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A Girl Called Owl #2020

A Girl Called Owl It s bad enough having a mum dippy enough to name you Owl but when you ve got a dad you ve never met a best friend who needs you than ever and a new boy at school giving you weird looks there s no

  • Title: A Girl Called Owl
  • Author: AmyWilson
  • ISBN: 9781509832460
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Girl Called Owl By AmyWilson, It s bad enough having a mum dippy enough to name you Owl, but when you ve got a dad you ve never met, a best friend who needs you than ever, and a new boy at school giving you weird looks, there s not a lot of room for much else So when Owl starts seeing strange frost patterns on her skin, she s tempted to just burrow down under the duvet and forget all about it CoIt s bad enough having a mum dippy enough to name you Owl, but when you ve got a dad you ve never met, a best friend who needs you than ever, and a new boy at school giving you weird looks, there s not a lot of room for much else So when Owl starts seeing strange frost patterns on her skin, she s tempted to just burrow down under the duvet and forget all about it Could her strange new powers be linked to her mysterious father And what will happen when she enters the magical world of winter for the first time

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    1. Technically a middlegrade, but with definite crossover appeal, A Girl Called Owl is the story of a girl who really wants to know who her father is, and when she finally finds him he s not at all what she expected or wanted.This whimsical, magical story is very almost fairytale, but not quite It somehow has a grounded, real world feeling to it, despite the mythical characters that feature in the adventure This is probably down to the very real family problems of Owl and her best friend I really e [...]

    2. I absolutely adored this book It was everything I wanted from a story magical, mythical, fantastical but based in reality I really loved the elements of bringing in natural characters and human characters This book is one I will definitely read over and over at winter time.

    3. A Girl Called Owl is an enchanting and whimsical middle grade story about a young girl searching for the father she has never met but longs to know There is something so magical about this book, an atmospheric, dreamlike quality to the prose that conjures up the ambiance of a folkloric fantasy right at home in the modern world It is richly imagined and beautifully written, a fairy tale winter wonderland filled with stunningly evocative imagery, detailed descriptions and vivid symbolism that tran [...]

    4. A Girl Called Owl was a cute story that did not have a whole lot of depth Thematically, it seemed like it would be of a young adult novel, but in reality, felt much like a middle grade novel This was mostly due to the way the book was written as well as the characters and story itself.The writing was quite simplistic, which in itself isn t necessarily a bad thing It actually suited the style in which the story was told, with a linear plot and younger characters It did feel like the book was a [...]

    5. I actually happen to know the author of this book and have seen the long journey she went through to get her first book published And I m so pleased for her that it s happened Call me biased but I loved this book Amy has a beautiful writing style and this book is full of stunning images and vivid descriptions There are some well known characters from folk tales as well as some new creations They all live in the Fae court which was one of my favourite parts But as magical as this story is, it s a [...]

    6. Thank you NetGalley and A.J.Wills for an advanced copy of this book for a fair and honest review This book has bags of potential I liked the characters in this book and it was nice to have some light relief from everything that is happening in the world at the moment Imagine if your parents called you Owl Imagine after that your favourite animal is an Owl, and you love the winter and feel draw to it like a magnet Owl mum is a artist woman who is always away with the fairies and lives in a differ [...]

    7. Pan Macmillan were so generous in allowing me a copy of this book to read, and after reading and adoring Heartless I wanted to read another of theirs that was a little themed around Winter This is of course Amy Wilson s debut, and a middle grade book that is aimed at an audience younger than myself Still, I was intrigued by the inclusion of the famous figure Jack Frost and some other folklore characters, not to mention the magical synopsis and pretty cover It seemed like the perfect choice And [...]

    8. A Girl Called Owl by Amy Wilson follows titular character Owl as she begins to discover strange new powers, leading her to uncover the truth about her mysterious father I recieved a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Beneath the frost, this story is so full of warmth the characters are full of life and their interactions throughout were a joy to read Seeing Owl become closer with both a new friend and an old one alongside watching her relationship with her father bu [...]

    9. I am rather fond of coming of age stories, and Amy Wilson s A Girl Called Owl appealed to me when I was scouring Netgalley s recent releases It started off really well, and caught my interest I was unsure as to whether the fantasy element would put me off, as it s not a genre I tend to read Whilst this fantastical side of the story was quite a simple idea, Wilson handled it well, and it helped to move the plot along nicely.Some of Wilson s prose was lovely, but a lot of the dialogue between the [...]

    10. Originally posted on Once Upon a Bookcase.A Girl Called Owl by Amy Wilson seemed like a perfect Wintery, Christmassy read for this time of year the story of Jack Frost s daughter Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed.A Girl Called Owl is upper middle grade, so where I thought it would feel like a children s book, full of that wonderful magical, enchanting feeling you get with reading some children s books like A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig , it was missing from this one And though it s [...]

    11. This book is better suited for young teenagers True However, for a light quick reading, I believe it s suited for anybody who loves fantasy The plot wasn t distinct, but then it wasn t uninteresting either The characters are simple, and behave like normal people The best thing is, it s like the story is grounded in reality Although Owl s age isn t mentioned, I have a feeling that she is either in 7th or 8th grade, and she behaves accordingly I actually like the cover It s simple, yet beautiful I [...]

    12. The combination of mythology, magic and a haunting landscape make this a memorable debut that is sure to entrance its readers Review at readplus blog_detai

    13. 3 stars.I liked the beginning of the book I really did and I thought that I was going to end with such a whimsical and magical and warm feeling I didn t The main character, Owl, didn t feel real to me and in about one thirds in the book she was starting to get infuriating, frustrating, and absolutely stupid The plot was simple and the writing was good The only characters I did like were Mallory, Alberic, Isolde, and for some reason Jack I got disappointed not even halfway through the book but I [...]

    14. Thirteen year old Owl has an artistic mother, that s why she has a strange first name Her mother often tells her stories about frosted faraway places filled with magic, but she doesn t tell Owl what she wants to know the most, who her father is Owl can talk about her problems with her best friend, but she keeps feeling alone Drawing owls help her to feel a bit of comfort, but she misses having a father.When frost starts to appear on Owl s skin Owl doesn t know what s happening to her As the issu [...]

    15. This was a charming read that captivated both my heart and imagination A story of magic, myth and self discovery, this was a truly delightful book I can t wait to read from this author and I would love to see Owl s story continue.Owl has always been told she is special, but only when she starts creating icicles and freezing her science homework does she begin to understand just how special she is She s never known her dad, and now evidence points Owl toward a man of myth and legend But could su [...]

    16. This is the first of three novels written for children that I will be reading over the next couple of weeks ahead of attending an interview and reading by the three of them at the Bath Festival of Children s Literature Though the protagonist is thirteen A Girl Called Owl is most suitable for readers a few years younger being fairly simplistic in style with no overly complex plots or challenging characterisation At heart, if one strips away all the magical elements this is the story of a young gi [...]

    17. An average book Actually, 2.5 stars.Wellme parts were difficult to understand And you know there are pages decorated with winter snowflakes or autumn leaves And one thing s for sure I don t understand at all So it s the same as skipping maybe10 20 pages of this book The good reviews I ve seen aren t thatI mean, you know real in that sense Obviously different readers have their own opinions, I know that perfectly well But since this is my personal review, I have to write precisely what I think an [...]

    18. Owls are my favorite predator type of birds and that was what basically attracted me to the book.This book is fit for young teenagers who still have their imaginations at the blossoming level However, for a light quick reading, I believe it s suited for anybody who loves fantasy its not a story about a girl who falls in love with a boy , nevertheless its a story about family and friendship, a story about love in the most magical mystical and fairy tale like way , yet a different kind of love A g [...]

    19. When I saw this title at the library, I just grabbed it without looking at it A girl called owl could be as cute as the illustrated mom , right But no.The idea for the story is alright for a middlegrade fantasy novel, but it s executed so badly Like it s actually goddamn awful Sorry Amy, I know you re on , but this isn t a biased review.Owl lives with just the sort of mum you d expect to call her daughter Owl She s artsy, and hardly ever serious That s why Owl, at the age of 13, still doesn t kn [...]

    20. Whimsical and enchanting If you liked frozen then this is very frozen esque, especially when you consider the rumors that Elsa is related in some way to Jack Frost A lovely story about a girl who finds out her true ancestors when she becomes covered in frost and ice A wonderfully written story with imaginative ideas putting a new spin on the seasons and the old names for them Reminded me a lot of the tinker bell movies with the control of the seasons and Percy Jackson with half humans, half supe [...]

    21. what a beautiful story i am a sucker for books that mingle with, but refigure, the old tales we knew as children i wonder how much of that will be lost as today s children get lost in oodles of screen time and never get outside and play together anyway my one fault with this book not enough descriptions of the fay, the other world she obviously has the writing skills to do so, as she would go on a bit, then stop and get back to actions and verbs and stuff i liked the family turmoil, the friendsh [...]

    22. This book has me torn I really liked the beginning I was immediately caught up in Owl s story, with her fixation about knowing who her father was, with her concern over the changes in her life, but then it lost me It felt like the depth of the story particularly the characters dropped away, right as the pace of the plot picked up Just like Owl is a rather odd girl, this was a rather odd book I probably won t be actively recommending it, but I ll keep it in mind as something that wasn t bad, and [...]

    23. A slow start with less engaging chapters, yet it slowly started to engage me and the book leaving me on cliff hangers every now and again the book took a real turn when Alberic came along, teaching Owl that she is than what she thinks, but what she didn t know was that he was spying on her.I really enjoyed this book although at the end then the start I would recommend this book to ages 11 and above because of the slow start I have decided to give this book 3 stars

    24. What an enchanting tale of humanity Despite the frosty nature of this story, I found Owl endearing most because she s like most other teenagers her age, a little awkward, a little lost and a lot headstrong.Took me a while to get into this story but once I did I loved it I loved the fact that it s not about love, at least not mainly I love that s about a daughter trying to find her father, even if he is a myth To perfectly little book to make me feel all festive

    25. Owl has always wondered who her father is, but when she notices little ice patterns forming on her skin, everything in her life if turned upside down With the shocking revelation of who her father really is, how will she cope with all the pressure put on her And what will happen to her best friend, now that she s also got problems of her own to deal with Are her little ice patterns something to do with her anonymous father

    26. Wintry magic, beautifully imagined This was an enchanting tale, that blended the real world with the fairy realm rather well The writing was punchy and fun, and the character Owl was quite likeable, though there are times when she d a bit of an eye rolling sort of teen, however still rather endearing.

    27. Not my usual readFor my uni course I have to read some books aimed at ks1 and ks2 this is one of the books I chose for ks2 and did enjoy it however as a book to read for pleasure as an 18 year old of would not be a choice of mine For that reason I would recommend the book to younger readers 8 14 sort of age depending on reading ability

    28. I really liked how this book is mainly set in a world like ours but there is an unknown magical twist.I would recommend this to readers aged 8 to 13.This is the only book I have read by Amy Wilson and I was certainly impressed.There were a couple of things which I thought could be better but overall I enjoyed the story.

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