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A Strange Disappearance #2020

A Strange Disappearance Anna Green was an early th century novelist She was one of the first authors to write detective stories in America Her stories are known for their well thought out plots and their legal accuracy Alt

  • Title: A Strange Disappearance
  • Author: Anna Katharine Green
  • ISBN: 9781604246797
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Strange Disappearance By Anna Katharine Green, Anna Green was an early 20th century novelist She was one of the first authors to write detective stories in America Her stories are known for their well thought out plots and their legal accuracy Although Green wrote in a genre previously dominated by men she did n think much of feminists and opposed women s suffrage Her second novel A Strange Disappearance was publisAnna Green was an early 20th century novelist She was one of the first authors to write detective stories in America Her stories are known for their well thought out plots and their legal accuracy Although Green wrote in a genre previously dominated by men she did n think much of feminists and opposed women s suffrage Her second novel A Strange Disappearance was published in 1880 Other books by Ana Green include The House of the Whispering Pines, Miss Hurd, An Enigma, Leavenworth Case, That Affair Next Door, and Sword of Damocles

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      365 Anna Katharine Green
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    1 thought on “A Strange Disappearance

    1. I m not certain I can give a good reason why I like Anna Katherine Green and am not especially enad of recent mystery writers For me, it is the better prose better to my ear, in any case It s quite possible she was talking down to her 19th Century audience, as I feel many 21st Century authors do She is no James Patterson, thankfully, and, unlike Cormac McCarthy, she writes in complete sentences I think her prose a bit better than Agatha Christie, but her stories are not.This particular mystery [...]

    2. I was a little bit disappointed by this after enjoying The Leavenworth Case so much A K Green is hailed as the Mother of Modern Crime Fiction but it didn t take me long to work out what was going on here Added to this, I was disappointed to find that Police Inspector Ebenezer Gryce the Sherlock Holmes of his time hardly appeared, leaving the detective work to his assistant, Q And the main female character was so wishy washy, unassuming and saintly that I wanted to shake her but I do appreciate t [...]

    3. A young woman has disappeared from a fifth avenue home The bachelor owner, Mr Holman Blake, says he knows nothing of her But the housekeeper Mrs Daniel is worried and goes to the police Q finds blood on the windowsill and the girl has not taken the time to pack It seems clear that she left unwillingly But why go over the roof when she could have walked out the servant door Mr Gryce returns in book 2 of Green s pre Sherlock detective stories, but this time the investigator is Q, his offsider It i [...]

    4. A nato da delusione e ingannoL investigatore dell agenzia Harrison, Gryce, e il suo collega, Smart, sono alle prese con UNA STRANA SCOMPARSA, nel romanzo giallo di Anna K Green, dal titolo omonimo.I loro nomi sono facili da ricordare Ad agire e raccontare il caso, Smart, giovane e intraprendente Una giovane guardarobiera scompare dalla residenza del milionario Robert Blake, il quale ha a mala pena notato la sua presenza Anche la dinamica della scomparsa alquanto singolare, come tutta la prima pa [...]

    5. Anna Katherine Green is considered the mother of mystery novel writing in US I downloaded a bunch of books by her and A Strange Disappearance is the first one that I read.I really did enjoy the book.It was very Wilkie Collins in its style but less obtuse The mystery was fairly simple A young maid has disappeared in odd circumstances from the house of a famous diplomat, Mr Blake The only who seems to care is the old housekeeper Mrs Daniels She approaches the police and is helped my Mr Gryce , the [...]

    6. I REALLY, REALLY LIKE THIS AUTHOR Yet another story that had me on the edge of my seat, turning the pages, and reveling in the twists and turns come up at the end LOVED this book Well done Anna Green By the way since most if not ALL of Anna Katharine Green s books are Classicals, they are available as FREE audiobooks on most audiobook sites and also as a FREE ebook here on Good Reads AWESOOOMMME The audiobook app that I m using is Audiobooks 7000 from the iphone app store, and they use Libravox [...]

    7. This mystery has a good start, and reasonably engaging plot, but it goes downhill after about a third of the way into the story Rather predictable after a certain point The ending was satisfactory as far as the mystery went, but one of the characters had a mistaken sense of duty that was annoying Not particularly outstanding in any way 2.5 stars.

    8. I love reading old British mysteries anything pre WW2 so enjoyed this American one, published in 1880 It takes place in NYC I visited the Tenement Museum two weeks ago so appreciated this time and place Two warnings to mystery fans 1 Written in an older style, the mystery is solved earlier in the plot than modern novels 2 The author s overly perfect females paragons of virtue and faithfulness are also dated but fit literature of that era see C Dickens if you don t believe me.

    9. Pretty good for a free book for Kindle I thought this one was much better than Dark Hollow, which is the only other Anna Katharine Green book I ve read I m glad I gave her another chance There wasn t much fainting in this one It held my interest till the end, which is saying a lot, considering my attention span these days.

    10. This book fits very well my predilection for stories with stupendous heroines, be them old Miss Marple or young Marie Louise Perhaps AKG s approach to genders roles might be considered nowadays as too unsatisfactory but, nevertheless, the protagonist values of mental strength and integrity are an ageless, difficult to achieve, goal for all of us.

    11. At first I was not sure I would like this book because her style of writing depicts the times from which she writes It is overblown with long descriptive sentences and paragraphs I decided to give it a chance and read a few chapters and by then Ms Green had me engrossed in the story and loving her style of writing I m definitely going to read another mystery by her.

    12. What a smart little mystery Has sort of a British style in America, with secret liaisons and class struggles and everything I have a hard time not admiring Green as a lady detective novelist because of her context and strong female characters Name your daughter Luttra , but she really is just a great detective novelist.

    13. An early detective story by a woman writer about a sewing girl in a rich man s house who is abducted The housekeeper reports the crime and the detective in charge doesn t understand why it is imperative that the servant be found There are some twists and things aren t as they seem Can t say much without giving it away.

    14. NCOwn on Nook.FS Talking of sudden disappearances the one you mention of Hannah in that Leavenworth case of ours, is not the only remarkable one which has come under my direct notice LS And with a look that was than words, she gave me a flower from the bouquet she held in her hand, and smilingly withdrew.

    15. 3.5 But rounded up because I was pretty hooked throughout the middle The ending dragged a bit after the mystery was cleared up but before the happy ending was secured.Still, I m glad I discovered this author, and I am excited to read some of her other works Yay public domain

    16. I picked this book up bc it was free on kindle the author is reputed to be one of the influences to Agatha Christie She is not nearly as good as Christie The book was enjoyable enough, but I can t say I am feeling compelled to read any of hers.

    17. This was one of Anna Katharine Green s better books The mystery is solved fairly quickly, but the adventure continues and is well crafted Of course, it reads like something from its own era, but can still be enjoyed today.

    18. Oh how I love scandalous secrets and happy endings I would think its less of the mystery and of the romance in this novel that appealed to me.

    19. Like the name suggests this is the story of A Strange Disappearance This is not a suspense till the end type thriller, but is an engaging read.

    20. 3.5 stars Novella length mystery about the disappearance of a seamstress lady from a New York mansion Shades of Jane Eyre and romantic than most modern mysteries, but with an enjoyable cast of characters and I enjoy the New York setting.

    21. I love old mysteries and this book did not disappoint The long winded, flowery language of the time does not diminish the story of a missing servant girl, a frantic and nervous housekeeper, and a totally unconcerned employer The two featured detectives, Mr Gryce and Mr Q, are a study of constrasts in temperment, age, and working habits The writing style will take longer to read, but well worth your time I enjoyed this book so much that I have started reading the entire Mr Gryce series Happy Read [...]

    22. Although this book breathes the pace and morals of its time, it is an enjoyable read Anna Katherine Green was a master in the detective writing trade she seems to have been the great example of Agatha Cristie and that makes the book still good readable in our time The plot is solid and there is enough mystery.

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