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The Nian Monster #2020

The Nian Monster Tong tong The legendary Nian monster has returned at Chinese New Year With horns scales and wide wicked jaws Nian is intent on devouring Shanghai starting with Xingling The old tricks to keep him

  • Title: The Nian Monster
  • Author: Andrea Wang Alina Chau
  • ISBN: 9780807556429
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Nian Monster By Andrea Wang Alina Chau, Tong tong The legendary Nian monster has returned at Chinese New Year With horns, scales, and wide, wicked jaws, Nian is intent on devouring Shanghai, starting with Xingling The old tricks to keep him away don t work on Nian any, but Xingling is clever Will her quick thinking be enough to save the city from the Nian Monster

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      130 Andrea Wang Alina Chau
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    1 thought on “The Nian Monster

    1. How I love Chinese New Year books The Nian Monster is one of the very best CNY picture books if not the best Yes, it is that good The illustrations fit the story just perfectly Simply magical A must have

    2. Excellently written Great story too that will intrigue kids and adults alike Andrea Wang is AWESOME

    3. I Chinese New Year Lunar New Year story Good length for storytime Cute story I wish there was a pronunciation key for a few of the words.

    4. I knew very little about Chinese New Year before this picture book In fact the little I knew was through a Hollywood lens, so it was refreshing to see it from an actual Chinese pov and understand the customs surrounding the celebration.Bonus points for the clever, fun and mischievous touches the author added to the story My daughter loves this book and we ve been reading it like every other night since we checked it out of the library I hope we can get our own copy eventually.

    5. Beautiful, bright, and colorful illustrations accompany this story The Asian exposure and influence to this story were welcome Always nice to get another countries folk tales The little girl was quite clever and fun in dealing with the problems It made you curious to find out what new trick the girl was gonna use next I also thought it cool that the monster was pretty instead of a dark, ugly thing.Teacher s may hesitate at assigning it due to the Chinese names scattered throughout However the pl [...]

    6. I love the illustrations in this book They are whimsical and colorful, drawing the reader into the story and showcasing the joyous nature of the clever little girl.

    7. I read The Nian Monster by Andrea Chang to celebrate Multicultural Children s Book Day I really loved this story In Shanghai, three days before the New Year, Xingling learns about the Nian monster that would attack villages on New Year s Day thousands of years ago When the villagers learned of his three weaknesses the color red, fire, and loud noises, they become the traditions that are used to keep the Nian monster away Unfortunately, Nian is no longer afraid of any of those things and has come [...]

    8. Xingling and her family are ready to celebrate the Lunar New Year Even though the red lanterns and loud sounds are supposed to keep him away, the Nian Monster has returned Can Xingling stop him before he devours all of Shanghai This is a great read aloud book to teach children a little about the Lunar New Year Xingling is quick thinking and spirited, and definitely in charge The Nian Monster, even though he is described as something very scary, is pretty easy to look at, and dare I say, cute, th [...]

    9. Anyone looking for multicultural books to add to their collections this is one your children, students, or patrons will enjoy In a display of cleverness reminiscent of the Three Billy Goats Gruff, the little heroine of the story, Xingling, outwits the Nian Monster and avoids being eaten up When the monster appears during the preparations for Chinese New Year, Xingling comes up with one trick after another to prevent him from turning her into a tasty appetizer And while we watch and read about ea [...]

    10. Tong tong The legendary Nian monster has returned at Chinese New Year With horns, scales, and wide, wicked jaws, Nian is intent on devouring Shanghai, starting with Xingling The old tricks to keep him away don t work on Nian any, but Xingling is clever Will her quick thinking be enough to save the city from the Nian Monster Subject Chinese New Year Juvenile fiction.Monsters Juvenile fiction.Geographic Term Shanghai China Juvenile fiction.NotesAs a child, Andrea Wang made dumplings and took baths [...]

    11. 2017 2018 APALA Honor Book for Picture BooksThemes Shanghai, China Chinese New Year Nian Monster Clever little girl Team effort Team work Food Fireworks Out with the old and in with the new MonsterThis is too long for storytime Every monster has a weakness Xingling is ready to celebrate the new year She and Po Po have decorated their family s apartment with traditional red lanterns and have started the lion s head casserole Suddenly a horrible beast shows up at the door Xingling has heard of the [...]

    12. This story is so fun that I was eager to read it in storytime Xingling is a brave and clever girl, and the way the Nian Monster is drawn makes him look big and grumpy without being scary Really, I found all of the illustrations in this book to be especially lovely, and I definitely recommend this book as a Chinese New Year storytime pick, especially if you re going to be reading to a preschool elementary crew However, this morning s crew skewed towards toddler age, making this book a little too [...]

    13. Open this book and find yourself transported to Shanghai just in time for the arrival of Tong tong the Nian Monster, who is ready to eat the entire city The richly colored and stunning illustrations are the perfect pedestal for our brave heroine who saves herself, family, and the city with confident and delicious problem solving This gift of a book not only celebrates the culture and traditions of Chinese New Year, but also the capable courage of girls everywhere.

    14. This is such a gorgeous book Xingling is so clever I was cracking up at each new plan she created to outsmart the Nian Monster The illustrations are stunning This also taught me a lot about the Chinese New Year Must read

    15. This is a great new book to share for Lunar New Year I especially appreciate the current references to Shanghai and it s well known landmarks, such as the Bund and Pearl Tower My readers loved the this book.

    16. A deep love for this monster and the little girl who faces off against it in a charming and creative way

    17. Clever story and very engaging pictures for young readers Love the tidbits of info regarding Chinese New Year Downloaded the author s book kit for activities in the library.

    18. The watercolor illustrations in this book are absolutely gorgeous And the retelling of an ancient legend is lyrical, adding to the delight to the ear The Author s Note adds to the text.

    19. I am completely in love with this book The illustrations are gorgeous watercolor, the story is witty, incorporates Chinese food, traditions, and the folklore of the Nian monster This is a great way to teach young ones about Chinese culture while keeping them entertained at the same time

    20. This is a great picture book to share during Chinese New Year Xingling is helping her grandmother get ready for the holiday While they re preparing some of the traditional foods, her grandmother explains how the color red, loud noises and fireworks help to scare away the Nian Monster, who visits every year at this time When the Nian Monster shows up at the door to eat Xingling and the entire village, the young girl uses her wits to outsmart the monster The illustrations are awesome and I believe [...]

    21. I loved the story, the wit, the art everything Such a fun book that tells the story of Chinese New Year

    22. Among the marvelous things about this book Alina Chau s illustrations The great interaction between Chau s illustrations and Wang s text We know this is a contemporary story from those illutrations.Xingling enlists the help of adults with each of her schemes to control and overcome the Nian Monster But she is in control The grown ups merely carry out her plans A lot of what they do is carried in those illustrations I ve been talking about This is an adventure story, not an instructive one Yet it [...]

    23. Xingling is preparing to celebrate the New Year in Shanghai with her family, but the Nian Monster has other ideas He threatens to eat Xingling and destroy her beloved city Clever Xingling comes up with ways to thwart and trick the monster, first by offering him noodles for long life and then fish for good fortune Bit by bit, Xingling stalls the Nian Monster, but will she be able to defeat him for good This fun and adventurous story is also full of great information about customs and traditions o [...]

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