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Amaury's Hellion #2020

Amaury s Hellion Vampire Amaury LeSang is cursed to feel everybody s emotions like a permanent migraine The only way to alleviate the pain is through sex When he meets the feisty human woman Nina a cure for his ailme

  • Title: Amaury's Hellion
  • Author: Tina Folsom
  • ISBN: 9780983612919
  • Page: 405
  • Format: ebook
  • Amaury's Hellion By Tina Folsom, Vampire Amaury LeSang is cursed to feel everybody s emotions like a permanent migraine The only way to alleviate the pain is through sex When he meets the feisty human woman Nina, a cure for his ailment seems within reach in her presence all pain vanishes Unfortunately, Nina is out to kill him because she believes he s involved in her brother s death And she would sucVampire Amaury LeSang is cursed to feel everybody s emotions like a permanent migraine The only way to alleviate the pain is through sex When he meets the feisty human woman Nina, a cure for his ailment seems within reach in her presence all pain vanishes Unfortunately, Nina is out to kill him because she believes he s involved in her brother s death And she would succeed if only Amaury s bad boy charm didn t play havoc with her hormones and catapulted her into his arms and his bed every time she was near him As every kiss brings them physically closer, danger is lurking and threatens to destroy the little trust they have in each other Warning explicit sex scenes.

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    1. Amaury s Hellion is book two in Tina Folsom s Scanguards Vampires series I read book one quite some time ago and remembered liking it I am glad that I decided to pick up this series once again I really did end up enjoying this second installment.Amaury LeSang is a vampire with a gift , although he considers it a curse A tragedy in his past led to him being able to sense the emotions of others While some may consider this gift something to be envied, for Amaury it is nothing but pain and torture [...]

    2. 4.5 My mate My hellion Mine stars I had a feeling I d like this one than I did the first book which I liked just fine and I was right There was something a little rougher, a little sexier, and a little broken about Amaury, and that called to my need to fix his damaged soul, to bring him home and love him all betteror until neither of us would be walking for days Next up Gabriel s story I m not sure how I feel about him, but I can t wait to find out

    3. Let me tell you a storyThere was this guy, let s name him Amaury What AhYou want a visual too OkSee And guess what this gorgeous, big, bad vampire could do I told he was a vampire, didn t I Yeap, you guessed right, he could read everyone s emotions and it was mighty painful for him, the only thing he could do to take the pain away was have sex wish that took my migraines away too Then one day he crossed paths with a little wannabe vamp slayer, let s name her Nina Oh you want another visual SureA [...]

    4. Is it just me, or is there a formula out there for these Tortured Vampire Series It s likes somewhere out there, there s a checklist authors use Group must have a hardened, cynical leader, who deep down has a heart of gold IMPORTANT Must have a womanizing, sex crazed member who deep down is a hopeless romantic, but has given up on love due to all the mindless sex he s forced to have thanks to a curse.Group must also have an insane, somewhat disfigured, but still ridiculously good looking member [...]

    5. Amaury s Hellion was book 2 of the Scanguards series and I couldn t put it down I love Folsom s style of writing Amaury is a vampire cursed to never experience love and to also feel the pain of everyone s emeotions around him He finds that sexual release is his only relief from the pain, but only a brief relief When Amaury falls for vampire slayer, Nina, he finds total peace from the pain while in her presence Nina is a fiesty heroine that is determined to kill Amaury in order to avenge her dead [...]

    6. Feb 2013It has taken me a while to collect all the books in this series but I have now finally got them all I haven t got a great deal of time but think that it is only fair that I leave a review even if it is only a small one.This series is a bit different that what I am used to in PNR, but then I think that I like that and it has kept my interest The sex scenes are very steamy and extremely well written and is guaranteed to get your motor revving For me this was better than the first Samson s [...]

    7. This book made me super ranty In fact, I got so ranty, I made a ton of status updates while reading listening because I could not keep the rant inside to myself Here, I ll prove it 18.0% Good grief Idiot heroine with a boatload of misconceptions and a chip on her shoulder That s going to make her endearing Not 21.0% Oh great A heroine with men issues 26.0% Kinda need this to hurry up with the pacing A lot of blah blah, I hate vampires, blah blah, revenge right now 31.0% Blah blah, slow, blah bla [...]

    8. Ooooohh another hot and sexy book from Tina Folsom Loved it This is the second book in Tina Folsom s Scanguard series and its a whopper In book one, we meet a whole assortment of characters Amaury LeSang was one of them and he has garnered his own book here in book 2 He is one sexy beast He s a vampire and in this world, some vampires have special gifts Amaury is one of those vampires His gift is that he can sense the emotions of others Its sounds like a pretty cool gift pretty harmless too But [...]

    9. Amaury LeSang works at Scanguards a successful security and body guard company owned by Samson Woodford taking care of the real estate side of the business and is Samson s best friend He also lives with the painful curse of sensing other s emotions but never being able to feel love himself The only cure for the constant onslaught is sex, daily, and it is only a temporary reprieve So Amaury has become quiet known in the vampire world for his sexual exploits And he s only a little bit arrogant abo [...]

    10. I m torn on rating this one Going for 3.5 stars I ve read some really good books lately, and this one was only okay I liked it enough, and I will continue the series, but I don t feel like it s anything to write home about.The plot Continuing where we left off, Amaury, one of the Scanguard Vampire crew has always been plagued by being able to sense everyone s emotions It also causes him huge migraines The only way he can find relief in ways that one heh heh heh is by having sex with anyone with [...]

    11. 3.5 stars.Amaury LeSang has been a vampire since the 17th Century when he was cursed to feel the emotions of everyone around him Sex is the only way to get momentary respite, so of course Amaury has sex and lot of it.One day Amaury was tracked by a woman, Nina the wannabe slayer, and Amaury realizes he can t feel her emotions How nice to be around someone and not be assaulted by their inner turmoil Nina is determined to kill all vampires as she blames them for the murder of her brother Amaury is [...]

    12. Amaury has a gift where he can sense emotions of the people around him both human and vampire, but after a few hundred years the gift has become his curse as he battles with the pressure in his mind To relieve the pressure the only way he has found he can is through the relief of sex And lots of it with any female willing partnerNina a feisty woman is looking for revenge on the vampire that killed her brother Eddie and she believes Amaury is responsible She goes looking for to take him out only [...]

    13. 2.5This one was a bit slow, a little boring and not that exciting for me The writing is a bit.flat I got distracted often and couldn t focus, the writing wasn t catching me The couple was ok, but unrealistic for the most part, which can be ok but for this story needed to be a bit believable I found myself skimming through the sex scenes because it wasn t anything new to the story, no passion was really built up I didn t feel their feelings either I like the concept, but this one wasn t that gre [...]

    14. I enjoyed it, but definitely not as much as the first book I felt the sub plot Luther was quite weak, and I found Nina annoying she was all over the place, which I found draining Amaury became a total sap for Nina, which caused me some acid reflux But I like the format of these books, and they re very readable I m looking forward to the third book, which I m reliably informed is good, so bring it on

    15. 3 1 2 stars I m really liking this series The characters, focal and secondary, are what make these books so delightful It s impossible not to love each one of them I enjoyed this book quite a lot Not as much as the first book Samson s Lovely Mortal, but I was still laughing and fanning myself during most of this story And Amaury he s one sexy vampire, for sure I m very much looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

    16. 4 5 hotness ratingriverinaromanticsAmaury s Hellion is the second book in Tina Folsom s fantastic Scanguards Vampires series This paranormal Erotic Romance is SMOKIN HOT Or is that just Amaury Cause that man is so hot that he s on fire But I ll get back to him in a minuteThis book is another awesome piece of work by Tina Folsom I love all the characters in the world of the Scanguards Vampires We first met the gang in Samson s Lovely Mortal.Here s the situationSamson owns a bodyguard agency calle [...]

    17. Amaury s Hellion is the 2nd book in the Scanguards series The story was well conceived, the characters are interesting, and vamp rules are pretty straight forward.I loved Amaury s character and I even enjoyed Nina than I expected Amaury has been cursed to never love and to be tormented by the emotions of others He has existed this way for 400 years He is a partner in Scanguards, a vampire owned security firm that is now under investigation because 2 human guards killed their clients and committ [...]

    18. You know what happens to naughty girls They end up with real bad boys I m so loving this series of books They have the right combination of action, drama, adventure and heat And my the heat is hot hot hot We were first introduced to Amaury in Samson s Lovely Mortal, he is Samson s best friend and business partner and also a centuries old vampire Amaury has a curse which is that he can feel the emotions of others this leaves him in permanent migraine like pain The only way he can subside the pain [...]

    19. The premise was great a vampire that can feel emotions of those around him, a constant onslaught that brings him pain one emotion is particularly painful love, since he s been cursed never to feel love himself , when he meets the only woman whose emotions he cannot read.I know, right.Unfortunately that only woman whose emotions poor Amaury could not read turned out to be a hot and cold running, vampire slayer wannabe, caustic little bitch I hated her with a passion, which resulted in me not part [...]

    20. Second book in the Scansguards Series 3 Stars The story of Amaury and his curse is very intrigueing and through the beginning I felt so sad for him Amaury is cursed to feel the emotion of those around him, feelings that pound through his head and cause him pain I enjoyed learning about his past and experiencing his interactions through this emotional translation Nina is our angry herroine, she s on a mission to destroy vampires because she believes them to be behind her brothers death Through he [...]

    21. My opinion of an excellent book is when you read the story and it plays out in your head You can see the characters in your head, you have a picture of what their surroundings look like, you feel what they feel, and most importantly when you are done you are left with an empty feeling like Now what If you are like me you might even obsess over it for several days, weeks, months not judge me lol.Ok the book was HOT HOT HOT There were sections I felt like I needed to cover my eyes, but being as we [...]

    22. Amaury s Hellion 3.75 starsI liked Amaury s Hellion almost as much as I liked Samson s Lovely Mortal Amaury is a well written book, with a pretty solid storyline, the characters are mostly likeable and somewhat believable, and well edited with very few typos For that reason, I rounded my rating up to 4 stars.While the Hero, Amaury, appears to be a bit rough around the edges, he s a good man with a gentle soul When it comes to handling women, he tends to be stuck in the past and doesn t apologize [...]

    23. Although the premise was better than the first it ended up being on the low side of 3 stars in the end There was just too much assumption, miscommunication, and keeping the truth to oneself The first ones I could accept because the couple didn t know one another but then even in the middle and the end it was just and of the same view spoiler There was assuming all vamps were bad even though she was saved by Amaury, there was Amaury trusting her without talking to her first, there was not expla [...]

    24. This book is a lot of fun It has much better pacing and editing than the previous book in the series When I was getting ready to read it, I had thought that Amaury might be a big, um, rough, based on his rather infamous scene in the first book, but he was extremely sweet It isn t what you would see in a Harlequin, but anyone expecting Joey Hill level BDSM hijinx should read something else Maybe a Joey Hill book That being said, this book was super smexy way than others in this genre.As anyone w [...]

    25. Amaury s HellionAmaury LeSang and Nina Martens4 5 StarsAmaury s Hellion is the second book of Scanguards Vampires series by Tina Folsom.Favorite Quotes Silly woman I might be an idiot, but I m not stupid enough to let go of the best thing that s ever happened to me Amaury But you have to understand one thing you re mine to protect, and nobody will prevent me from doing so not even you Amaury It s kind of hard to be mad at the man who just saved your life without any regard for his own And it s e [...]

    26. I am really enjoying this series Loved Amaury from the first book The author s subtle humor, unique world, and intriguing characters made this an enjoyable read it s scorching hot Drake, the vampire psychiatrist, is back analyzing this problematic group of vampires Great fun, lots of dialogue, but again as in the first book, the ending just feels so abrupt and somewhat unresolved A huge event takes place towards the end of the book and then it s a rush to the finish It could have used a few pag [...]

    27. La historia en s est bien, pero sent que siempre fue obvio c mo iba a concluir y la autora no hac a m s que estirar las cosas de forma no muy creativa para meterle m s relleno.Son libros muy b sicos y sin embargo tienen algo que me cae simp tico No me veo comprando los siguientes, pero si la autora los sigue poniendo gratis en seguro los leo P

    28. What I enjoy most is the quirkiness you ll find in the Scanguard books There are little odds and ends quips that make me laugh when reading these I m a sucker for an arrogant man and Amaury definitely fit the bill While there s not a lot of new material you can do with PNR, these are still entertaining reads I recommend these for anyone who likes PNR.

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