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Book of Lost Threads #2020

Book of Lost Threads Tender funny and memorable Book of Lost Threads is a story about love and loss parents and children hope faith and the value of simple kindness Moss has run away from Melbourne to Opportunity on

  • Title: Book of Lost Threads
  • Author: Tess Evans
  • ISBN: 9781742372334
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Paperback
  • Book of Lost Threads By Tess Evans, Tender, funny and memorable, Book of Lost Threads is a story about love and loss, parents and children, hope, faith and the value of simple kindness.Moss has run away from Melbourne to Opportunity on the trail of a man she knows only by name But her arrival sets in train events that disturb the long held secrets of three of the town s inhabitants Finn, a brilliant matheTender, funny and memorable, Book of Lost Threads is a story about love and loss, parents and children, hope, faith and the value of simple kindness.Moss has run away from Melbourne to Opportunity on the trail of a man she knows only by name But her arrival sets in train events that disturb the long held secrets of three of the town s inhabitants Finn, a brilliant mathematician, who has become a recluse Lily Pargetter, eighty three year old knitter of tea cosies and Sandy, the town buffoon, who dreams of a Great Galah It is only as Moss, Finn, Lily and Sandy develop unlikely friendships that they find a way to lay their sorrows to rest and knit together the threads that will restore them to life.

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      193 Tess Evans
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    1 thought on “Book of Lost Threads

    1. This story was a real nice surprise, I thought it would be a good read but I wasn t expecting to be so captivated by it.It s a story about the unexpected, unforeseen and unintentional complications that arose out the choices that were made by several people from very different walks of life, and the ongoing effects of those choices, how they impacted so many, both directly and indirectly Then ultimately connected them all in some manner.I just love the way this author can artfully translate the [...]

    2. Moss began softly at first, her voice slowly swelling Pure silver sound vibrated the dust motes in Mrs Pargetter s front room, floated into the frosty night air and out into the streets of the tired little town Helen Porter, walking her dog, felt a prickling along her spine Cocky Benson, in a drunken stupor, brushed aside the tears that wet his corroded cheeks, and Sharon Simpson stopped painting her toenails and lifted her head to listen Merv Randall, pausing as he wiped down the bar, briefly a [...]

    3. This is a stand out book of the year for me It was engrossing as well as thoughtful and intelligent We follow the stories of a number of characters all suffering loss and loosely entwined with each other There is a lot of wisdom evident in the telling characters trusted to find solutions, to think and feel their way to recovery and reconciliation The stories come together like a symphony, blending and harmonising, gaining strength from individual parts It is beautifully and confidently crafted I [...]

    4. Goodness I thought I d have a quick read before cooking tea Famous last words I m not even quite sure why I decided to get this book out on Overdrive if I saw it reviewed somewhere, or if I just liked the look of it, but goodness, it s got me hooked Catharsis In a big way.Yup Hard to believe it is a first novel The warmth and empathy of the writer is very evident A much appreciated book.

    5. This is not a book that I would usually pick up but I have read it as part of the State Library of Victoria Summer Read competition Summer read encourages people to turn off the TV and pick up a book They have a selection of books that are either set in Victoria or by a Victorian author This is Tess Evans first novel and she has written a poignant wonderful book The characters are believable and have lost some of the threads that hold their life together Moss is looking for her father and suffer [...]

    6. I stayed up until 1am finishing this book last night, and sobbing like a baby throughout most of it What a wonderful novel, so compelling and emotional, I haven t felt that attached to a book since The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society Moss, Finn, Sandy, Mrs Pargetter, Hamish, Ana and Lusla Ngilu each have their own story to tell, and they are seamlessly weaved together by the author Sandy is redeemed, Finn is freed and Mrs Pargetter s story is just gut wrenching The tea cosies are a [...]

    7. Some books strike a chord at the right timeis one did I have recommended it to friends, but they didn t see in what I didabsolutely loved it.

    8. I am a tiny bit conflicted by this book I was very pleasantly surprised early by the book, slowly building up characters and their back stories, introducing others and then deftly weaving them all together There wasn t really a climax as such, since the timeline jumped around a little too much for there to be a lot of tension, but I did really quite enjoy it, but felt a little let down by the resolution which seemed rushed compared to the rest of the book.

    9. The Book of Lost Threads was a very interesting read for me The book is based around Finn and his daughter Moss, who are both struggling with their lives Numerous themes are explored in this book, for example same sex parents, family abuse The threads seem to me to be the lives of different people with some connecting well and others not The author established a good sense of place and can relate to Opportunity where most of the book is set as a typical Australian country town The characters are [...]

    10. A thought provoking enjoyable read which followed the personal journeys of 4 people in a small town, as they sought to resolve areas of grief, guilt regret in their lives The story had some very touching memorable moments, a powerful theme, lovely descriptive writing, witty humour very likeable characters I m keen to read from this author, this book being her first novel It hit the spot for me, with a story that is emotionally impacting moving in a truthful but non sentimental way.

    11. This was a beautifully subtle, warm and intricately woven story It was about how 4 very different people were drawn together as each of them were dealing with their own personal struggles The story highlighted the benefits of developing trust, support and friendship as a result of their situations I really enjoyed sharing their journeys.

    12. Loved it I m really tired now from staying up late too many nights in a row to read it Highly recommend it Great story, that s just a little bit out of the box, the characters really felt real to me

    13. A book about identity and loss, it s never too late to make amends and the power of names and hand knitted tea cosies Simply beautiful A slow burn.

    14. good, but the ending is improbable any Australian country town would skin you ALIVE if you dared touch their sacred footy ground.

    15. I did love this book, despite the awkward style at the start and all the formatting problems in the eBook version.Miranda Ophelia Sinclair, know as Moss, was conceived by artificial insemination Having 2 mothers caused her problems at school After a family fight she leaves university to find the father she has never know, ending up in a small Victorian town As the story progresses we get the background of each of the main characters And through all the ups and downs we hope everything ends happi [...]

    16. I feel a bit mean giving this only 1 star but here goes it was fussy, anachronistic and over wrought I liked the premise but it really was a book of Loose Threads that seemed forced together Another reviewer has written that there was too much telling and not enough showing and I cannot agree enough with that statement I found the timelines difficult to follow how old is Finn Michael Late thirties But then is asked if he has grandkids It doesn t make sense Needed a good edit and some better rese [...]

    17. Tess Evans has written a moving novel based on relationships between mothers, fathers, children, family and friends It is a great book to snuggle up with, a quick read that kept me wanting to pick it up any time I could The characters in Book of Lost Threads are people you want to get to know, feel familiar with after reading the book and touch the heart For me I felt for the characters and enjoyed being a passenger on their journeys Book of Lost Threads centres around Moss, Finn, Lily Pargetter [...]

    18. I liked this book It had all the elements required for a good read Drama, fraught relationships, love, sadness, life lessons, good characters Well worth a read.

    19. Miranda Ophelia Sinclair known as Moss has run away from Melbourne to the small town of Opportunity in country Victoria She is searching for a man she knows nothing about just his name, his address and the fact that he s important to her She needs to find him, get to know him and get some answers about herself and the past.Michael Finbar Clancy known as Finn also ran away many years ago after a tragic event He hides away in Opportunity, working from home and keeping to himself and occasionally g [...]

    20. Book of Lost Threads written by Tess Evans in 2010 is awesome This is Tess s first novel and what a touching story Michael Finbar Clancy known as Finn has been involved in a tragic event and hasn t coped over many years He avoids life, hides away in a monastery and finally ends up in a Victorian country town called Opportunity, working from home and keeping to himself and occasionally going bush , camping with just his thoughts for company Finn shows how one incident, one mistake can change your [...]

    21. I loved this book The characters were interesting and the story flowed and I just wanted to keep reading until I was finished.

    22. Summary In Book of Lost Threads, four mismatched characters meet in the town of Opportunity and help each other in order of coming to term with their past.There is Moss, a young woman looking for a man who she has never met but who had a major impact on her life, Finn whose a recluse and who has spent most of his life grieving for a dramatic event, Sandy and his Great Galah project that will help him understanding who truly his parents were and Mrs Pargetter who knits tea cosies for the United N [...]

    23. I have to admit this book started off not too bad The first half gave the impression I d be in for a story of a family reconnection A daughter turns up on her biological father s doorstep, he lets her in, they get to know pieces of their life history, etc.And then, things started turning a little funny, and I don t mean the ha ha kind of funny I started noticing Inconsistencies Inconsistencies which left me wondering who the heck edited this book Did they even bother to read then the first half [...]

    24. Tess Evans debut novel, Book of Lost Threads, is a warm story about four people, each suffering their own form of survivor s guilt about unanswered questions or unresolved disputes, finding their way to each other and learning to forgive themselves and reconnect with those around them The story is set in motion when Moss, a young girl seeking out the man who provided the sperm for her lesbian parents to conceive, turns up on Finn s doorstep in the small country town of Opportunity Finn is haunte [...]

    25. When a young woman named Moss tracks down a man called Michael Finbar Clancy in a small Australian country town called Opportunity, she can have no idea that she will set off a chain of events which will have lasting impact on both of them, their friends, and the town.Moss had an unusual conception and a difficult childhood Miranda Sinclair, known as Moss, is the now grown daughter of a lesbian couple She grew up as the loved child of two very different women Amy was the fun, natural mother who [...]

    26. I read this novel as a break from the marathon The Bone Clocks and found it to be a treasure I didn t get much sleep the night I started it Tess Evans doesn t have the literary clout or the imaginative scope of a David Mitchell, but she writes tellingly and affectionately about characters who have experienced loss and grief.The novel begins with the arrival of Moss Miranda Ophelia Sinclair on the doorstep of the man she has discovered to be her biological father Moss , who is the daughter of a s [...]

    27. In my opinion this book highlights the decisions we make as parents and how those choices impact the lives of our children Linsey and Amy are women in a loving relationship who make the natural decision to have a child It is decided that Amy would be the birth mother and this is how Moss comes into the world with two Mums Amy is the loving, gentle, nurturing and messy Mum Linsey is the perfectionist who wanted a perfect baby and carefully selected the father for his brilliance in mathematics in [...]

    28. In Book of Lost Threads, the debut novel from Melbourne author Tess Evans, we take a journey from guilt and despair to the world of possibility and opportunity.Book of Lost ThreadsWhen Moss Miranda Ophelia Sinclair goes searching for the father she has never met, her quest takes her to a small Australian town with the unusual name of Opportunity The town has seen better days and is not unlike many real towns today that have served a purpose, be in mining or agriculture, and the majority of the p [...]

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