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Life Skills #2020

Life Skills Athletic outdoor type good cook good with people wanted for work on the canals Newly not engaged and suddenly out of work Julia Fairfax needs a new direction The classified ad that catches her ey

  • Title: Life Skills
  • Author: Katie Fforde
  • ISBN: 9780312263539
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • Life Skills By Katie Fforde, Athletic, outdoor type, good cook, good with people, wanted for work on the canals Newly not engaged and suddenly out of work, Julia Fairfax needs a new direction The classified ad that catches her eye sends her on a delightful, hilarious adventure along the English canals on a rickety old hotel boat Among the twists and turns, Julia encountersa passel of persnicketAthletic, outdoor type, good cook, good with people, wanted for work on the canals.Newly not engaged and suddenly out of work, Julia Fairfax needs a new direction The classified ad that catches her eye sends her on a delightful, hilarious adventure along the English canals on a rickety old hotel boat Among the twists and turns, Julia encountersa passel of persnickety guests, an irritating ex boyfriend, the challenges of cooking in a galley kitchen the size of a closet, and a whole lot of rattling tea cups Add some frighteningly narrow bridges to steer through, and you ve got the makings of an unforgettable journey.Part romp, part romance, part step by step guide to how not to see England s scenic canals, Life Skills will delight fans of intelligent romantic comedy, as well as anyone looking for a few tips on staying afloat.

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      498 Katie Fforde
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    1 thought on “Life Skills

    1. This is my third Katie Fforde and I found it really disappointing I got it so that I d have something quick and light to read on the train to Chicago and I found I had a hard time getting through it The premise was appealing and the book began promisingly enough newly single thirty something takes a job on a hotel boat on the English canals for the spring summer But then it devolved into chick litty throwback fauxmance I say fauxmance because the romance seemed so contrived What bugged me the mo [...]

    2. I was disappointed by this book I expected a fluffy, funny read with an undercurrent of class and gender tensions, but instead got a rather sloppy, superficial read with inconsistent characters and tone The plot hits what seems to be a natural ending half way through and then drags on for many chapters I feel that it does not provide a satisfying romance or picture of modern single women.

    3. spoiler alert Julia ist Mitte drei ig, erfolgreich und tr gt Konfektionsgr e 40 Sie k ndigt ihren Job, da sie bei einer Bef rderung bergangen wurde Nahezu gleichzeitig wird ihr au erdem klar, dass sie ihren Verlobten Oscar gar nicht liebt sondern dessen Hund und trennt sich schnell von ihm Da Julia jedoch nicht ewig von ihren Ersparnissen leben kann und ihr der Sinn nach Abenteuer steht, heuert sie als K chin auf einem Hotelschiff pardon, es sind zwei Schiffe und diese Bezeichnung wird ihnen kau [...]

    4. I loved this book especially the part on the boat which is why I picked this up, but the last third of the book off the boat and the baby stuff was the funniest First read when I stumbled on it in the library around 2000 2001, found the ebook and decided a reread was in order glad I did Would recommend to non romance fans as this is not a bodice ripper just an interesting fun read on starting an unusual business.

    5. Posh tosh that sinks like a stone This was the first of Katie Fforde s books I have read Having been recommended her books by several people, as well as having read some rave reviews by other members I was looking forward to discovering and enjoying her books I thought reading about the sea change to Julia s life and career from a high flying Oxfordshire estate agent to a cook living and working on a canal boat earning peanuts would make for an interesting read, but I think I chose the wrong boo [...]

    6. Mi tocca ammettere che tra i libri che ho letto recentemente della Fforde questo attualmente quello che mi piaciuto di meno Nonostante la storia della protagonista e di come voglia rivoluzionare la sua vita e allontanarsi da tutte quelle persone che la credono essere in et troppo matura per non essersi mai sposata, sia piuttosto avvincente o intrigante mancava qualcosa Ho sicuramente amato il protagonista maschile, Fergus che a causa di qualche stupidaggine risalente ai tempi in cui era bambino [...]

    7. If I wasn t reading this on an iPad I would have thrown it on the ground numerous times This is the second Katie Fforde I ve read and unfortunately it s worse than my first It s really made me wonder why Katie Fforde is so popular Once again, there is a promising start due to a good premise and interesting setting But the relationship of the main couple makes no sense to me Julia hates Fergus because he was mean to her when they were kids They meet up as adults she still hates him they hardly sp [...]

    8. Nothing against the novel but it may have just been too light a read for me on the heels of the other books I ve recently devoured Or maybe my issue is that women in these type of stories always find love so easily with a neat little ending We meet Julia Fairfax searching for a change after getting passed over for a man less qualified than her, and then she throws her snobbish fiance to the side as well She soon lands a job as a cook working on the English Canals, on an old hotel boat and there [...]

    9. The romantic plot of this book was so similar to paradise fields, I was almost ready to give up on author However, the library is on short supply of authors that I really enjoy, so I m going to give her one try Hopefully it won t be another, quick romantic rendezvous and regret it situation.

    10. I love Katie Fforde s books Yes, they are chick lit They are fun, they make you laugh, they end up with a happy ending, but that is in spite of the characters, not because of them Ms Fforde manages to make her women funny but not silly, smart in most ways, but quite obtuse and obstinate in others The characters are enjoyable, endearing and entertaining.

    11. I enjoyed the first two thirds of the book much than the last third Julia s life changing decision and new path becomes conventional and boring I was extremely frustrated by the lack of depth for the male protagonist who is seemingly perfect but the reader never fully knows.

    12. Now I really want to go travel the English canals on a hotel boat.But sheesh, what a silly woman And yes, I know there are people like that.

    13. Pretty much a chick flick I couldn t tell Didn t read the blurb when I one click ordered it on kindle It read like a chick flick movie, and the story didn t pace itself very well but I was certainly invested I finished it in a day.Why would Fergus want to marry Julia, though I only ever saw her being rude and horrible to him It really made no sense There was no story building, no getting to know each other nothing Just lots of assumptions on Julia s part on events which happened as children any [...]

    14. I read this book years ago It came back to mind on our recent trip to England We stayed in hotel alongside the canals of Brentford Lock All I remembered was that setting was along canals so decided I would reread It occurs to me now that I wiped this book from my memory for good reason The women in this story are annoying They carry on about wanting to be independent, self sufficient women yet they continually wait for people to bail them out One bats her eyelashes and takes advantage of every m [...]

    15. Antiquated and Preachy, I love chick lit but I like strong woman leads This started out good it seemed like a person who quit bad job challenge herself to try something new the whole oh I am so old at 34 and such was a bit of a downer but when she just ignores other problems and feels slutty for having sex THe author then puts in her two cents on abortion and of course how wrong a single family is blah blah blah.I gave it a two because at least I made it part way through before I had to just giv [...]

    16. I found this one quite difficult to get into and I usually love Katie Ffordes books The storyline just seemed so unrealistic and the way the characters were portrayed felt very far from how they would really be for their ages in real life Especially with the way they would interact with each other It felt a little dated in that respect I got through it and it s not overly bad but it was tough going for a while Shame as her others really are fab

    17. I enjoyed the first half of the book when they were on the canals but the second half of the book really went downhill for me and I had to check at one point that it wasn t written in the 50 s or 60 s as the attitudes expressed seemed really old fashioned Just found the main character irritating which I never think is a good thing

    18. Not quite what I was expecting.I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated with the main character because all she does is push the nice guy away constantly Then typically they get together on the last page I won t be rereading it again in future.

    19. not my favourite of her books, and yes, predictable and contradictory at times, but it was fun and silly and I really want to go on a boat ride down the waterways in england I want to experience the locks from the other side.

    20. This was a fun Katie Fforde story I like the fish out of water in the water LOL element of it And you can never go wrong with a good love story, too.

    21. I enjoyed this light hearted book and even laughed out loud The characters are quirky and well described and the whole experience of boating on the English canals had me absorbed.

    22. I think the story and virew if women in this book is a bit dated But it s an easy read and a bit of fun, light entertainment Be prepared to know the outcome from the beginning, no surprises

    23. When I first read this I really enjoyed it but I recently read it again it was rather predictable and followed a clich formulaic script that made me think meh So you have a 30 something, unsure, confused and Bored with Life Heroine Many of us have experienced this men and women suffering the inertia, the routine, the Predictability of Becoming Middle Aged Bourgeois And hence an interesting premise so far Julia understandably wants something More Out Of Life than just being nicely engaged to a Mu [...]

    24. My first Kate Fforde book was Life Skills I found it in the bargain bin at Books a Million my least favorite bookstore The author name caught my eye because I am a big fan of Jasper Fforde s Tuesday Next mystery series And yes, they are indeed related she is married to his cousin FYI their books could not be any different In fact, the only thing they have in common is location They all take place in their home country of England But back to Life Skills I quite liked the cover cute blonde in a j [...]

    25. Julia l st die Verlobung mit dem reichen Oscar auf, weil sie merkt dass sie mehr seinen Hund und sein Haus liebt als ihn selber Gleichzeitig schmei t sie ihren Karrierejob hin und heuert stattdessen als K chin auf einem Kanalboot an.Zusammen mit Besitzerin Suzy und ihrem jungen Lover Wayne schippert sie eine ganze Saison durch die englischen Kan le, obwohl keiner von den dreien so wirklich was von der Sache versteht Aber zum Gl ck gibt es immer wieder ein paar hilfsbereite Menschen, die kr ftig [...]

    26. Katie Fforde is one of my new low key read favorite authors I admit, I only found her becuase I was looking in gen fic to see if anything by Jasper Fforde was checked in Her writing required me to create a whole new category because I couldn t classify her as ctr cheap trashy romance Her books are chick lit as they focus on a woman finding herself, often through means of a new experience or a project They often focus on a new to the protagonist female friend, and yes, they do have a romantic su [...]

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