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Pulse - Part Four #2020

Pulse Part Four The conclusion to The Pulse Series Jessica Roth thought she d found the one man who could fulfill her in every way He was gorgeous controlling amazing in bed and said everything that she desperately

  • Title: Pulse - Part Four
  • Author: Deborah Bladon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 218
  • Format: ebook
  • Pulse - Part Four By Deborah Bladon, The conclusion to The Pulse Series Jessica Roth thought she d found the one man who could fulfill her in every way He was gorgeous, controlling, amazing in bed and said everything that she desperately wanted to hear That was, until she heard him say the one thing she never suspected was true Nathan Moore says he has his reasons for doing the things that break her heaThe conclusion to The Pulse Series Jessica Roth thought she d found the one man who could fulfill her in every way He was gorgeous, controlling, amazing in bed and said everything that she desperately wanted to hear That was, until she heard him say the one thing she never suspected was true Nathan Moore says he has his reasons for doing the things that break her heart She knows that she can t continue to live in a world where nothing makes sense As Jessica weaves her way through a maze of lies, half truths and coincidences, she begins to see everyone in her world for who they really are Old friends become the enemy, new friends become allies and the one man she can t be close to, becomes the only person who can give her what she really needs They promised each other there would be no complications It s a promise neither of them can keep.

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      Deborah Bladon

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    1. 3 4 Pulse, part 4 of 4 The conclusion of Nate Jess roller coaster fuck fest Fucking her is my sweet heaven on earth These novellas should be read in order Part 1 Pulse IPart 2 Pulse IIPart 3 Pulse IIIPart 4 Pulse IVIn Pulse, part 1 3 small town girl Jessica Roth, Jess had a one night stand with enigmatic attorney, Nathan Moore, Nate only to become Ms Wednesday night But that was quickly complicated by conflicting emotions, lies, secret and deceit.Pulse, part 4 picks up after part 3 s infuriating [...]

    2. I can t even write an adequate review for this one This story was justwow First of all the time jumps As I ve said with the other books, it s confusing as heck for a reader to be boomeranged through a story like that But, I think it was far worse in this book Jessica and Nathan were fighting one minute and she was moaning in ecstasy the next Rinse and repeat It was beyond frustrating I m glad their story is over I don t care to know anything else about them Ever Impulse NoJust no thank you I shy [...]

    3. If all of Miss Deborah Bladon s work is like this novella series, she is so going on my favorite list.Except this last book, it was a little weirdBook 1 2 and 3 were BRILLIANT Their ending was superb, amazing cliffies and their pace and story was amazing too but something went really wrong in this last book I mean, it wasn t bad but just really jumpyOne second this was happening next second something else.One moment she was fighting with him and next she was having an orgasm.He ONLY wanted to fu [...]

    4. I liked this series but this final book was awful Jessica was so annoying I cant be with him and I hate him then she shows up at his door step or in his office I didnt even understand the conclusion is there another book

    5. WHAT HAPPENED This was such a great series, I am still so pissed that I spent my time reading the first three only to be given this piece of shit I probably said are you fucking kidding me about fifty times during this book and wanted to throw my kindle against the wall by the end of it Seemed like this author just wrote some shit down and said im done Major disappointment We all deserve a re write from Ms Blandon or at least our.99 cents back.

    6. You pay 99 cents for a book with 84 pages Books 1 3 are good, but 4 should of been free I ve now lost total interest and I really don t care for a his point of view that will be broke down and fished to us piece by piece

    7. So happy that Jessica and Nathan finally solved some of their issues and are having some peace finally But can I say I didn t like it how Jessica was constantly coming to his house and office asking for him to leave her in peace when he wasn t chasing after her at all I mean I expected Nathan to do a lot of convincing and prove himself to her, so I didn t like it that after what happened at the bar, she was the one constantly going after him and he didn t even once went to her apartment to do so [...]

    8. This book made me angry The first three installments of the story were fantastic This fourth one was the equivalent of wtf The h was a whiny ass baby Her maturity was on the negative scale The H went from a strong alpha presence to a groveling whimpering weakling Ugh if I could throw my kindle across the room and not cause damage, I would.

    9. Loved the whole series 5 f %k me hard stars the drama and twists and turns of the story had me hooked from book one and just kept getting better for me Who doesn t love a hot, dominating, cocky, alpha male with a big, hard c ck that f %ks like an animal non stop PS i loved hearing Nathan moan my name when he was f %king Lol ading Nathan s story next in Impulse Cant wait

    10. I never give less then three stars and I hate to do this but i loved the pulse series but this book really it was all over the place and bam the end huhhhhh


    12. How can an author ruin a perfectly fine novel at the last part I loved the previous books I didn t like this one AT ALL JESSICA NATHAN And I see that we re having another novel, with Nathan s POV, about Jessica s past catching up on them or something.I don t think I ll be reading that one, sorry.I have better books to read I don t have time for this BS.

    13. This series is a failureOMG it had so much potential well actually the first book did and it was all downhill from there since I ve never been unable to finish a series, ever, I keep going with this one and I m pissed Other than the constant f ing the characters had nothing in common, the female was a whining whore, I mean a whining aspiring chef who spent most of the series complaining and on her back, her knees or with a tool shoved down her throat The male lead was an ass who constantly got a [...]

    14. Wow, just when u think an autho can t get any worse Pulse 3 was very dum and lame , she does I m pretty much done w this auth She s not a great writer BUT her plot twists r what kept me coming back I don t know what happened I felt like i was reading a half a book Each chapter jumped w o any intro or anything I was completely lost as to what exactly happened in this book I feel really hoodwinked by this auth w this series Pulse 1 2 were fairly well written, atleast the basics were there After th [...]

    15. I ve really enjoyed this series it was great the story was good luvd the character was dyin 2 read the next book everytime I finished 1 I just found that it sometime went around in circles but I luvd this book we finally found out what I wanted 2 know an I still want 2 slap Nathan but in a really hot way haha an I liked the lil bit at the end so dyin 2 c where that goes xxx

    16. Um, have to have this now I love Deborah Bladon s style of writing And I can t believe I m going to say this I love the cliffhanger I just don t love the wait

    17. Es buena la historia, el tipo es un Imb cil pero se redime a si mismo Ella por otro lado es mucho mas complicada de lo usual.

    18. I absolutely LOVED this series Nathan has definitely won me over Can t wait to read IMPULSE releasing Aug 26, 2014 Nathan s point of view Sounds like we will get the dirt on Jessica

    19. 4 ONLY for Nathan Moore stars.I m going to be completely honest about this final book DEFINITELY not my favorite of the series I was so captivated about the cliffhangers in the previous books, I was totally expecting an awesome ending and it was simple, very simple There was an epilogue, but I still it wasn t what I was expecting.Definitely, my favorite character in the series was Nathan Moore, in the beginning he was not completely honest to Jessica, and at the end of book 3 I was totally up wi [...]

    20. The Pulse Series has honestly been one of my favorites I looked forward to getting my hands on one of these babies every couple of weeks While the cliff hangers at the end of the books made me want to claw my eyes out knowing that I would have to wait weeks to find out what happened I still loved it Jessica and Nathan had an interesting relationship that kept me on my toes They managed to get through ex drama and many secrets that come to light with every installment HOWEVER this last book just [...]

    21. Um not sure i like it as much as the others Everything seemed rushed I also didn t like it how Jessica was constantly going to Nathan s house and office asking for him to leave her in peace when he wasn t chasing after her at all I thinkn the explaination of the bet needed to be better explained again seemed rushed and the explaination abotu Rebecca s part in it all Not as hot as the other books either and as all parts have been it was way to short I would ahve rather the author hold all parts a [...]

    22. Series review, not just book four You had me The first 3 books I couldn t stop The cliffhangers were just perfect The way Jessica and Nathan s relationship kicked off had me hooked The way it kept rolling had me intrigued The way it ended had me annoyed I really liked this series It was smoking It was a solid 4 4.5 for me until the sweet little tied bow at the end I love a HEA as much as the next girl, but these two and their relationship deserved in my eyes I know you don t want to drag out no [...]

    23. i m thoroughly disappointedi think it was such an anti climatic ending to all the previously annoying cliff hangers my mind, if i m going to be left at the cliff from book to book, i expect the end to just wow meeven the bet was unrealistic, a 5,000.00 bet instigated by a dead beat dad who works as a chef then the likely hood that Jessica new to Manhattan gets entangled with dead beat dad Drew who happens to be her new employer Cassie s ex husband, who happens to be in a relationship with Nathan [...]

    24. I hate it when a book has a good cliffhanger especially when you hate them and look forward to the next book especially when it comes and it s a big letdown I waited for the big shockers I got a wishy washy heroine A plot that still kind of does t make sense A cough,cough hero that really needs his halo shined and questionable friends and another cliffhanger that came out of no where.I will give this author credit Even though these books are small and the stories are iffy they are priced right f [...]

    25. I m not really sure how I feel about this last book The first 3 books were okay I like the cliffhangers and the story But Jessica is really annoying She keeps saying that she can t have sex with Nathan again but she keeps showing up in his room or office and have sex Again and Again It is really annoying.

    26. I started this series with book 2 by accident and didn t miss anything apparently scenes were choppy throughout the series so if blended right in There was almost no plot or point aside from the sex scenes that seemed hurriedly written I would not recommend this series.

    27. This books are of the charts hot I mean I did know that D Bland n has a f rtiles imagination for sex scenes but Nathan is by far the most raw , hot and charismatic character of her s that I ve read from her Who knew right He semed kind of Boring in Obsessed

    28. This was horrible It was sloppy and written fast What an unbelievable story With this finale it make the whole series look like an amateur writer trying to break into erotica.

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