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Mad Kings & Queens #2020

Mad Kings Queens This frank and fascinating book ransacks the remarkable history of forty of Europe s most dumb deluded and downright dangerous monarchs to reveal a legion of kings and queens who have sat upon the

  • Title: Mad Kings & Queens
  • Author: Alison Rattle Allison Vale
  • ISBN: 9780760793114
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mad Kings & Queens By Alison Rattle Allison Vale, This frank and fascinating book ransacks the remarkable history of forty of Europe s most dumb, deluded, and downright dangerous monarchs, to reveal a legion of kings and queens who have sat upon the pedestal of power and abused it in spectacular style The respectability of the royal position is well and truly tossed aside by the whimsy and the wanton depravity of generatThis frank and fascinating book ransacks the remarkable history of forty of Europe s most dumb, deluded, and downright dangerous monarchs, to reveal a legion of kings and queens who have sat upon the pedestal of power and abused it in spectacular style The respectability of the royal position is well and truly tossed aside by the whimsy and the wanton depravity of generations of mad European monarchs, including The queen who murdered her husband with a red hot spit.The bloodthirsty monarch who impaled tens of thousands of his subjects.The vampiric ruler who bathed in the blood of young women The king of excess who beheaded his wives Mad Kings and Queens is a spectacular celebration of seven hundred years of royal eccentricity, detailing a catalogue of madness and exploring the finer intricacies of royal breeding that lay at its root.

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      153 Alison Rattle Allison Vale
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    1 thought on “Mad Kings & Queens

    1. I give this book points for its idea, for its attempt keyword attempt at a varied selection of personages, and for being a quick read However, that s absolutely all I can give it points for First of all, many of the subjects of the character vignettes were not mad For me, to be part of this list of raving royals , you should be either so genetically inbred that you aren t capable of rational thought, insane and are unaware of your actions, or you could even be psychopathically foaming at the mou [...]

    2. From the first few pages, I noticed this book was really vilifying everyone to the extreme, and made them seem like truly horrible people Aside from all the intense negativity, this book was actually an enjoyable read Very interesting stuff One thing I noticed though, was the egregious error made about Louis XIV of France They claimed that he married Maria Theresa of Austria aka Marie Antoinette s mother Louis XIV actually married Maria Theresa of Spain Maria Theresa of Austria wasn t even born [...]

    3. I m not usually non fiction reader but I came across this at the library and it looked interesting I have always been fascinated with royal history because despite their privileged lifestyles, they have many saucy secrets This book had some good information but I felt as though it was too brief as it tried to mention so many rulers It would have been much better if their was detail on fewer people However, I wasn t aware of many of the rulers mentioned so I learnt plenty I became increasingly a [...]

    4. This is a cute, and very brief, look at mental illness amongst some of the proverbial crowned heads of Europe Each monarch has a few pages devoted to him or herself, and there is generally a portrait of some sort to show the individual.The monarchs ranged from Ivan the Terrible to Marie Antoinette, with many stops along the way The one factual inaccuracy I saw was in the section on Louis XIV, which said he was married to Marie Therese of Austria he was married to Marie Therese of Spain.Otherwise [...]

    5. Impulse buy from the bargain shelf at BN.A very quick read with each monarch getting on average 3 4 pages devoted to him or her Some, like Henry VIII or Marie Antoinette, got pages Don t come into this book expecting anything too detailed on each monarch The book only hits the high points ok, actually that should be the low points or each one s reign, but it is a good introduction to some of the world s colorful rulers A great deal of the people featured were rather distasteful, yet some I fou [...]

    6. This little book can be read in one sitting It covers the lives of 40 European rulers whose behaviour ranges from slightly eccentric to full blown psychopathy, with 2 0r 3 pages reserved for each one I would agree with the author s statement that the in breeding that occurred among royal families spawned a tragic historical heritage however, at least two of the rulers who are profiled were, in my opinion, not mad whatever the author s definition of mad They were Henry VIII of England and Marie A [...]

    7. It was good but seemed to take the absolute worst possible scenario of every monarch Sure, it s called Mad Kings Queens, but I ve read about some of the people mentioned and it never made them seem quite as horrible as this book makes it seem It was a quick and easy read, though, and quite enjoyable I read it in one sitting.

    8. I m an avid reader and love history so when I checked out this book a couple years ago, I blew through it in an evening I wrote a review on in 2010 for this book that I will include here I received a copy of this book from the library It was a very quick read for me since it is a subject I was interested in I was not reviewing the grammar but the accuracy of the content was what threw me off I found one glaring error which can be found in the entry for Louis XIV on pgs 78 81 The authors have put [...]

    9. I few years ago I bought this book at Barnes and Noble in the bargain section I didn t read it until now because I recently saw I documentary about Catherine the Great Yes, she s featured in the book This is a rather quick book It features several monarchs, famous and others not well known Mad Kings Queens has quick sketches on each monarch They don t try to write a huge detailed biography on each monarch, it s quick and simple It gives you a taste of each monarch so you can explore them yoursel [...]

    10. I loved Michael Farquhar s Treasury of Royal Scandals, so I figured that Mad Kings Queens History s Most Famous Raving Royals would also be an interesting read It wasn t There was barely any information on each of the nobles, and some weren t actually insane, but just eccentric There are many informational mistakes in the book dates, illustrations with no description, and as mentioned earlier, the labeling of insane where behavior was simply just out of place for its time period and not really m [...]

    11. Mad Kings and Queens was a buy for about 4 from by bookstore s discount section History fascinates me, and even though this book is really short, I thought it was worthwhile as it ll probably be something that I ll be able to flip through a lot for years to come There was one really egregious error it stated that Louis the XIV of France was married to Maria Theresa of Austria, when he was actually married to the one from Spain Besides that, some of the sentence structre was quite awkward, and I [...]

    12. I love reading about history, and this book was laid out so nicely Each royal got a page or two about them so you could see what lead up to their demise Interesting history like this makes me want to continue reading I could not put it down when I was reading, I just wanted to know everything It even lead up to me researching the various royals even deeper to learn about them It is one of those books I could just read over and over and spout off info learned to my friends What an interesting an [...]

    13. OMG When I read this book, I was so drawn to it that I read it all in one night I don t think this book should be read in one go because you start to feel a bit crazy afterwards There s definitely something off with these kings and queens.

    14. Short, fun book about various monarchs, major and minor Not all of the information was correct but I learned a lot about some people I d never heard of Price was right Most annoying thing the colored paper it was printed on had distracting backgrounds to the text.

    15. This book is a hilarious account of loony rulers of the world I loved it and my husband did too Definitely a great break from all the WWII books I ve been reading

    16. Il Bignami dei re e le regine con una rotella fuori posto.Da leggere solo poi per approfondire con libri piu completi.

    17. A quick and interesting read I like that each ruler got their own separate chapter, some books make the mistake of jumbling all the royals together, which can be confusing, given the similar names and incestuous tendencies, of the royal families of Europe.Some of the facts were extreme and some have been disproved but one cannot expect too much from a short quick read and it introduces you to some crazy monarchs you may not have ever heard of, which you will want to research .

    18. It was okay for the condensed information it was, but it read like a gossip magazine I was hoping for something that focused on the mental health issues of these people and the results of that This book spent time on who they were sleeping with.

    19. What a trip And a really fascinating read It was interesting to see how many queer historical figures were mentioned in this, either as the mad monarchs or in relation to them For the most part, nicely enough, these historical figures weren t said to be mad BECAUSE of their sexual orientation, but it was a thing explicitly discussed I wasn t expecting that Dark and gruesome af, in some parts, as I really should ve properly expected History was not pretty

    20. I picked this up today at BN, probably mainly the fault of a long line at the register while getting Hunger Games 2 and 3, a steeply reduced price, and a lack of self control I m actually finding most of this remarkably sad thus far.And I m done The use of the word mad here is a little deceptive or downright inaccurate in several cases For example, Marie Antoinette did have only a loose concept of the value of money, and she did age quickly during her imprisonment, and she did also grieve over t [...]

    21. I ve always loved a good lunatic story especially when it involves nobility you know because their shit don t stink and when they are actual events I picked this very short hardcover book off of a Barnes Noble clearance rack last night because it looked like a fun, short and sweet book to have Short It definitely was Sweet Not so much When I think crazy I think of Norman Bates, Adolf Hitler, and One Flies Over a Cukoo s Nest Even though the book did contain one or two pages of Vlad the Impaler a [...]

    22. I was going to give this four stars, because the sections on each crazy King or Queen were an interesting albeit brief overview The book also did a good job of not just going through the same monarchs that you usually hear about Erzs bet Bathory, Vlad the Impaler, Marie Antionette though I don t know that I would have labeled her insane , so I appreciated hearing the history of some lesser known historical figures That said, I found myself really wishing they would have thrown a few years in the [...]

    23. I hada few problems with this book.1 Factual errors Oh my god, so many Ivan the Terrible did not have 8 wives Historians now believe that either two or three of them were legendary and made up in centuries after his death The last heading in the Marie Antoinette section was a bit extreme I m not totally sure she was that bad Caroline of Brunswick should not have been in this book at all as she wasn t crazy just weird There was nothing medically wrong with her other than centuries of inbreeding b [...]

    24. This book certainly slows anybody from trying to find royalty in their genealogy, especially the poor Russians However, I thought that the book was stretching a bit putting sex crazy people in with old Vlad who impaled his subjects by the tens of thousands The knowledge of some of the issues these monarchs faced saddened me because some Prozac and good psychologists would have improved many of them to be almost normalyou knowke many of us who are almost normalwe just have drugs Add the completel [...]

    25. I really liked this book, it was an interesting read I m not 100% sure of it s accuracy because I ve read other books regarding the same topic, and this book either left some things out or just got it wrong But I loved the layout and the simplicity of the book itself It s not anything that ll kill ya to read, like a textbook or something It gets to the point and I like that they added pictures of the crazies they ve talked about.One thing I thought was really interesting and weird was the amount [...]

    26. Changed my mind a bit on this one I don t really get the organization by region would have made lot of sense but what s in this makes a sort of sense that st Also, just because a person is power hungry and likes sex doesn t really make them mad Eh A little too much like National Enquirer than anything historically reliable._______There were some crazy, crazy people in charge of countries Fascinating book to pick up and flip through every so often, but not one to read all the way through in a sit [...]

    27. A biographical book about the madness and diesease of several European monarchy s Henry VIII, Catherine the Great, Vlad Dracula, and many a mentioned in this book There are many suprising facts on each on them It also seems in the book that if one person of a royal family has had some sort of madness, another of the same family will be mad too.I feel this book is good for fifteen years and older I feel this way because most of the monarchy s problems are whordoms, bloody killings, and abuse Ove [...]

    28. This was an interesting look at royalty which today or in their own times we might call crazy or insane In truth, many were simply depressed or in some way mentally unbalanced, and while I don t necessarily think it s right to call some of them mad, there are definitely a few who deserve the title Vlad the Impaler, for example All wording issues aside, I enjoy learning about the monarchies of the past, and this book added some interesting trivia and in some cases, another way to look at things.

    29. I ve always loved the darker side of history and this book gives the reader a quick look at just that If you are looking for long explanations on what how why they did the things they did, then this book is not for you This book gives the reader a short explanation of what they did and how their life was Some stories are sad and some stories are just insane Like I said before, if you re looking for a long book, skip this, but if you re looking for a quick simple read, I highly recommend this boo [...]

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