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Riot #2020

Riot As the Civil War rages another battle breaks out behind the lines During a long hot July in the worst race riots the United States has ever seen erupt in New York City Earlier that year desper

  • Title: Riot
  • Author: Walter Dean Myers
  • ISBN: 9781606840009
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Riot By Walter Dean Myers, As the Civil War rages, another battle breaks out behind the lines During a long hot July in 1863, the worst race riots the United States has ever seen erupt in New York City Earlier that year, desperate for Union soldiers, President Abraham Lincoln instituted a draft a draft that would allow the wealthy to escape serving in the army by paying a 300 waiver, thAs the Civil War rages, another battle breaks out behind the lines During a long hot July in 1863, the worst race riots the United States has ever seen erupt in New York City Earlier that year, desperate for Union soldiers, President Abraham Lincoln instituted a draft a draft that would allow the wealthy to escape serving in the army by paying a 300 waiver, than a year s income for the recent immigrant Irish And on July 11, as the first drawing takes place in Lower Manhattan, the city of New York explodes in rage and fire Stores are looted buildings, including the Colored Foundling Home, are burned down and black Americans are attacked, beaten, and murdered The police cannot hold out against the rioters, and finally, battle hardened soldiers are ordered back from the fields of Gettysburg to put down the insurrection, which they do brutally Fifteen year old Claire, the beloved daughter of a black father and Irish mother, finds herself torn between the two warring sides Faced with the breakdown of the city the home she has loved, Claire must discover the strength and resilience to address the new world in which she finds herself, and to begin the hard journey of remaking herself and her identity Addressing such issues as race, bigotry, and class head on, Walter Dean Myers has written another stirring and exciting novel that will shake up assumptions, and lift the spirit.

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    1. Post Civil War race riots caused by unemployed southerners bw immigrating to the north for nonexistent jobs Written as a play with several actors narrating parts Interesting and educational I appreciated author s discussion at end My dad saw these riots in pre WWII Washington, DC same cause and same racial lines It s not race it s survivalblaming race is bigotry, lack of jobs for survival is a continual source of frustration and anger to this day Outsourcing doesn t help, high wages causes high [...]

    2. I loved the subject material of Riot and the way in which it portrays race relations, class relations and Civil War politics in a way that isn t black and white I think that Riot would be a wonderful choice for a youth critical reading circle.The good things said, however, I didn t particularly like Riot, or at the very least, I was incredibly disappointed since the subject matter has so much promise I thought that the dialog was heavy handed and not believable, especially the dialog from the te [...]

    3. This audiobook plays like a movie The voice actors, music, sound effects, and background noises were all perfect I give the production values 5 stars, but the actual story had problems I love Walter Dean Myers and I see what he was aiming to do with our main character Claire it just didn t work.A lovely voice actor brought her to life but wow her character arc was weak It started out strong and ultimately left me feeling underwhelmed The hyperfocus on Claire simply wanting to be a human being an [...]

    4. This would be an excellent book for social studies and doing a cross curricular unit in school Its a fast read, written in Dialogue form The author adds the history behind the story at the end including pictures I would read that part first before beginning to read the story Riot is set in New York City in 1863 when the Civil war was taking place A civil disturbance rocks the city as the Irish target the Blacks and the Army is trying to squash the unrest Claire, is the young 15 year old trying t [...]

    5. I like Walter Dean Myers, but I liked nothing about this book Written as a screenplay, it lacked the depth of exposition As a screen play it was weak with camera directions and scene explanations that did not feel authentic Dialog was horribly artificial Very disappointing.

    6. Walter Dean Myers was the winner of the inaugural Michael L Printz award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature for his inventive novel Monster, and his 2009 book Riot has resurrected some of the unusual elements found in that earlier release.Riot is definitely not your average juvenile novel The entire story is written in the format of a screenplay, complete with directions about the kind of shots the camera will be taking, annotations for the musical score, fade ins outs, and various other f [...]

    7. Reviewed by Grandma Bev for TeensReadTooRIOT by Walter Dean Myers tells the story of the beginning of the Civil War, and the 1863 insurgency in New York City.President Lincoln had started a draft to gain soldiers for the Union Army, but there was a clause in the law that allowed the wealthy to pay a three hundred dollar fee and hire someone else to go to war in their place In New York City, tempers exploded into a vicious race riot.Claire is the daughter of a mixed family Her mother is Irish an [...]

    8. Walter Dean Myers makes an incredibly important contribution to literature for kids He s always writing about topics that kids really want to know about in a sophisticated yet accessible way.In this novel he uses a screenplay style like he did for Monster to write about the riots that took place in New York City during the Civil War It s a part of American History that a lot of people don t know about, and Myers does an incredible job of bringing the experience to life in this book He doesn t du [...]

    9. Myers takes what seems to be a fascinating piece of history and cuts it into a script, resulting in choppy, fragmented and unconsuming reading What worked for contemporary reading like Monster is incredibly uneffective for this historical book I want to know about this time period, but will need to look elsewhere to find it Junior high readers bewareyour teachers are sure to force this upon you

    10. Couldn t read it The stage directions distanced me from the story and became increasingly annoying Usually love this author.

    11. On the topic of the Civil War, many people know about the war between the South and the North, at little else The scope of the Civil War, both its feelings and underlying causes, are far greater than one may initially realize The idea that the war was fought to end slavery may have been the goal at it s end, but it certainly was not the initial goal Initially, many people volunteered in order to preserve the Union of the United States, with many people believing that secession amounted to treaso [...]

    12. Listened to the audiobook full cast version of this novel I don t recommend it Usually, I enjoy full cast productions of audiobooks, but this read like a screenplay While that worked for some of Myers novels, listening to the narrator constantly say Cut toCut toCut to is grating after a while.As for the story itself, it s a good examination of a riot that doesn t get much attention outside of Gangs of New York But the main character of Claire is annoying, and her dialogue is than a little heavy [...]

    13. Note Spoilers ahead I bought Riot because 1 it was at a castoff book sale in my local library, and 2 I had heard good things about Walter Dean Meyers I had high expectations for the book, and while those expectations were not met, it was still a pretty good and very quick read.Written in the style of a film script, Riot chronicles the events and repercussions of the New York City draft riots in 1863 Most of the novel follows a young girl named Claire, the daughter of a black man and a white Iris [...]

    14. This could have been a good book The topic was interesting, but it was written in a film script format and the stage directions etc made it hard to follow, especially since I listened to this on audio If I read this I may have been able to skim over all these stage directions, but listening to it reaulted in something being lost or taken away from the experience Various narrators were used to voice the different characters, which was nice, but there seemed to be so many characters, it was also h [...]

    15. I m a bit torn on this as it was a very different approach to writing than I am used to for Walter Dean Myers I am thankful I listened to it, as it is written as a script It s focus is the New York Riots, which I was unfamiliar Having the many multiple characters gives you a brief look into each person who was impacted during this moment of time It s enough of a glimpse to feel the character, but not enough to bond with the character I loved hearing the distinct voices for each character, but it [...]

    16. I am a big fan of Walter Dean Myers, but I m not sure I liked the formatting of this book Myer s choice of the Civil War riots in New York City as a backdrop for his story, is gripping Blacks, whites, Irish immigrants, Five Points gangs, and Union soldiers fill out the cast of characters The book is written as a screenplay, including stage notes, leaving out the inner monologue we usually rely on to push a story along The author s notes help to anchor the novel in history This would be a good re [...]

    17. I just finished listening to Riot by Walter Dean Myers I chose to read this Young Adult YA novel as part of a graduate class with the only restriction being a book by WD Myers At first, three different books by him peaked my interests, Sunrise over Fallujah, Fallen Angels and Riot They are all books about the experience of African Americans within the constructs of the US military I chose Riot because it is about a little known event in NYC during the Civil War Also, I m a Civil War buff too.Fir [...]

    18. Important historical event with timeless themes that sadly resonate, today Written as a screenplay, easily lends itself to High School discussions Unfortunately, the dialogue is so heavy handed the characters becomes less rather than realistic Still, cleverly puts a personal spin on a horrific footnote in US race relations.

    19. It gave me a very interesting insight into what really happened during the New York draft riots I am not the largest fan of screenplay books, but this was not really good at all The storyline was often confusing and changed far too many times.

    20. The time period had a lot of potential However, I found the characters underdeveloped and whiny.

    21. It was ok It was a pretty fast read, but I think it would be a better book if it wasn t in the script of a play.

    22. This novel addresses issues such as race, bigotry, and class from the main character s perspective of bi racial, fifteen year old Claire living in New York City with an African American father and an Irish mother The year is 1863 and it is the summer when the worst race riots erupt during the raging of the Civil War, The New York City Draft Riots The book is written in a dialogue format, the book contains the voices of many different characters with different purposes and backgrounds The main st [...]

    23. March 16, 2017RIOT by Walter Dean Myers Copyright 2009 Genre Historical FictionI finished reading the book RIOT by Walter Dean Myers and I have to say I did not like it I can honestly say I really do not know what it is about because it did not gain my interested at all All I know is it s about a 15 year old girl who has an African American father and a white mother and by having that it makes life difficult I did not like how it was written in a play format, I think that is was made it hard fo [...]

    24. Riot is the first book I have read by Walter Dean Myers, which is kind of surprising since he is a legend in the teen fiction world I chose Riot because, after reading the summary in the book jacket, I realized I had never heard of this major riot that took place in New York City during the Civil War Aside from that, I also found the text of the book interesting in that it is written like a movie script I thought if I liked the book, it would be one I could recommend to readers looking for a dif [...]

    25. How would you like to be a slave I sure wouldn t, African Americans had it very harsh back then around 1860 s I have currently finished the book Riot by Walter Dean Meyers In this book the author describes the relationships between whites and African Americans The author focuses a lot on the events of the New York Draft Riots In the book Riot, the main character is Claire Claire is the daughter of a black man and an Irish immigrant mother The second book in the series Found was similar to the bo [...]

    26. This is not a summary on Riot It s on a book called CarmenCarmen Carmen is the girl in the neighborhood the city even who draws every guy s attention, she s hot as the soaring temperature When Carmen falls for Jose she s sure he s not like the other guys she s around every day he s not a gangster, in trouble with he law Jose seems like a good guy.But Jose has a temper When Escamillo comes to town, the rapper, producer, singer, businessman has every one s attention And Carmen has his Carmen s fed [...]

    27. I can t remember where I got RIOT I want to say it was at a closing Borders That sounds about right.I was a little surprised when I opened the book to find it in script format Granted that set up made it an even fast read than what it was but I think even if it were set up in prose style I would have run right through it It s set during the draft riots in New York City during the Civil War and for the most part it focused on one character, Claire, who s of mixed descent and has a hard time comin [...]

    28. It s the summer of 1863 in New York City The Civil War is well underway, dividing not only the nation but its people A federally instituted draft only incites the brewing conflict faster Angry Irish immigrants flood the streets, looting stories and attacking blacks whom they blame for many of their problems The army has been brought in to put the riots down, but violence still abounds Caught in the midst of this, fifteen year old Claire is confronted with the difficulty of having both Irish and [...]

    29. This book is an excellent book to teach in concert with a unit around the Civil War, especially since it follows the fictional story of a fifteen year old young girl named Claire who is the daughter or a black father and Irish mother during the New York draft riots that occured in 1863 Myers takes readers back to the year 1863 in the United States, exploring the turbulent race relations between Americans in New York City through the lens of a young girl who does not fit in on either side As read [...]

    30. The book Riot was about this big war between the blacks and the whites The story was mostly about this family that tried to stay safe in the war This girl that was named Claire, was black and lots of people were making fun of her and was being mean to her This book had lots of twists in the plot One example was that one character was their friend and then when the war started the other friend was being really mean to Claire I think Walter Dean Myers did a great job writing this book.

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