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On A Hill #2020

On A Hill Stranded for the night in a remote village a writer takes refuge in a small inn warming himself by the fire with a bottle of wine waiting for the morning When he is joined by another of the inn s g

  • Title: On A Hill
  • Author: MichaelWhitehouse
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • On A Hill By MichaelWhitehouse, Stranded for the night in a remote village, a writer takes refuge in a small inn, warming himself by the fire with a bottle of wine, waiting for the morning When he is joined by another of the inn s guests, he is captivated and shocked by the superstitious tale he hears of a place which looms large nearby, where things which should not be walk at night, and of a shadow wStranded for the night in a remote village, a writer takes refuge in a small inn, warming himself by the fire with a bottle of wine, waiting for the morning When he is joined by another of the inn s guests, he is captivated and shocked by the superstitious tale he hears of a place which looms large nearby, where things which should not be walk at night, and of a shadow which casts its foul darkness on all below Prepare for the terror which awaits you, On a Hill

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      484 MichaelWhitehouse
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    1 thought on “On A Hill

    1. Just wrote a review that GR didn t save and I can t be bothered to do it all again.Good story, liked it, couple of annoying typos, but I can get over that Recommended.

    2. I m new to Creepypasta, so right now I m going down the list of highly rated stories This is one of the top ones I m not sure if it s due to its length or how well it s written, but I thought it was enjoyable, though certainly felt a bit underwhelmed by the ending.Don t get me wrong it s very good and worth a Kindle purchase But when I read it I was shocked at how long it was compared to other creepypasta, which is than anything my fault.On Creepypasta the story s separated into two pages There [...]

    3. It is an inherent part of human condition that one can t seem to learn from mistakes of others As in if everyone says don t go up on a hilld one still does That is the premise of this surprisingly good considering it s an unknown author classic horror pastiche, which actually is infinitely readable and better paced than most of its kind If not for mobile phone mentions, this story could have been timeless So basically a land surveyor goes up on the hill refusing to believe the local superstitio [...]

    4. My son, who shares my love of spooky and mind tingling scary stories, recommended this to me Not at all my norm in recent years, but his praise had me beyond curious It s a short story, but told with intensity that gives it a much larger scale I think the thing I found most fascinating, was the tale of an event No character build, no presetting the backstory, no long though out, shifting plot, or even a HEA Just a goose bump worthy fireside story about a little town and what happened when two me [...]

    5. Brilliant short story, in the style of the great horror classics The last paragraph, and indeed the last sentence, made me shudder Great writing.

    6. I read a few reviews prior to finally giving this book a chance and i m glad i did Don t be put of by the way the book is written as you soon get used to this once the fun begins If you enjoy an old fashioned scary story then you have to read this The writer really puts you in the middle of the story and i have not read many books which have done this for me I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would love to see of the same from this author A classic read, well put together and i would grade this [...]

    7. Tremendous old fashioned ghost story in the fashion of the greats The necessary ingredients are all there, plus a little bit that makes it stand out and gives it uniqueness.Those who know my reviews are aware that I believe a ghost story needs to be fairly short, of novella length ideally, and this ticks that box also My favourite parts are the scenes in the pub when our hero looks for support and comradeship, and best of all, the last sentence.

    8. Nicely done horror tale with an unidentified writer, stuck in a small Scottish town for the night, hearing a tale from a pale wan fellow, John R , of the frightening hill and the chapel ruins atop, an evil that won t let him leave now, and the writer s disbelief in John s story.It would make a good tale and, as a writer, he would simply have to investigate the hill himself.Loved this one.

    9. What a great way to spend 45 minutes This is an excellent short story A writer hears a creepy tale in a pub from a scared man and decides to investigate it himself I could feel the terror of John and the writer as they both try to leave the hill behind Recommended

    10. A terrifying, gripping, well written, and fast paced short story to keep you up all night SPOILER ALERT My only qualm would be how the narrator himself had chosen to go to the hills alone and unarmed after hearing John s story There s a limit to skepticism and bravery I might have investigated the hills as John did but I d certainly not do so if I were the narrator Even if it was a maniac s and not a monster shouldn t it be enough to deter anyone from marching onto the hills alone and unarmed

    11. Really liked thisAs a fan of MR James, I really appreciated the writing style of this author He develops a nicely creepy atmosphere and equally creepy story Ending is satisfying, but leaves enough mystery to let you draw your own conclusions about some of the events in the book A must read for fans of gothic horror ghost stories Enjoy

    12. A Good Short StoryA good, short read If you re acquainted with Lovecraft, or horror in general, this probably won t scare you, but I definitely recommend regardless

    13. Classically styled Haunted Place story, and great for a quick Halloween read If you liked Stephen King s short story Jerusalem s Lot , you ll find this very similar.

    14. A maze of repeated phrases in arcane and forgotten languages spread out across the crumpled and fragile paper, but one in English stood out It simply said No One Leave s On A Hill is a gripping short story and the description of the events is very excellent I would definitely want to read from this author.And the ending absolutely made this reading experience better.

    15. This was a good short story I like that we do still have a mystery surrounding the hill even at the very end, and the ending was beautifully done I entertained various possible endings, and I did entertain this ending at one point.Definitely worth a read if you want something quick to keep your attention.

    16. On a Hill is a short tale about a forbidden evil hill which is feared by the locals and for good reason The feel of the story is a bit Lovecraftian but while it is very descriptive, it does so without being excessively wordy I liked the story and while I wouldn t go so far as to say it was terrifying, it did a good job of holding my interest and was well written I would recommend 4 5

    17. Fast paced, creepyNothing too unpredictable, but well written, and interesting I ve read so many books where the protagonist scoffs at the stories they hear, that it s almost cliche But then, how else would a rational person act

    18. Read this last night in a fit of insomnia Unfortunately, this story did not help me fall asleep afterward Keeps you on the edge of your seat and I caught myself saying, oh, no, out loud than once

    19. I started my year with horror I really liked this short story, and it did occasionally give me jitters Rural Scotland offers great setting for this kind horror, tales told by drunken strangers during stormy weather.

    20. My god is it slow to rampBut then it just grips you and just holds on for dear life until you force yourself to get through the gripping terror.

    21. Surprisingly goodIt s a really good shirt story especially for the price Mrcreepypasta has read it on his youtube channel I believe If you re interested in an audio version.

    22. Frustrating I felt this could have been a great story, and it does have moments worthy of M R James Weakened by clumsy writing and cliches, however.

    23. Disappointing as not nearly as scary as the reviews make out OK as a very short novel long story Readable ok.

    24. LolwutWas this book really like 50 pages Did I miss that in the description Was I trolled Is the ring lady going to come out of my TV now So confused

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