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Empire Games #2020

Empire Games The year is It s seventeen years since the Revolution overthrew the last king of the New British Empire and the newly reconstituted North American Commonwealth is developing rapidly on course t

  • Title: Empire Games
  • Author: Charles Stross
  • ISBN: 9780765337566
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Empire Games By Charles Stross, The year is 2020 It s seventeen years since the Revolution overthrew the last king of the New British Empire, and the newly reconstituted North American Commonwealth is developing rapidly, on course to defeat the French and bring democracy to a troubled world But Miriam Burgeson, commissioner in charge of the shadowy Ministry of Intertemporal Research and Intelligence thThe year is 2020 It s seventeen years since the Revolution overthrew the last king of the New British Empire, and the newly reconstituted North American Commonwealth is developing rapidly, on course to defeat the French and bring democracy to a troubled world But Miriam Burgeson, commissioner in charge of the shadowy Ministry of Intertemporal Research and Intelligence the paratime espionage agency tasked with catalyzing the Commonwealth s great leap forward has a problem For years, she s warned everyone The Americans are coming Now their drones arrive in the middle of a succession crisis the leader of the American Commonwealth is dying and the vultures are circling In another timeline, the U.S has recruited Rita, Miriam s estranged daughter, to spy across timelines and bring down any remaining world walkers who might threaten national security But her handlers are keeping information from her.Two nuclear superpowers are set on a collision course Two increasingly desperate paratime espionage agencies are fumbling around in the dark, trying to find a solution to the first contact problem that doesn t result in a nuclear holocaust And two women a mother and her long lost, adopted daughter are about to find themselves on opposite sides of the confrontation.

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    1 thought on “Empire Games

    1. I put off reading this Stross novel for the weirdest of reasons I assumed, based on the blurb, if not the series caption, that it was part of the Merchant Princes books.I was right And I was wrong.Much time has passed since the events of those Merchant Princes novels We get to return to Miriam and her beau and her missing child, but best of all, the Merchant Princes are DONE Revolution and a new government have taken over this alternate timeline, but as with all these Princes, there s a bit of t [...]

    2. I m grateful to the publisher for an advance copy via NetGalley One of my most anticipated books for 2017, Empire Games picks up the story of the world walking Clan seventeen years on.In Stross s multi timeline Merchant Princes sequence originally published as 6 books, collected as The Bloodline Feud, The Traders War and The Revolution Trade we saw the collision between the Clan and modern US society It s 2020 in the four alternate timelines we saw in the earlier books Not much is happening in T [...]

    3. Seventeen years ago the Monarch of the New British Empire was overthrown Since then power has steadily transferred to the North American Commonwealth They are on course to defeat the French and return democracy once again However, the commissioner of the shadowy Ministry of Intertemporal Research and Intelligence tasked with monitoring the movement of people through the paratime links between the parallel worlds has been warning that the Americans are coming No one believed Miriam Burgeson but a [...]

    4. I usually love Stross work, but this started out with the kind of background material you see in the 5th book of a series four different timeline, with people able to move between them and all the divergent events, then character profiles of people I didn t particularly care about By the time I got to the actual story which should have contained this material rather than expect me to study up and then read it , it was both too complicated and too flat.

    5. Ive never read a Stross novel before but I think it may have helped with this series The Merchant series supposedly links with this within the same world However I was told this was easily readable by itself I didnt find this thr case The first 100 pages were personally a chore I honestly didnt find any characters interesting and the political schemes issues themes just were too complex and not inviting with regards to the plot Im willing to give him another shot but maybe I ll start at a differ [...]

    6. Apologies to the few people who follow my blog via its syndication, as you will see this review twice This will contain spoilers, not for this book, but for the Merchant Princes series.Charles Stross is one of those authors whose work I find very variable Some for example Glasshouse is among the best SF written in the last few decades, some the Laundry Files series is imaginative but lightweight fun pulp adventure, and some notably Singularity Sky I find almost impossible to get into I read pret [...]

    7. This is a hard one to rate because it s both the start of a new trilogy and the continuation of a previous series This book has sci fi and Cold War elements I guess it would make some sense without reading the previous Family Trade books but you would be better starting with those first.

    8. I d actually fallen away from Charles Stross Merchant Princes series some volumes ago, but this fresh start which isn t a reboot, just a sharp change in direction gave me a good reason to venture back in This turned out to be a good decision I kinda devoured this book Towards the end, especially about which later , I had a hard time putting it down even to finish mundane tasks like brushing my teeth.And don t worry the brief character sketches and synopsis of the major timelines included at the [...]

    9. This was a mostly good read, though I found it difficult to keep track of characters and side plots even with the character list and the summaries of time lines at the beginning Rita is a great character and I thoroughly enjoyed following her story all the other plots were very meh for me I m not a fan of government spy thrillers, though, so there you go I haven t read the preceding trilogy set in the same worlds, so perhaps this lack of backstory contributed to my occasional confusion Empire Ga [...]

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    11. I picked this up because I was in the mood for some science fiction, and because, while I had enjoyed the one other Stross novel I had read, I wanted to see of his range My other Stross novel was the first Laundry Files book, which I would consider urban fantasy with horror elements, so I thought his take on science fiction might be interesting Unfortunately, I wasn t overly impressed, and I think part of that is a gap between my expectations and reality I was expecting big concept science fict [...]

    12. While technically a new series in the Merchant Princes series, this book manages to touch upon a lot of the loose threads from the previous series, and puts them to good use That being said, this book stands alone pretty well, borrowing the Laundry Files propensity for spooks and bureaucracy and putting it to different use Miriam s daughter is the first option for the US to infiltrate another time line that seems dangerous The book focuses mainly on Rita s training, embellishing it with glimpses [...]

    13. Primera entrega de una nueva serie de Stross y mi primera experiencia con el autor El worldbuilding me ha volado la tapa de los sesos Un tanto introductoria y un leve exceso de infodumps pero estoy enganchado.Tras charlar con odo, coincido en que da la impresi n de que es la secuela de la saga The Merchant Princes.

    14. Interesting premise of parallel timelines I guess this is a new continuation of an older series by Stross in the same general multiverse and some carryover characters Not sure the old series would be totally to my liking, as it s apparently focused on medieval aristocratic society, where this one is focused on the growing pains of a new democracy Plus, there s lots of really excellent, deeply thought out alternate world building, plus an oblique reference to the other famous alternate history bo [...]

    15. I listened to the first twenty minutes of the audiobook, and I m pretty sure that this will be easier for me to follow while reading in print I may also want to read The Merchant Princes series first as this expands upon that series Otherwise, I think that this could be great.

    16. Some cool bits, but the weird pacing through me off multiple times.Not interesting enough for me to want to pursue the rest of the series.

    17. Great continuation of the Merchant Princes universeAfter plowing through the Merchant Princes series last year, I was worried that this fictional universe was played out, or just plain broken, overtaken by reality I was wrong Stross has rescued it from irrelevance with the neat trick of making our timeline just one of the many divergent alternate universes, which has the effect of breathing new life into this series and opening up an infinitude of possibilities Most important, it s just a calm e [...]

    18. This new addition to the Merchant Prince series is very welcome It combines the satirical edge of the Laundry series with a less steam punky story line than the earlier books in the series I look forward to reading the rest of the trilogy,

    19. As a big fan of the Merchant Princes series, I was really looking forward to this first book in a new trilogy that continues the story, in a near future alternate history I wasn t disappointed I loved learning about how Miriam Beckstein and the other world walkers have been faring since the grand finale of the previous book, and the newly introduced main character, Rita, as well as her East German grandpa are really likeable characters I don t know if I would have been able to enjoy this book w [...]

    20. I m debating between 1 and 2 stars on this oneh, it s a tough call On the one hand, Kate Reading was the narrator On the other, ugh, the story Ok, well the plot was actually fine Alternate universes where, strangely, there are no alternate universe versions of any of the main characters , and, uh, that was actually the only cool thing about the plot The rest was very political and very boring Too many characters Do I care about some random king trying to get his throne back Do I care about Rita [...]

    21. Good continuation of the Merchant Princes series that I read and loved a few years back Though if you haven t read the Merchant Princes series, don t let that stop you from reading Empire Games the author gives the backstory that clues in a new reader without resorting to infodumps Well written and suspenseful I enjoyed catching up with Miriam and meeting the new characters in the new installment This is the first book in a new series, so there are some loose ends left to be tied up in the next [...]

    22. Takes a long time to get the 3 separate timelines straight but it eventually turns into a pretty standard spy thriller Except for the part where she can transport between alternate worlds that isVery clearly is a setup for a trilogy In fact the book is 90% setup.

    23. I think I envy people who can read science fiction Not that I read much science fiction, so how would I really know, but I sense you need a mindset and approach to reading quite different to mine to really appreciate something like Empire Games This is the first work by Charles Stross I have read, so I m not familiar with the earlier series he apparently set in the same multiverse Actually, it was a recommendation for his recently released novel that took me back to read this one, to get into th [...]

    24. I ve had mixed experiences about Charles Stross s work I thought Glasshouse was brilliant but The Atrocity Archives was a slog This one was an interesting concept, but the premise was maybe a bit too complex for me as sci fi goes.Instead of just the universe we live in, there are a bunch of sort of parallel universes called timelines that have diverged quantum ly I think from others at a certain point Some are very similar to ours, some are super different, and some are completely uninhabited So [...]

    25. 3.5 stars Charles Stross latest installment in his multiverse series kicks of than a decade after the events of the concluding volume of the Family Trade series A strong beginning introduces us to Rita Douglas, surrendered daughter of Miriam Beckstein, the heroine of the earlier series Rita is a struggling actor, in the paranoid and repressive USA of her timeline She is being watched closely by the security services, who plan to coopt her into service, trading on her resentment of her abandonme [...]

    26. After the disastrous previous novel in this setting, I had low expectations for this book, but Stross managed to turn it around, by setting it 17 years later i.e in 2020 and focusing on two threads advancing a civilization in an alternate timeline, and in our timeline, the US government recruiting an agent to infiltrate and investigate that other timeline.The reboot helped enormously the Clan, a mafia esque family who used their worldwalking skills as drug smugglers in previous books, are now re [...]

    27. A semi sequel to the previous Merchant Princes series if you haven t read it, pick up the revised trilogy version not the older 6 book series That previous series never quite worked 100% for me, as it suffered from how Stross tried to set the story up IMO, but now with a fresh start and time to recast his ideas, Stross has hit this new one out of the park The background is that there are multiple timelines earths some inhabited, some not and a small set of people can move between them Originally [...]

    28. Imagine your shock when you discover that as we ve always suspected, there are multiple universes existing simultaneously in multiple time lines right next door Along with our current Earth Prime, there are many Earths at different points in their technological development These societies may have started out at the same point in the dim past, but they have their own history and evolution One of them may still be stuck in the Middle Ages One may be be a hundred years behind us, but their path to [...]

    29. I received my copy of Empire Games free as part of the First Reads program The first book in a trilogy, Empire Games follows several characters in 4 divergent timelines in the year 2020 The main character, Rita Douglas, a twentysomething actress working the convention circuit, is recruited by a CIA like agency that investigates terror threats to the US in the divergent timelines from this agency, Rita learns that her birth mother is a World Walker, someone able to travel instantaneously between [...]

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