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Backstage Pass #2020

Backstage Pass Gaby Triana s first novel about Desert McGraw a famous rock star s daughter who wants nothing than to lead a perfectly annonymous life In this hip debut novel rising star Gaby Triana uses her immens

  • Title: Backstage Pass
  • Author: Gaby Triana
  • ISBN: 9780060560195
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Paperback
  • Backstage Pass By Gaby Triana, Gaby Triana s first novel about Desert McGraw, a famous rock star s daughter who wants nothing than to lead a perfectly annonymous life.In this hip debut novel, rising star Gaby Triana uses her immensely accessible voice and humor to paint a mesmerizing picture of a life not quite in the spotlight but not quite out of it, either As the daughter of a famous rock star,Gaby Triana s first novel about Desert McGraw, a famous rock star s daughter who wants nothing than to lead a perfectly annonymous life.In this hip debut novel, rising star Gaby Triana uses her immensely accessible voice and humor to paint a mesmerizing picture of a life not quite in the spotlight but not quite out of it, either As the daughter of a famous rock star, Desert McGraw has led a glamorous existence But now that she s sixteen and living in yet another new town, she just wants to call one place home In fact, Desert will do nearly anything to lead a normal life even if it means breaking up the band.
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    • [MOBI] è Unlimited õ Backstage Pass : by Gaby Triana Î
      Gaby Triana

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    1. Desert McGraw is the daughter of a rock star, and that makes life difficult for her, since friends always want to meet her dad and score back stage passes to his concerts So when the band decides to relocate to Florida and Desert starts at a new school, she is desperate to keep her dad s identity a secret in order to forge some semblance of a normal life Things start off okay Desert makes friends with Becca pretty quickly and Liam Blanco seems to be returning her interest, but pretty soon, the w [...]

    2. I remember reading this book in high school I enjoyed reading it I personally thought it had a good plot and I liked the characters I might reread the book someday

    3. A Pop star teen girl, seeking out normal life, but that might be impossible for her As she stepped into her new school, with her unfathomable name, Desert McGraw, has caught Liam s, a cute guy, attention They came intimate afterwards While reading this book, you can feel hot and cold, all over You ll cry when Becca wanted to suicide, when Becca was dumped, and when Flesh cheated on his wife You ll also cry when Marie lied to Desert, and cheated on her best friend with Flesh Even though there are [...]

    4. Backstage Pass is a book like no other Most books, when you put fame and fortune in it, is always about the said famous person No one says anything about the regular people around them Until now Desert is the daughter of rock god Flesh , front man of epic band Crossfire This is her story of growing up all over the place How her fathers fame affects her, and how much she doesn t want it People are jealous of her, but the never know how hard it really is In Backstage Pass, Gaby Triana gives us an [...]

    5. Meh Things I disliked 1 Liam and Desert s relationship it moved too fast2 How cheesy it was there was a lot of unnecessary crying3 The drama which I guess is kind of the same as cheesiness but oh well one minute, desert would be laughing and talking with liam or becca and all the sudden Crying and yelling Seriously people.4 The writing some of it was humorous, which I liked, but the rest was bland 5 How things changed it was all cheerful and fluffy and then halfway through the author was like, l [...]

    6. I like to incorporate a couple of quick reads after finishing a sad or depressing book even if it is really good or after reading a long book with many details Or just dealing with a lot of personal baggage This was the perfect time for me to read this book This YA book was a great quick read and includes my favorite subjects, music, musicians, and friendship Desert McGraw had basically been on the road traveling with her dad s band since she was a baby, and now the family has actually bought a [...]

    7. Backstage Pass was a good story overall When Desert starts a new school she struggles with being the daughter of a major rock star She just wants to be anonymous as long as she can and have a normal life with real friends Desert connects with Becca and Liam Becca is struggling with her own life issues and Liam wants to get close with Desert as he struggles to keep his stepmom, a tabloid reporter, from invading her privacy Desert grew up on the road and wanted to embrace a normal life and she got [...]

    8. Desert McGraw is the daughter of a rock star Her father, aka Flesh, is in Miami creating new songs and she just wants to fit in as a normal student in a regular high school She keeps her identity a secret hoping that no one recognizes her name from the dedication on album covers or her image from tabloid news stories It s hard keeping a secret, plus there s plenty of family, band, and friend drama A new friend helps Desert realize what s important and that everything s not as bad as she thinks T [...]

    9. The first bit of the book was amateurish Desert came across as a brat a spoilt, selfish brat It had no depth I thought, just some teen fluff Let me just finish it A new book will be added to my read shelf The rating then was around two stars.But, towards the end, it had some turmoil and some angst She wasn t just going on and on about how her life sucks when actually it didn t The plot evolved and the depth increased The story was no longer a teenage fluff this teenager had problems Real ones Re [...]

    10. 1.5 Stars Boring, weird, and a waste of valuable resources that could be otherwise used for worthwhile books The.5 is only because I own this book That alone should signify my feelings about it.

    11. I thought I had read this book before Turns out I enjoyed it again Every child has a way of venting their life whether they dislike friends, school, siblings, parents etc For me its my blog But I totally recommend this book to any teenager looking for a fun good book

    12. I really thought Backstage Pass would be goofy, but it was so down to earth and a really good read.If you know someone who struggles with depression, especially one who makes suicidal comments, care enough to listen and encourage that person to stay alive.

    13. While I cracked a few smiles every now and then, I m not exactly crazy over this one It was set up nicely and had the premise for so many other enjoyable directions, but unfortunately, it didn t go anywhere in my eyes If somebody asked me to summarize in my own words what this story was about, I wouldn t be able to answer them It starts off strong, but the main idea of the story is constantly interrupted with major, unnecessary plot twists.When you read the summary above, you think of a cute, li [...]

    14. This book is OK but.mehow it did not really catch my thought The story is fine, it is written well I borrowed this book because the story seems interesting The life of a child of a rock star When I started reading it, I quite like Desert She is confident and so self assured She doesn t care for other s opinion But somehow through out the book I began to hate her Why is she become whiny And so obnoxious and arrogant also I agree with what her friend said when she this friend at last explode I als [...]

    15. This book is about a girl name Desert McGraw She s got a fantastic new house and she is the lead singer s daughter of the Crossfire band her father Flesh Now she is at Miami because of her father s job.And she is getting the eye from a hottie in her English class.Like all teenagers they would want to be famous and rich, but for Desert it is different She wish she had a normal life like everyone else She dislike moving around so much and having to get use to the new places and have to hide her id [...]

    16. One minor character is Becca This character is Desert s best friend The reason purpose for her in this story is to be there for Desert when she needs her She helps desert when she is feeling lonely, and Desert is there for Becca when she needs it She is a good influence on Desert and everyone else because, even though she is poor she is still happy She doesn t need riches to buy her happiness She is loyal to Desert because she is always looking out for her, and not telling her biggest secret to [...]

    17. I haven t read every book in the universe, but I m pretty Desert McGraw is the most overprivileged, self centered, obnoxious and annoying main character that ever existed, a fact that s made all the worse by the 1st person narrative that doesn t let the reader escape her bitchy whining for a second.I swear I only finished this because I m a procrastinating, and b a masochist Maybe I should go for Twilight next

    18. Desert McGraw longs for a normal existance She is the daughter of Flesh, the lead singer for the band Crossfire Her mother is the band s manager Desert was raised on the road in tour buses and hotel rooms Now her dad is recording a new album and Desert is starting a new school where no one knows who she is Now if she can just keep her secret, she might have a chance at a best friend and a boyfriend.

    19. I liked the idea that fame isn t very fun, but besides that, it was meh I sorta thought that Becca s grandma would die and she would get adopted by Desert s family I remember checking this book out a few years ago and not reading it I really felt it had a Hannah Montana vibe to it back then The last page was a huge eye roll.

    20. I liked the beginning but then when Gaby twisted the story and had all those conflicts come up I didn t like it I especially didn t like that Desert had a hispanic boyfriend.

    21. I don t really remember anything about this book, but it was fun while I was reading it Total popcorn fluff.

    22. I was just thinking about this book the other day and wanting to re read it but I couldn t remember the name I really liked this book when I read it in middle school Let s see if I still do.

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