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Something The Cat Dragged In #2020

Something The Cat Dragged In Herbert Ungley wouldn t have been caught dead without his toup e When a cat dragged it in landlady Betsy Lomax knew something was amiss She knew to call Professor Peter Shandy whose success at sleut

  • Title: Something The Cat Dragged In
  • Author: Charlotte MacLeod
  • ISBN: 9780380690961
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
  • Something The Cat Dragged In By Charlotte MacLeod, Herbert Ungley wouldn t have been caught dead without his toup e When a cat dragged it in, landlady Betsy Lomax knew something was amiss She knew to call Professor Peter Shandy, whose success at sleuthing had surpassed his fame as Father of the world renowned rutabaga , the Balaclava Buster.The Hercule Poirot of the turnip fields finds himself knee deep in unanswereHerbert Ungley wouldn t have been caught dead without his toup e When a cat dragged it in, landlady Betsy Lomax knew something was amiss She knew to call Professor Peter Shandy, whose success at sleuthing had surpassed his fame as Father of the world renowned rutabaga , the Balaclava Buster.The Hercule Poirot of the turnip fields finds himself knee deep in unanswered questions who was Herbert s heir Where had his shockingly large bank account come from Why was another body planted among the trees of Balaclava college Would Peter be able to root out the killer

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    1. Something The Cat Dragged In , 1983, is fourth in Eastern Canadian Charlotte MacLeod s imaginative series She thought out even tertiary personages so well, she concocted the possibility of bringing them to the forefront of varied volumes You recognize them several books later, recall their salient quirks, and never feel dragged along by disposable characters With exception of culprits, Charlotte s wide cast is germane This time we acquaint the police chief in a flattering light, as he works with [...]

    2. Pity vain Herbert Ungley He wouldn t want to be caught dead without his toupee literally but that s just what happens When a cat shows up with the hairpiece in its mouth, Ungley s landlady, Betsy Lomax, knows something s seriously wrong The police are content to consign the death to an accident, but Professor Peter Shandy doesn t think that Ungley s bashed head came from a fall Especially when he finds out that the lazy Ungley s got a lot money than he could possibly have earned as a retired pr [...]

    3. 2 2017 Still a witty, charming and fun four star cozy mystery for me, my review from two years ago sums up my feelings Another fun outing with Balaclava College Professor Peter Shandy, this time focused on the village of Balaclava Junction Edmund the cat drags in a toupee early one morning, and his owner, Mrs Lomax, smells a rat she knows it belongs to her boarder, a cranky retired college professor who d never be seen dead without his hair piece but his bed hasn t been slept in Mrs Lomax retra [...]

    4. Edmund the cat comes home one morning carrying a toupee His owner, Betsy Lomax, recognizes the toupee It belongs to her tenant Upon trying to return the toupee before its loss is discovered, she finds the tenant s apartment has been searched, the tenant is missing She finds him lying dead, calls the police and Professor Peter Shandy.Mysteries abound What does the victim s club really do Why is there a demonstration on the college campus Who is behind the demonstration Why is there a second victi [...]

    5. Balaclava County has as many murders as Hamish MacBeth s precinct This time the cleaning lady s cat comes back with her lodger s toupee That leads Mrs Lomax to wonder where the lodger is, and then to wonder who s gone through his stuff What was set up to look like an accident leads to another murder, and a great deal of political chaos before Peter Shandy manages to unravel it And finally, the police chief Fred Ottermole manages to seem police like The crazy convoluted plots and logic are both w [...]

    6. Good but not one of her best The solution came completely out of the blue, apparently he fell asleep then woke up with the whole thing worked out Nothing led up to it And again I hate the business of taking 3 4 pages to work up a case for every perfectly innocent bystander to be the guilty party when it s obvious they aren t A waste of time and paper I kept getting the idea I d missed a few pages Things didn t hang together very well.

    7. My least favorite of the series so far The wonderful characters and erudite humor are still in full force, but the plot centers around politics, and I just couldn t get into it After last year, I don t want to think about politics.

    8. Something the Cat Dragged In is the fourth book in the Peter Shandy cozy mystery series Imagine Martha Lomax s surprise when her cat brought her the hair piece of her boarder Professor Herbert Ungley Professor Ungley was never without it and didn t think people knew he wore one Since her cat Edmund brought it in from outdoors and the Professor s bed wasn t slept in, Martha goes searching for the Professor She finds his body behind the clubhouse of the Balaclavian Society where he was a member an [...]

    9. Although in some ways these books lack the depth of, say, an Elizabeth George or a PD James, they really grow on you, especially the light and funny word plays and quotes Four books ago I wouldn t have given you two pins for Ottermole, but he is really developing into an interesting character by this book, and he even gets in a quote, much to Shandy s surprise Peter Shandy and President Svenson a truly awesome conversationalist, Aargh , Uurgh remain delightful and fun, and the interactions betwe [...]

    10. 4 in the Peter Shandy mystery series.An unpleasant man in every respect, university professor Herbert Ungley is exceedingly vain One morning, his landlady catches her cat coming in with Ungley s hairpiece between its teeth It s clear something has happened to the old grouch, because he would never be caught without his toupee Ungley is found in the yard behind his social club, with his head bashed in and his baldness plain for the world to see Although the police are content to call it an accide [...]

    11. Another grand adventure for Peter Shandy I don t really remember reading this one before, but some of the scenes were extremely familiar I loved the college kids playing leapfrog and such at the political rally The point where they all pulled out their dining cards had me on the floor There were some pretty good scenes with president Svenson as well How I wish he had a prominent role in these stories The reasoning behind the murder was clear enough But, I didn t really understand how the whole [...]

    12. The so titled Cat drags in a toupee belonging to a dead man.This story is painful to read with its cast of small town goobers using million dollar words amongst their holy cats , Yee Haws and Golly Gees ugh To drag the book on, the author finds it necessary to insert several long winded what ifs throughout the chapters in the event the reader isn t clever enough to surmise on their own Just dreadful Pass the Tylenol.

    13. I enjoyed the story It was different from other mysteries in that it had the feel of an older time The plot was not complicated, but there was a lot of character enlightenment and knowledge about the town, the college, and local politics It was an exercise in interpreting behavior and events that led to the solution of the two murders I will read by MacLeod.

    14. Not only is Peter Shandy still adorable and Thorkjeld Svenson is still a burning hunk of Viking hotness, but we also get to know some of the secondary characters from previous books a bit better and are introduced to some new characters that I certainly hope to see again.Full ramble on the blog wellreadpiratequeen.c

    15. Not the best in the series but still a pretty good story I miss the silly humor of some of the stories, and Peter and Helen hardly appeared together at all Plus the solution was a little bit, What are they talking about Still, it has a clever cat who finds a very important clue 2.5 stars

    16. Professor Shandy teams up with sheriff Ottermole in this mystery Shandy discovers hidden qualities in Ottermole he can admire Together, brain brawn, ferret out the criminal mastermind that killed both Professor Emeritus Ungley and the political campaign manager Ruth Smuth To Shandy the critical question is if the campus is the tie in the case or the Balaclavian Historic Society.

    17. We brought this home largely because the author photo was so endearing A quick, enjoyable read, and honestly, it was so refreshing to read a fairly modern murder mystery that didn t contain over the top cliche sex scenes or R rated swearing fits, or even grisly violence A genuine story that relies on wit and cleverness rather than shock Nice.

    18. This series is an old favorite for me I can t remember how many times I ve read this book The mystery is well plotted and timed, but the characters are the real draw Ms MacLeod had a talent for eccentric, yet mostly believable, characters There are always sure to be some chuckles and laughs from her books and this one is no exception.

    19. Great ReadingThis is the 4th time I ve read this book over the last 3 decades and like all of Charlotte MacLeod s books it never fails to entertain and keep you guessing as to who did it.

    20. I can t express how much I enjoy Charlotte MacLeod s work She creates characters that invite you into their quiet life while they hunt for who did it Her style makes me think of Georgette Heyer mysteries and Agatha Christie s Miss Marple mysteries.

    21. It was a fun story, but the end all came together no real hints or clues It just ended, and the author told what the story was When it came to an end, the reader was just left thinking what just happened And truly, the cat really was not an important character

    22. I m STILL giggling over what went on in the story There seemed, to me at least, to be a giggle or three on every page I ll be getting Peter Shandy mysteries, that s for sure Quick and fun reads

    23. This is my second book by this author and I am finding it a bit hard to follow as I can t seem to connect with the characters I ll try one of hers before I rule it out.

    24. More dead bodies in Balaclava County It was nice to see Ottermole grow as a character and become sympathetic.

    25. Well writtenPretty crafty Enjoyed the humor and the characters Got lost in who did what and the motive for th ed crime

    26. This is one of a series of very readable murder mysteries set in a Massachusetts town and the protagonist is a professor at the local agricultural college.

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