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The Eleventh Plague #2020

The Eleventh Plague Two children die of a disease thought to be nonexistent in the United States Within hours thoroughbreds at the legendary Churchill Downs are dying of a virus that cannot be identified even by the mo

  • Title: The Eleventh Plague
  • Author: John S. Marr John Baldwin
  • ISBN: 9780061097638
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Eleventh Plague By John S. Marr John Baldwin, Two children die of a disease thought to be nonexistent in the United States Within hours, thoroughbreds at the legendary Churchill Downs are dying of a virus that cannot be identified, even by the most expert veterinarians Called in to solve these lethal mysteries, noted virologist Jack Bryne discovers the two bear uncanny similarities to the Fifth and Sixth Plagues desTwo children die of a disease thought to be nonexistent in the United States Within hours, thoroughbreds at the legendary Churchill Downs are dying of a virus that cannot be identified, even by the most expert veterinarians Called in to solve these lethal mysteries, noted virologist Jack Bryne discovers the two bear uncanny similarities to the Fifth and Sixth Plagues described in the Book of Exodus And the horror is just beginningEvery month another monstrosity claims its victims Every month brings the reenactment of another catastrophic plague Soon Bryne s own worldwide medical computer network, ProMED, is invaded by the power behind the horrors a diabolically intelligent serial killer with a sophisticated knowledge of toxins and an obsession with a with biblical retribution To make matters worse, the FBI is convinced Bryne himself is the killer.Caught between both sides, the brilliant virus hunter joins forces with his bright lab assistant, an ambitious TV newswoman, and a young religious scholar to find this madman and stop him before it s too late But even Bryne does not know how close the killer isuntil he meets this modern medical Moriarty on a midnight confrontation that will determine the future of the world.

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      442 John S. Marr John Baldwin
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    1 thought on “The Eleventh Plague

    1. Please note I read and reviewed this book in 2006 from a copy of the book I probably picked up at my favorite tobacco shop, or Borders or something I m just adding in some formatting.My Reaction I read this book just this year several years after it was initially written Absolutely chilling, especially when I can see that progress is moving faster than thought, and something like what is outlined in this book could indeed happen My Synopsis A brilliant toxicologist, after being denied funding an [...]

    2. It s actually years since I read this book, and I had to read the reviews to be sure I had the right one I ve forgotten pretty well all the details in the blurb but the fact that the actual plot sticks with me, and comes to the front of my memory at the strangest of times is testimony to the strength of its effect.

    3. I love medical thrillers, and this one was no letdown on that front The author makes the bad guy known early on, so the book is a progression of the villain s attempts to cause a modern day version of each of the Bible s plagues while the government works hard to track him down before he strikes again I felt the beginning of the book was better and interesting than the later chapters The book opens with Dr Byrne, the protagonist in this book, being called to Los Angeles after a young boy contra [...]

    4. I was hoping for something of a little imagination than just the same old virus topic This book was, for the most part, entirely unmemorable and not really worth reading.

    5. I m a huge fan of medical thrillers of all kinds, particularly when they are so relatable that you can envision yourself in the place of one or of the characters.I come from a family with extensive medical training and unfortunately have experienced way too much time with drs , hospitals and surgeries due to chronic illness so I do look for realism when it co to ledical terminology in the book if I am going to enjoy it, while simultaneously looking for that something extra to give the book that [...]

    6. Picked it up to read because it has all the makings of a good mystery thriller The plot and general story outline are very intriguing but the writing itself was tedious and boring It was hard to stay focused on the story line and characters when constantly wading through pages and pages of technical and medical facts and terminology that was as interesting as reading a patient s medical chart If the author s goal was to impress the reader with his medical knowledge he succeeded As an author thou [...]

    7. Inhoud Een grote zwerm onschuldige bijen valt toeristen aan en doodt er twaalf Twee kinderen worden getroffen door een mysterieuze ziekte en sterven een gruwelijke dood Te laat herkent men de symptomen van een van de meest dodelijke virussen ter wereld anthrax Ten einde raad roepen de ouders van een van de slachtoffers de hulp in van Jack Bryne, vermaard viroloog en oprichter van ProMED, een internationaal medisch computernetwerk Hij stuit al snel op een even onthutsende als ongelooflijke waarhe [...]

    8. He doubted that anyone would ever figure out the Grand Design This novel begins with a series of apparently unrelated events A swarm of bees attacks a number of people in San Antonio A number of people die as a consequence The young son of a wealthy developer is critically ill in San Diego, California His symptoms do not match any common illness and Dr Jack Bryne, a noted virologist, is called in to consult A young woman is brought to the same hospital with similar symptoms and within 24 hours t [...]

    9. I must say that this book grabs you within the first few pages It is a tour de force and brilliantly written in a dark fashion The novel features Dr Jack Bryne, a brilliant virologist and founder of a worldwide computer network, ProMED matches wits with a diabolical and mentally disturbed toxicologist, Dr Ted Kameron in a nationwide setting The suspense and chills are fast paced The plot has plenty of twists and turns as the stakes and body count grows higher Dr Bryne is aided by his wife, Dr Mi [...]

    10. A chilling tale about an understandably twisted individual who reenacts the ten plagues from the exodus of the Jews out of Egypt detailed in the old testament to appease the voice in his head The reader knows what is happening in this story of biological terrorism aimed at fundamentalist religious leaders, and we learn why long before those in the book who are trying to stop him in this race against time There are plenty of thrills, twists and turns in this engaging read that was very difficult [...]

    11. This is my kind of book Medical mystery horror wacky health issues cropping up, and someone pieces together the fact that they re biblical plagues Only some of them don t fit, and he needs help to identify the plagues prevent the worst of them It reminded me a great deal of The Black Death, but that figures Marr co wrote that one My only beef is the cheesy cliffhanger ending there s no sequel it s not a real cliffhanger It s just ominous But overall, a good book.

    12. Oh yes, Bible Christians are terrible people, brutal to their wives, hypocritical, only interested in money and power or on the other extreme are emotional basket cases Of course moderate Baptists are a different story They are reasonable in their faith They re also freely able to swear I guess that makes them okay folks.It s a shame the authors couldn t focus on the storyline.

    13. Excellent story Amazingly clever with very element well planned, researched and executed Terrifying, yet you can t put it down I love reading medical suspense novels and this one is a must read of you like the genre while Marr gets a little bogged down in details, the story is well paced and interesting The characters, while they have intricate background stories, are somewhat weak and hard to relate to However, I could easily see this as a movie or television series

    14. This is simply a wonderfully horrifying epidemiological thriller Despite being published in 1998 its warnings and thrills are just as relevant today I read this when it was first published and finished a re read last night All I can say is since 1998 I have been freaking out my eye doctors with a question inspired by this book.

    15. this book was very good and gave a lot of food for thought, however it was a little difficult to get through Alot of scientific terms and overall wordiness, plus the cadence of the book was definitely in a male perspective, which made it all the difficult for me to process a great read, though I recommend it

    16. This book needed some serious editing and I didn t love the writing There was WAY too much detail about the scientific stuff I truly hated the protagonist, but I didn t find him or all that he was able to accomplish on his own all that believable I probably would give it a lower rating if I didn t find the premise of the story somewhat fascinating

    17. This book was written three years prior to the September 11th attacks and it accurately predicts much of the biochemical terrorism that has occurred since that time as well as earlier evenhts It is scary, fascinating, and a well written novel.

    18. It was very interesting and yet a bit creepy All this seems so real and realistic, we don t know so many things about viruses, bacteria and toxic materialsAt times the information was too professional though and was hard to understand but there was a suspense till the end.

    19. Finished it pretty quickly Not the best book I ve ever read The character plot twists were fairly predictable The plague s were pretty clever and explained with pretty good detail Those, I didn t see coming But I can t say that I was amazed by this book.

    20. A cleverly crafted mystery about a terrorist who bases his attacks on the ten plagues of Egypt and plans to adds an eleventh Members of the excellent gloabl ListServ Promed helps solve the chilling story

    21. From Kirkus ReviewsEpidemiologist Marr and freelancer Baldwin Ice Pick, 1982 team up to write a gripping if styleless suspenser about a mad scientist bringing down upon mankind the ten Biblical plagues of Exodus, plus one for good measure.

    22. For the genre this was pretty good I enjoy reading about diseases and found the science fascinating The plot was a bit obvious and you never really find out why the main character was targeted but overall it was a fast paced thriller.

    23. This is a great book about the Chinese dropping a bomb on the U.S and inside of in is a dangerous string of the flu They call it the eleventh plagueI rate this 4 stars because at some points it will drop off and pick up a couple of days later I didn t like how it did that.

    24. Scary, but interesting premise that reminded me of the hot zone There are weird people out there who actually could act this way It belabored the points occasionally and could have been about 50 pages shorter, but it was a good book.

    25. It started off good but what a struggle to get through The storyline just dragged and dragged Every now and then, the author s would throuw you a juicy tidbit but then you were stuck with blah, blah, blah I don t recommend this book at all.

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