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Twisted Mercy #2020

Twisted Mercy Hope Townsend has spent long years searching for the brother she was brutally separated from when their mother was murdered Now thanks to help from a mysterious source she s found him deep in the Me

  • Title: Twisted Mercy
  • Author: Elaine Levine
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Twisted Mercy By Elaine Levine, Hope Townsend has spent long years searching for the brother she was brutally separated from when their mother was murdered Now, thanks to help from a mysterious source, she s found him deep in the Medicine Bow Mountains on the remote compound of the notorious White Kingdom Brotherhood motorcycle club and prison gang a viper s nest of drug runners, murderers, and thieves.Hope Townsend has spent long years searching for the brother she was brutally separated from when their mother was murdered Now, thanks to help from a mysterious source, she s found him deep in the Medicine Bow Mountains on the remote compound of the notorious White Kingdom Brotherhood motorcycle club and prison gang a viper s nest of drug runners, murderers, and thieves The only person who can help her is one of the club s most lethal members a man who goes by the road name Mad Dog Colorado s infamous Wall Street hacker, Max Cameron, served five years of his twenty seven year sentence before being recruited by the Red Team Now a seasoned operative, Max has gone under cover in the motorcycle club of the white supremacist prison gang that befriended him in jail His mission was simple until Hope Townsend, a female mechanic, came along and gummed up the works Nothing about Hope is as it seems, and Max struggles to keep her out of danger and out of his heart When his team finds evidence she s working for their enemies, Max will have to decide where his loyalty lies with his team or with the woman he loves.

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    1 thought on “Twisted Mercy

    1. I have been waiting for Max s book and wasn t disappointed in the least with all twists and new developments for each character Elaine has made yet another great addition to the series Each book though they need the other to complement and helps them to make sense, they are still so much the individual character s story that you are always drawn in You love each of the guys and or hate them or their actions in equal measure and that takes true talent which Elaine has proven I definitely recommen [...]

    2. I don t know how Elaine does it All of these guys are so dramatically different and yet she still manages to make you fall in love with each and every one of them over and over again I loved checking in with everyone from the previous novels and Max You can t help but love Max and ache for all he s gone through I was floored by all the little twists and turns and connections that come together in this novel Romance novels are usually pretty predictable but not so with Elaine Levine There s alway [...]

    3. This is Max and Hope s story Hope has been searching for the brother she has never met for a long time She has found out he is at the WKB biker compound and goes there to be the club mechanic Max is undercover in the biker gang as Mad Dog and you can t help but love him and root for him to win the girl Lots of plot twists and mysteries still to be solved.

    4. 3.5 stars A little slow and tending toward the all encompassing conspiracy plot with an all knowing villain But the characters are great I loved Mad Dog aka Max, and Hope was surprisingly refreshing Their relationship was engaging and warm, a perfect romance in the midst of a war.

    5. The story of Max and Hope has such an emotional depth to it that it will be one of those stories that remains me for a very very long time There is so much going on in this story that involves not just Max and Hope but the entire Red Team It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time holding my breath chewing my nails as I turned page after page, gasping and catching my breath as the details became clear, though at the same time causing other details to only sit there and make you go HUH, W [...]

    6. bated breathe that is what I did while waiting for this book to come out Elaine had a gift of making her characters come to life even if it s my imagination Max and Hope s story is now one of my favorites Ty is still my favorite.Max is a smart guy with a complicated past Hope is a brave girl looking for her long lost brother It only seems right that Max would jump in head first to help the damsel in distress and he loses his heart in the process And OMG the piercings My only issue is the nice li [...]

    7. Max s story was a really great read and EL did a really good job of holding the reins of this at times seemly out of control story If you haven t read EL, you should really start with the first book, as there is alot of past history that comes together in this book I can t wait for the next book Please, please don t let this head for a threesome between Owen, Selena and Val I think Selena should end up with Owen and Val needs someone to take some air out of his balloon.

    8. The mystery continues and intensifies Twisted Mercy is that book in the series that adds question to your piles and also connects the pieces of the puzzle in a way that leaves you hungry for and then some The book flows in perfect rhythm with the uniqueness and personal demons of each teammate, and their adjustment to a new team member, a female who is bringing some heat to a hot summer We discover crucial information about how the Red Team s modus operandi used to be in the early years, and h [...]

    9. Another home run for Levine This is the long awaited fourth entry to the Red Team series The novellas are part of the overall story but the main threads of suspense are in the regular novels In this story, we get to understand what makes Max Cameron run, and why he was willing to spend so much of his life undercover with a white supremacist motorcycle gang.He runs into an almost immovable object Her name is Hope, and she s searching for her baby brother, literally ripped from their family as a b [...]

    10. it made me cry so much emotional pain a member of an anti terrorist team is undercover with a motorcycle outlaw gang when approached by a woman who crashes into the group he claims her to spare her from gang rape she s searching for her lost brother there s a mix up with his anti terrorist team, she s forced to leave their compound and her lover goes with her she s kidnapped, battered, tortured before he rescues her she s then shot saving his life and finally granted safe harbor with the heroes [...]

    11. 4 4 1 2 stars A little MC, a little commando, a little romance, a little steam, and A LOT of suspense made for a super entertaining read I think this author has a good writing style with a nice flow, and well rounded characters I really liked the H in this one, I thought his struggles seemed realistic I did like the h too, however, I almost felt her to be too good to be true Sometimes her actions did not mesh with her personality I don t know how else to explain it I thought intimate scenes were [...]

    12. AN EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER RIDE FROM BEGINNING TO END Oh My God Elaine Levine has raised the bar with this gripping story It pulled me in from the first page and simply would not let go She ripped my heart out and left me wanting This book has everything we have come to expect from the Red Team Series and I could not put it down Max Mad Dog Cameron has an unbreakable strength forged in the fires of his own personal hell Hope Townsend is the only light to reach the dark recesses of his soul Th [...]

    13. Always a good series, just not my favorite couple story, a bit too gritty Not enough of the lighter side from the rest of the Team that usually offsets the drama Ok, Val getting a pink mani was fun, however the usual humor and joking amongst the guys wasn t as prevalent here This story just didn t keep me as entertained as some have and very little involvement with the other Team members as with past bks And was it just me or did all the guys just seem too growly grumpy It ends on a surprise of [...]

    14. WOW really good A side of Max that I did not expect I had been wondering what he did at the compound and it was great to get behind the scenes and information about what is happening there She is a perfect match for him Strong, independent and determined.A great story I had read the Kit and Ivy wedding story and to see this one back up and then lead into the wedding was classic and interesting I like that the story continues but each character gets their own story while including others in the [...]

    15. You know a bit about the hero of this book because of the other books in this series in the prior few books you got to know him a bit as things started to heat up Now he s into his gang up to his eye balls and only gets in deeper when he rescues the heroine Then he s promoted to be the protector of the person who s running the gang and you know it s not going to turn out well The hero and heroine are likable and you can relate to them However by the end it feels like the story just goes on fore [...]

    16. I m in absolute love with this series Each book is so different from the previous but yet it follows the honourable lives of the red team These group of characters are compelling and with each book you re drawn in ore and to their world We re never sure just where ms Levine will take us next It s one of the most original series I ve read like this It s never dull and full of drama ,intrigue and suspense I m so thankful that I found this author and these books Highly recommend this book and seri [...]

    17. Max and Hopes story is awesomeI have loved every book in this series so far There is great drama, action, suspense and romance in these books I absolutely loved Max and Hope in this book Such a great bunch of characters and the story is interesting and keeps me hooked in.

    18. I did love this red team book It wasn t as funny as the others This one was way intense I also didn t fall in love with Hope as I did with the other ladies I hope I She grows into a character I can love in later books Still a great book though.

    19. EmotionalThis book is by far my out right favorite but oh boy has this one made me cry.iv laughed and cried but it has been so intense and the story is all unraveling

    20. Elaine Levine Twisted Mercy Max Hope Red Team Series Book 4 I am excited to learn about Max Cameron Mad Dog and his back ground As usual, Ms Levine tells her reader s where we left on in the previous installment, reminds us of what was going on so we are ready to begin the new book Max s background begins 10 years ago, when he was in prison for hacking Wall Street He served 5 terrible long years of his 27 year sentence and then the Red Team recruited him Max is now a season Red Team Operative a [...]

    21. Max CameronHope Townsend Hope Townsend has spent long years searching for the brother she was brutally separated from when their mother was murdered Now, thanks to help from a mysterious source, she s found him deep in the Medicine Bow Mountains on the remote compound of the notorious White Kingdom Brotherhood motorcycle club and prison gang a viper s nest of drug runners, murderers, and thieves The only person who can help her is one of the club s most lethal members a man who goes by the road [...]

    22. WOW Once again Elaine Levine has written a wonderful story.This is Max Mad Dog Cameron s story He is one of Red Team s computer wizards and also their resident mole in the WKB, a nation wide biker gang It is Red Teams mission to bring down the leader of the WKB, King, and it is Mad Dog s mission to find out who he is.This book starts with Mad Dog rescuing a woman who has shown up wanting to work as the gang s wrench mechanic but in reality she is looking for her brother not that the WKB knows th [...]

    23. I can t get enough of this series, it s fabulous Each book, including this one gives you a complete story for that particular character, as you learn their history and what makes them the way they are, and the storyline with their soul mate, however you also have the ongoing storyline that runs through all of the books This book give us Max, who appears distant and at times cold, but as we go along we learn the reason why Like all of his team mates his history is full of heartache and pain and t [...]

    24. Elaine Levine never ceases to amaze me with her ability to write a twisted weave of characters and situations How she keeps it all together in her head is beyond me Max is a tortured soul and Hope is a feisty bombshell that really gives Max a run for his well read the book and find out You ll find out even about many of the other members of the team, new characters and twists and turns that will leave you shaking your head and wondering what s next PS I ll never look at a wall the same way agai [...]

    25. Review Twisted Mercy Red Team Book 4 by Elaine Levine wp p3d0RZ 1FCPublication Date October 7, 2014Reviewed by Reading in Pajamas DonnaRated 5 StarsI m a fan of the Red Team and this book is my favorite so far The mysterious bad boy Max was than I hoped for A hot, commanding sexy male with a painful past and I loved him When a strong alpha male makes me cry, I just have to love him I really liked Hope and their relationship built up smoothly and wow it got hot I also liked how the members of th [...]

    26. I found myself getting so mad while reading this one I like the guys in the Red Team that we have read about, but now am not very happy with Owen or the powers that be that run the Red Team I don t know that I can forgive them for what they did to Max or what Owen did to Hope.With Max s past I m glad that he found Hope, that she is giving him a place to loved and safe, something he hasn t had for a very long time I m also glad that with this book Max can go back to being Max, not Mad Dog, Max ne [...]

    27. sometimes, madness and hope goes hand to hand In the world where humans live The sky was blue, The clouds were white and the sun was yellow and warm Max and Hope are two lost souls in a world where rules are backwards and madness prevail This book it s a roller coaster of emotions and questions unanswered and those who are answer you never wish to have known Rage, despair, compassion, uncertainty, hope and love these are a few of the emotions that we feel and these characters feel throughout the [...]

    28. This was an enjoyable story, although I found it a little slow to start and I was hoping for a little action than their actually was, but overall I did enjoy it It certainly was interesting getting to know Max , and learn a little about what the WKB are really hiding and doing as well as the strange group of boys who first appeared towards the end of Honor Unraveled and I m hoping much will be revealed in Greer s story who is the focus of the next book As for Hope I liked her and the relation [...]

    29. By far my favorite book in the series Well paced, solid characters, and a good balance of action and emotion There were some moments where it felt like the author included everything but the kitchen sink, but somehow, it still works, and in a big way Out of all the male characters, Max is easily the best written one so far There s a nice balance of alpha and sweet with him that the other guys in this series didn t have for one reason or another I really enjoyed him, and Hope, separately and toge [...]

    30. This book is getting 5 starred reviews all over the place and I can t understand why I loved the other books in the series but this one seemed forced I have forced myself to read half of it and I m not sure it s worth reading the rest So far I don t feel any chemistry happening between the character Bits and pieces of other characters were thrown in randomly to set up future books but it just felt like it was breaking up the story instead of adding to it A little surprise bondage thrown into the [...]

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