kusz l sszess g ben rdekes, s hasznos tud st tartalmaz.

    21. cum sa citesti oamenii si tipuri de intrebari care sa te ajute sa nu fii pacalit Continutul se refera la gesturi, mimica, cuvinte

    22. When the tongue can t speak the truth, the tapping finger, the restless leg, the dilated pupil often will.

    23. A good overview about how to approach detecting deception This book is filled with useful tips about verbal cues and is a nice supplement to Paul Ekman s Facial Action Coding system I especially enjoyed her thoughts on how to approach deception on a systems level within organizational structures institutions

    24. this book is aimed at the business world They offered tips for identifying lies that your employees or possible business partners may tell But the most important thing is to go with your gut instinct Look for clusters of behaviors such as a person that avoids answering questions or answers a question other than the one you asked tvLiars tend to stick with the chronology of their story, not with the emotion In other words, it s important to tell a lie in chronological order because they have reh [...]

    25. This was an odd book for a book that was supposed to be about how to tell when people are lying, ironically it came across often as disingenuous because of the extravagant claims it made about how it could give the reader an edge in being able to tell true from lies Some of the tips seemed vague, unhelpful, and even contradictory If someone puts a lot of detail in a story, in one part of the book that s a sign they re lying, while in another part of the book it s a sign of telling the truth I al [...]

    26. Liespotting is a clear and eloquent discussion of how to detect personal and professional deception The first half of the book focuses on individual deceptive tells physical and behavioral cues that indicate the presence of deception I was interested by the discussion of how word choice and emotional reactions can change based on whether or not the speaker is lying I was familiar with most of the body language cues she listed, but entirely new to me were the subconscious processes that go into c [...]

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