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Incognito #2020

Incognito Specialist Ayden Tanner leads a covert team to find the pope who is missing A frantic search begins in Italy and beyond its borders amid speculation that the Holy See may know than they are telling A

  • Title: Incognito
  • Author: Khaled Talib
  • ISBN: 9781629896960
  • Page: 322
  • Format: ebook
  • Incognito By Khaled Talib, Specialist Ayden Tanner leads a covert team to find the pope who is missing.A frantic search begins in Italy and beyond its borders amid speculation that the Holy See may know than they are telling A secret arrangement is made for Ayden to meet Rafael Rabolini, the Papacy s press secretary, in Geneva, who might be able to tell him But trouble unexpectedly startSpecialist Ayden Tanner leads a covert team to find the pope who is missing.A frantic search begins in Italy and beyond its borders amid speculation that the Holy See may know than they are telling A secret arrangement is made for Ayden to meet Rafael Rabolini, the Papacy s press secretary, in Geneva, who might be able to tell him But trouble unexpectedly starts from the moment Ayden arrives in the city that winter day

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    1 thought on “Incognito

    1. This was a fast paced and absorbing thriller throughout The ending was inspired and unexpected and the detailed descriptions of the many locations kept me immersed.Danger lurked behind every corner as Ayden, Guy and Isabelle from the secret group, Anonymous, tried to find the whereabouts of the kidnapped Pope as well as seeking the terrorists who had infiltrated the Vatican.Although I found some of the dialogue in the middle of the book a little stilted, I was still absorbed by the author s gift [...]

    2. Fantastic spy thriller Khaled Talib is set to take the literary world by storm with this, his latest spy thriller, Incognito.When Pope Gregoire XVII disappears, and no one claims to have any idea where he could be, speculation as to his whereabouts, safety, and fate escalate, and soon the frantic search to find him spreads from Italy to further afield.As the tension mounts, The League of Invisible Knights, send Ayden Tanner, an officially dead former member of the British SAS, and his team, to f [...]

    3. This is a very intriguing book, it is narrated in present time and in third person, the plot revolves around the kidnapping of the Pope, was a story loaded with intense suspense, with a strong social meaning and innumerable questionings that feed the mind in order to deepen thoughts and convictions towards topics that we do not consider on a daily basis Saying a lot of a book of suspense never helps, so I just invite you to read this book that will provide you with a guaranteed satisfaction Tota [...]

    4. Incognito was beyond my expectations when Talib first introduced me to his story I didn t get around to reading it as quickly as I had hoped but, when I started, every spare moment I had was spent between the covers of his book.It is a tale filled with intrigue and suspense and I must admit to wondering if, perhaps, a portion of it may involve non fictional elements I d highly recommend the title for readers who enjoy a good political thriller, readers who like to try solving puzzles in terms of [...]

    5. This is an unpredictable read Expect the unexpected Non stop action packed where there is no dull moments for the readers.

    6. One thrilling action packed page turner A fascinating dark novel that thrusts the reader head first into the most terrifying crisis ever to engulf the Vatican the kidnap of the Pope.Not only has the Holy Father been snatched from within papal grounds but his sinister captors are seeking use him as bait to orchestrate a third world war Incognito is a spectacular literary cocktail brimming with international intrigue, conspiracy and suspense Reminiscent of the James Bond books by Ian Fleming, Inco [...]

    7. I was hooked from the first couple of chapters.This book went by very quickly for me because the plot was intense and really fast paced.A good suspense novel that doesn t require much thought It was a compelling storyline that kept the book interesting until the end.

    8. First of all, that blurb completely drew me in I was pleasantly surprised by the way Khaled Talib was able to keep me on my toes I love reading thrillers and trying to figure out what could possibly come next.I ll have to admit, I was surprised in a couple of places throughout the novel A Great Thriller.

    9. I love a fast paced read and this does not disappoint Incognito is a thriller based on a political terrorist group kidnapping the Pope Most in the Vatican want him back, but of course as always in the long ages of the Vatican, the place is full of spies and those who want power at all costs Those that want him back call on a secret and specialist team to get him back, and the chase take us to many countries The adversary is rich and powerful and ruthless He is one step ahead of the team, leaving [...]

    10. This is the second book I read from this author, the first having been Smokescreen, and I must say, it didn t disappoint me at all I loved it Filled with action and great scenery descriptions, although nothing tiresome The plot was great and the characters, too The writing is quite simple, easy to read and making it a real page turner It reflects the reality of today s politics, religion and hatreds I really recommend it to everyone, lot s of thrilling moments I do want to read books by Khaled [...]

    11. An absolutely epic page turner Incognito certainly is one stunningly exciting, action packed novel Fascinating cover, suburb writing and a compelling storyline Amazingly suspenseful, witty and well informed writing.Very informative about ancient middle eastern history This book does contain some strong violence and a few examples of heavy profanity filled dialogue very course language that is gratuitous and seems totally out of place within the story Definitely the darkest intellectual thriller [...]

    12. Incognito by Khaled Talib is a European based, action packed political thriller Like most stories of this genre, the plot is fanciful in parts, but contains just enough credibility to keep the reader guessing.The novel begins when the pope is kidnapped by an anti Muslim organisation called The Sword In response an anonymous, apolitical, non religious group known as The League of Invisible Nights sends three agents to help the Vatican locate the pope The plot centres around their efforts to uncov [...]

    13. Reviewed for Readers Favorite 1.7.18Wow What a ride Incognito by Khaled Talib starts off with a passage describing where the kidnapped Pope is being held prisoner And then it takes off, following three individuals Ayden, Guy and Isabelle as they try to find the Pope The three are members of the League of Invisible Knights, a secret organization created to bring about the triumph of good over evil Pursuing clues, this team is subjected to various attempts to thwart their progress, including ambus [...]

    14. The League of Invisible Knights, a covert division of Anonymous, has dispatched Ayden Tanner and his crew of two, Isabelle and Guy, on a delicate mission with worldwide repercussions, if they should fail Pope Gregoire XVII has disappeared from the Vatican He was last seen waving to the crowd in Saint Peter s square As the news bursts upon the world, his Swiss Guards, the police and the Vatican s own Intelligence Service, The Entity are all at a loss as to how and where the Holy See has disappear [...]

    15. This is one of my favorite reads this year This mystery is full of suspense and intrigue and the good guys travel Europe trying to prevent a murder It is like watching a James Bond movie or a Dan Brown movie with Tom Hanks This is a fast paced thriller with a cast of characters who will try to find the pope There are so many unanswered questions and so little time to find the him The clues are few and time is precious Who would do such a thing and why Isn t the Vatican entry proof to would be ki [...]

    16. This novel really blew me away with the way the Author was able to bring to life two main characters and while they were so different in their motives and actions, we truly understood where each were coming from That is a huge testament to Khaled Talib s writing ability.This novel is full of suspense and each chapter I was wondering how it would all unfold and end Talib definitely managed to keep me on the edge and invested until the very end I really enjoyed the fact that he was able to surpris [...]

    17. Review from herePope Gregoire XVII has dissapeared No one seems to have any idea what has happened to the pope, and no one know where he is People are starting to speculate about his whereabouts, but it looks like he vanished from this world.Ayden Tanner, member of The League of Invisible Knights, is send with his team to retrieve the pope However, he and his team encounter a lot of problems Those who kidnapped the pope are trying to stop them from finding him Incognito is an extremely fast pace [...]

    18. A rollicking Bond like caper, with many international locations, and a complex plot involving evil organizations, state players, and deadly good guys I enjoyed the concise descriptions of the action, locations and people The dialog is snappy with dry Bond like humor There is lots of violence and some sexism and a superficial attitude to emotions, all similar to Bond The complex world we live in is represented in an anything but simplified manner, which sets the book apart from Bond This is one f [...]

    19. I think that the plot of this novel was great There were some great aspects to Khaled Talib s writing and imagination Plenty of Suspense and Mystery and it really kept me guessing the entire time.I m not sure if I just got an early copy, but the editing really needs to be looked at There are quite a few errors and I hate that when reading it, it takes away from the over all novel.

    20. After the Pope is kidnapped, a secret group sends in a team to try and recover him Constantly being attacked, with the opposition seeming to know there every move, the team struggles to find leads This is an okay book, the problem is for such a secret organisation why are the consistently found The ending was a little to easy, without much struggle, probably a 3 1 2 stars The main characters are good and they work well together and could develop, if further books are planned.

    21. 2.5 5.0 Incognito is a spy thriller full of harrowing moments and intrigue Read full review in the 2017 October issue of InD tale Magazine.

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