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Can I Play Too? #2020

Can I Play Too Gerald is careful Piggie is not Piggie cannot help smiling Gerald can Gerald worries so that Piggie does not have to Gerald and Piggie are best friends In Can I Play Too Gerald and Piggie meet a new s

  • Title: Can I Play Too?
  • Author: Mo Willems
  • ISBN: 9781423119913
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Can I Play Too? By Mo Willems, Gerald is careful Piggie is not.Piggie cannot help smiling Gerald can.Gerald worries so that Piggie does not have to.Gerald and Piggie are best friends.In Can I Play Too Gerald and Piggie meet a new snake friend who wants to join in a game of catch But don t you need arms to catch

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    1 thought on “Can I Play Too?

    1. So there comes a Snake Did I mention that I am not very fond of snakes With the addition of a new friend to easy going drawing and illustrations, Mo Willems pulls out another rabbit out of the hat.A self confessed fan of the series.

    2. From the mouth of my 5 year oldThis is about an Elephant and a Piggie who are gonna play ball It s really funny because it goes Bonk, bonk, bonk, when they try to play ball with the snake Then the Piggie gets an idea and it s really cool because they all play together Her thoughts It was really cool The pictures were pretty with blue and pink and green I like it because it has a Y and T and L My thoughts My daughter giggled and giggled when we read this together this morning which I LOVED She re [...]

    3. A.teness I can always rely on Mo Willems producing some spot on super fun kids books I mean this one is a bit silly for my adult sensibilities but young kids will certainly crack up with this one XD I know as I just watched a read aloud with young kid laughing and laughing Also, yay they are friends who solved the problem for their friend

    4. Adorable introduction to the concept of disability, and overcoming legit challenges snake cannot play catch in the traditional way with some creative thinking Elephant and Piggie are great friends.

    5. A book all my children enjoyed Even the twin 2 yr olds were riveted by this story and the characters They couldn t wait to see what would happen I loved the new snake character, at first we thought him a worm, he was so small and cute A level 1 reading book at best, but a wonderfully typical Willems that any family would be sure to love.

    6. Jak zwykle, perypetie sympatycznych bohater w winki z g ow pe n pomys w i poczciwego s onia przedstawione w formie kr tkiej historyjki ledzi si z wielkim zainteresowaniem, a ilustracje ogl da si z przyjemno ci.Najnowsza ods ona przyg d pary przyjaci winki Malinki i S onia Leona mo e wydawa si nieco brutalna, no bo jak e to mo na rzuca , a co gorsza trafia pi k w koleg , kt ry nijak tej pi ki z apa nie mo e A nie mo e jej z apa , bo jest w em Bardzo szybko jednak g wni bohaterowie dochodz do wnio [...]

    7. If you are ever looking for a picture book or easy reader sure to pull a child in and get them adoring books, pull any of Mo Willems books off the shelf His Elephant and Piggie series is so simple, yet profound and funny This latest book in the series is one of the best in the bunch Here we see Elephant, the careful and serious character, and Piggie, who is loud and enthusiastic The two of them are best friends, which alone has led to some great books Add Snake who wants to join them in playing [...]

    8. Elephant and Piggie is one of THE best early reader series out there.It s simple The pictures are helpful, but not TOO helpful Most importantly it s not boring The books are short, containing few words, but the repetition is FUNNY and not too intrusive You do not have arms I DO NOT HAVE ARMS It s got to be HARD to write funny books for kids this young Honestly, I don t think I could do it And to write one that the kid will want to read over and over again well I don t know how Mo Willems does it [...]

    9. Book Summary This is a cute story aboit 3 friends elephant, pig, and Snake the pig and the elephant are playing catch and the snake asked if she can play The pig comes up with an idea on how to play catch with the snake who does not have any arms awards N A Grade Level Interest level Pre k Appropriate Classroom Use I would use this book as carpet read when discussing empathy for others, students can learn how to be nice and include everyone Student Who Might Benefit From Reading All students Sma [...]

    10. I purchased this one for our school library because it is a great way to introduce including others to all primary grade students I love Elephant and Piggie but I honestly think that these simple books are suitable for all ages They are a good way of teaching friendship as well as dialogue The illustrations tell as much as the story.

    11. This book is such a beautiful book that very easily can address the question of special needs children, accommodations, and shared feelings My kids and nieces and nephews all love it, and I cry every time I read it It s one of the best kids books EVER

    12. I think you d like this because it s caring, funny, and cool This book is about two animals named Piggie and Gerald It s really about including other people in what you play You ll love the part when they play catch

    13. HAHA Elephant and Piggie are always funny I loved that their friend Snake played a trick on them And that their solution to snake not being able to catch a ball and bonked on the head every time was to throw balls at him And their expressions at various times in the story are priceless

    14. Oh, I really loved this one Poor Snake The expressions on his face are priceless This is absurdity and subversiveness at it s finest

    15. JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA, este libro es bullying a las serpientes Qu dir a Nagini Qu dir a la serpiente de tierra caliente muere de la risa

    16. Let me say it again there is nothing better for an early reader than Elephant and Piggie Watching them bombard a snake with balls in order to see if snakes can learn to play catch is hysterical

    17. 10 Growing up, I loved the Elephant and Piggie books This one in particular has been read in our class multiple times and I have found that I still really enjoy these books as a twenty year old Can I Play Too is about how much Gerald and Piggie enjoy playing catch One day, a snake decides that he really wants to join them However, the snake does not have any limbs and finds that it is nearly impossible for him to catch the ball Gerald and Piggie try everything from throwing the ball at him, to t [...]

    18. Age Group Around preschool through kindergarten Younger level reading Ages 3 7 Summary Piggie and Gerald are best friends Gerald is an elephant and Piggie is a pig Gerald and Piggie decide to play catch and a new friend comes over, a snake The snake wants to play catch too but Piggie and Gerald are confused, because the snake does not have arms They tried to include him but it did not work The snake friend becomes sad because he wants to play with them so badly Piggie then insists that they come [...]

    19. Summary Two friends, Piggy and Gerald, play catch in this story However, when their new friend snake tries to join the game, the trio come across a startling obstacle snake has no arms The three pals work together to find a solution to their pickle in order for everyone to play catch together In the end, snake becomes the ball being tossed between Gerald and Piggy Problem solved Theme How to work together to solve a problem among friends Personal Response Quite honestly, this was one of my favor [...]

    20. I think it is a great book but one thing it need a little detail on the back tell us something about the book or put a happy picture of them hugging and smiling if not then I will dislike your book.ok man this app will not let me read this book so tell who ever made this app to update this app because I am having problems so please if you can update this app then I would be pleased to read your book again and I think you should make a book about them going back to school if you got this message [...]

    21. Genre FictionAwards Won NoneIllustrations The illustrations are simple, just pictures of the animal on a white backdrop The pictures show the actions and give word bubbles with noises that are fun to say and make the book a little bit action based, which I think kids would like Summary Elephant and Piggy are playing catch, their friend the snake wants to play too but he doesn t have any arms The three friends try to play catch together but snake just keeps getting hit by the ball Eventually the [...]

    22. Synopsis Gerald is careful Piggie is not.Piggie cannot help smiling Gerald can.Gerald worries so that Piggie does not have to.Gerald and Piggie are best friends.In Can I Play Too Gerald and Piggie meet a new snake friend who wants to join in a game of catch But don t you need arms to catch My Review We have been a fan of Elephant and Piggie since we discovered them but this is definitely one of our favorites now This story has a very important message but kids won t realize that they are learnin [...]

    23. Gerald and Piggie are getting ready to play catch when a snake shows up and asks if he can play too Though Piggie and Gerald are willing to let him join, they have no idea if or how a snake could play catch, so the three friends set out to figure it out together Gerald and Piggie are always fun and the creative ways they try to help before coming upon an even out of the box solution are quite funny As always though, the real selling point isn t the story or the imagination though those are both [...]

    24. This is a cute story about 3 friends elephant, pig, and Snake the pig and the elephant are playing catch and the snake asked if she can play Since the snake has no arms, the other two play catch with the snake throwing it back and forth , and they all have fun This is perfect for the early childhood classroom, as it emphasizes that we should include everyone in play.I would start a discussion brainstorm on how we can include everyone in our playtime We can also list activities that all three of [...]

    25. Elephant and Piggy are the best of friends, and in this installment of the series, they encounter a unique problem a snake who wants to play pass Piggie is quick to point out the minor problem in the snake having no arms, but with some trial and error, the duo finds a solution to include their new friend.Instructional suggestions conflict, dialogue, onomatopoeia, thinking outside of the box, text structures problem and solution Genres fiction, modern fantasy

    26. funny story about physical differences among friends, but they stop at nothing to reach inclusion Fun simple illustrationsAs a fan of Mo Willems I really enjoyed this funny story about a snake wanting to play ball with his friends whom have the necessary appendages to do so Teaches children the importance of inclusion despite differences whether they be physical or other.

    27. Oh how I LOVED this book I loved how Elephant and Piggie were willing to play with snake, even though he was different from them and even though he couldn t play in the same way they could How I love piggie for figuring out a way that they could all play together happily.

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