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Faery Tales & Nightmares #2020

Faery Tales Nightmares Dangerous promises and beguiling threats swirl together in a dozen stories of enchantments dark and light by New York Times bestselling author Melissa Marr Uncanny and unexpected creatures appear from

  • Title: Faery Tales & Nightmares
  • Author: Melissa Marr
  • ISBN: 9780061852718
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Faery Tales & Nightmares By Melissa Marr, Dangerous promises and beguiling threats swirl together in a dozen stories of enchantments dark and light by New York Times bestselling author Melissa Marr Uncanny and unexpected creatures appear from behind bushes, rise from beneath the seas, or manifest from seasonal storms to pursue the objects of their attention with amorous or sinister intent relentlessly.From the geDangerous promises and beguiling threats swirl together in a dozen stories of enchantments dark and light by New York Times bestselling author Melissa Marr Uncanny and unexpected creatures appear from behind bushes, rise from beneath the seas, or manifest from seasonal storms to pursue the objects of their attention with amorous or sinister intent relentlessly.From the gentle tones of a storyteller s cadences to the terror of a blood sacrifice, tales of favorite characters from Marr s Wicked Lovely novels mix with accounts of new characters for readers to fall in love withor to fear.Lush, seductive, and chilling, Melissa Marr s stories revel in the unseen magic that infuses the world as we know it.Table of Contents Where Nightmares Walk Winter s Kiss Fairy Tales Transition Vampires Love Struck Selchies Old Habits WL World Stopping Time WL World The Art of Waiting Flesh for Comfort The Sleeping Girl and the Summer King WL World ish, the short story that started the series Cotton Candy Skies WL World Unexpected Family WL World Merely Mortal WL World

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      296 Melissa Marr
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    1. I finally worked out what it is about Melissa Marr s writing that keeps leaving me so unsatisfied It s bland She has characters who range from being calm and centered to fairies whose entire psychological make up hinges on them being emotionally volatile but they all sound the same The writing is terrible at actually invoking emotion, Marr uses the Dark Court s ability to taste emotion as a crutch far too often Here, take a look You remember telling me you could taste emotions Seth asked.Nial no [...]

    2. Non Wicked Lovely stories originally reviewed here.Wicked Lovely stories originally reviewed here.The non WL stories WHERE NIGHTMARES WALKThis very short story works as somewhat of an introduction into the book, and lets you realize right off the bat that it will indeed be as much about nightmares as about faery tales It s a chilling intro that will make you fear the night.WINTER S KISSThis short story evokes the image of a traditional fairy tale, but one you haven t heard before It tells the ta [...]

    3. Deliciously dark, enchanting and hauntingly sinister this collection of fairytales merged with folklore is simply stunning I would highly recommend this book for readers who have read Melissa Marr s The Wicked Lovely series a compilation of five books , as many favorite characters within the series is included in these stories Together with exciting accounts of new characters for you to either fear or fall in love with, this supremely sublime book contains a concoction of old and new Dangerous p [...]

    4. THE FAERYS VIEWMelissa Marr is one of my favorite authors, of course me loving all things Fae has nothing to do with itbut The Wicked Lovely Series will forever be one of my favorite series so I had to give Faery Tales and Nightmares a try even though short story compilations aren t really my thing In Ms Marr s case, she made reading short stories so pleasurable that I m hoping against hope that she ll do it again Faery Tales and Nightmares is compiled of twelve short stories, most of them revol [...]

    5. We all know how captivating Melissa Marr s books are So when I found out that she would be releasing a collection of short stories, I was than eager to get my hands on it Faery Tales Nightmares is compiled of twelve short stories, half of which follow the characters from Marr s Wicked Lovely series.I am a sucker for anything with the name Melissa Marr attached to it The Wicked Lovely Series and Graveminder are all in my list of favorite reads This compilation of short stories was like a treat f [...]

    6. I have only read the Wicked Lovely short stories, and I was deciding how to rate this so I went with the basic 4 stars and rate each story individually SPOILER ALER Stopping Time 4 starsPreviously read edited comments from previous review I thought this was a great little story about Irial, Niall and Leslie It made me like Irial , ponder his relationship with Niall even There has been a few hints regarding Nialls and Irials real relationship This story, however, has confirmed it, for me at leas [...]

    7. I was a good idea for Marr to gather her short stories from her anthologies and online ebook offerings into one book But unfortunately for me I d already read a substantial portion of the book since I got most of the anthologies out of the library and I actually did buy the ebooks that make up a big chuck of it I still re read them all and they were fine, but it didn t change my original three star rating of any of them I did enjoy the two new stories from the Wicked Lovely world, it was nice to [...]

    8. Once again, I have to point out that I don t feel confident providing reviews for short stories I m too used to novels, and the complaints I have about short stories personally feel like whining than valid points But I can say much about this compilation First off, I love Melissa Marr I have since I read Wicked Lovely several years back, and while that series started to get a little convoluted with characters and their relationships among one another, her fairies have their very own gritty appe [...]

    9. SpoilersA collection of short stories, some set in the Wicked Lovely world and others just stand alone contributions.Where Nightmare s Walk A very short and pointless story, only a few paragraphs long.Winter s Kiss A story about a girl with ice wintery powers leaving her summery home and meeting an ice bear boy and searching for a home where she fits in better This was one of the better stand alone stories, it was predictable but it was still enjoyable The romance was subtle but sweet.Transition [...]

    10. I read half of these stories after receiving my advance reader s copy, and I thought they were fun The second half of the book is mostly stories about characters from Marr s Wicked Lovely series of which I have only read the first book, so I felt like I was missing the point while trying to read them Needless to say I put the rest of the book away until I eventually read through all of the Wicked Lovely books.But from what I did read, I especially enjoyed the story about the selchie Not because [...]

    11. For Dusty Bookshelf Challenge 2013 Has been on my to read list since February 2012minor spoilers if you haven t read the Wicked Lovely seriesSo why did I pick this one up if I wasn t a fan of the Wicked Lovely series Well, because I WISH I d loved the Wicked Lovely series, because nothing makes me happier than series that are very long and allow me to keep hanging out in their world That, and I already had it preordered before I read and couldn t stand Ink Exchange But I remain eternally hopeful [...]

    12. I got this audiobook from the library because frankly, the cover was cool and it looked kind of spooky I thought it was a series of shorts which it is, kind of but they all comingle with one another I liked the first 3 parts of the story, I skipped 4 like 8 because it was long and uninteresting and then when I listened to the end, I realized they all coincided but I didn t feel compelled to go back and listen to try and see what was going on as I usually am when I feel like I m missing something [...]

    13. Review Posted on Reading Lark 1 21 12 readinglark 2012 Short story anthologies aren t always my thing, but this one I loved I have been so bummed since finishing the last Wicked Lovely book I hated the thought of not getting to spend any time with Seth, Devlin, and Ani I was pleasantly surprised to see that all of my favorite Wicked Lovely characters make appearances in this one In addition to spending time in a world I already know and love, I was also able to experience some new tales from th [...]

    14. Melissa Marr s Faery Tales and Nightmares was quite the read Filled with short stories I decided to break the review into short segments about each tale.WHERE NIGHTMARES WALK This one was a little odd, it was only 2 pages long Yet the little bit of story we had was interesting A character is running for their life And there s a sense of danger, but not much else in known.Rating 3 5 starsTRANSITIONA nice little vampire story These vampires have a different set of rules and one vampire will go to [...]

    15. Everything I could want in eternity is possible because of you I think that if nothing elseis book made me sooo very much want to curl up with the Wicked Lovely series once again D It s one of my all time favourites I enjoyed this book and most of the stories in it The introduction was actually interesting and just knowing there would be additional stories from the Wicked Lovely universe was enthralling Melissa has created two of the most compelling male characters ever written And their relatio [...]

    16. Honestly, I couldn t finish it The stories were all to surreal, the characters bland, and really uninteresting I didn t mind the first three stories, but even those were kind of hard to read Just didn t care for it.

    17. I m a sucker for anything Melissa Marr does she s one of my few buy on sight authors I enjoyed her Wicked Lovely series, and Graveminder was one of my favorite reads from last year I ve been itching to read this ever since I first heard of it, and with enough luck, I won a signed, personalized copy Needless to say, I m really happy this happened.The content The only two stories out of 12 I wasn t fond of were Where Nightmares Walk, which was of a prologue than anything else, and Flesh for Comfo [...]

    18. You already know I m not one for anthologies and short stories but I wanted to give this one a go because all the stories are written by one author who also just happens to be on my favourite list of authors so I could hardly say no could I Not only did I enjoy it but it s actually the first anthology I ve made it to the end of I love Marr s beautiful writing and ate up the Wicked Lovely series as each book came out and this is a must for fans of that series.If you haven t read Marr s previous w [...]

    19. Melissa s Marr s writing is one of the main reasons I decided to read this book I always love the way she builds the world in her books So vivid, enchanting, and beautiful Even though the story is too dark for my taste, her way of creating details in her story never fails to enchant me There are twelve dark yet beautiful short stories in this book.My favorite story in this book is Winter s Kiss The moment I read the story, I m completely hooked up It s a story about a princess who has frost brea [...]

    20. Review originally posted in forget8me8not Cover Wicked Lovely series covers are absolutely gorgeous and Faery Tales and Nightmares cover is so pretty too I love the girl s dress, how she is staring at the window and the dark background It gives an eerie feeling to the book.Story 12 Enthralling Short StoriesOkay, so I never reviewed a book full of short stories I won t go reviewing each short story since it s going to be a long review so I m going to review the book in general Obviously the short [...]

    21. Originally reviewed here.Full disclosure I did not read the Wicked Lovely stories in this novel, I have never read the Wicked Lovely series so I didn t want to ruin anything for myself Where Nightmares Walk, Winter s Kiss and Transition were all beautiful stories I was especially interested in Winter s Kiss and found it to be truly fairy tale esque with very sweet details I thought Marr did a nice job with her vampire story, Transition, vampires with attitude have a special place in my heart, es [...]

    22. 2.5 stars This book is made up of short stories Some are new characters and some are set in the Wicked Lovely world.Characters from Wicked Lovely Mostly all make an appearance, but most of the stories are about Niall, Irial and Leslie Which happened to be my least favorite characters.The stories that I found the best were the ones not set in the WL world They had substance to them Have you ever read a great book that ended on a good note, then the author throws in an epilogue that ruined the wh [...]

    23. Between these pages lurk beings of harsh beauty and great terror While one girl is born with Winter within her, another girl will dream the Summer into being When one girl finds a new life in death another, girl will find a new identity in a woodland creature And as one girl finds love can be both a blessing and a curse, another girl will learn that love can wait.Entering a realm that has the potential to be a great nightmare or a fearful faery tale, there may be some familiar faces to guide you [...]

    24. I was between a 3 or 4 rating but nostalgia bumped it up to a solid 4 These stories adding closure and an extra perspective on characters I fell in love with in the Wicked Lovely series.Niall and Irial remain my absolute favorites so I was happy the two longest stories featured them The stories seemed rushed I feel like Melissa isn t used to writing short stories as this was an issue I had with most of her stories but they answered questions left over from the series.The non Wicked Lovely storie [...]

    25. I have not yet read the Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr, so the best thing I can say about this anthology is that, the short stories have actually tantalised me enough to go and check out the series itself While the other stories were too short and abrupt too actually warrant a rating, the 3.5 stars are only for the detailed yet short stories relating to her own series, that were well written and informative to a Non wicked Lovely Readers.

    26. Melissa Marr s genius for writing twisted, ink black tales of fey, vampires and the undead is incredible to behold and her collection of tales is something of a treat Back with a few of our favourite characters including Niall, Seth and the gang from the Dark Court as well as some new arrivals, this book will have you immersed in a world of alluring glances, magnetic bonds and flickering shadows.

    27. Overall I thought it was a wonderful book with intriguing characters which is surprising considering they re short stories But then again, we re talking about Melissa Marr here whom always impresses me with her writing Full review talesoftheinnerbookfanatic.blo

    28. As usual, Melissa Marr makes even the conversations somehow melodic and hauntingly beautiful at the same time.Her characters show true friendship, a kind of love that makes you belong Rabbit and Olivia s story was the one I liked best.

    29. Wonderful collection stories There is a selkie one on here I really loved I adore mystical tales of the sea

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