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In Want of a Wife #2020

In Want of a Wife She has nowhere left to turn Jane Middlebourne needs a way out In life in New York is unforgiving for a young woman with no prospects especially when her family wants nothing to do with her So

  • Title: In Want of a Wife
  • Author: Jo Goodman
  • ISBN: 9780425264171
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Want of a Wife By Jo Goodman, She has nowhere left to turn Jane Middlebourne needs a way out In 1891, life in New York is unforgiving for a young woman with no prospects, especially when her family wants nothing to do with her So when Jane discovers an ad for a mail order bride needed in Bitter Springs, Wyoming, she responds with a hopeful heart He has everything to lose Rancher Morgan LoShe has nowhere left to turn Jane Middlebourne needs a way out In 1891, life in New York is unforgiving for a young woman with no prospects, especially when her family wants nothing to do with her So when Jane discovers an ad for a mail order bride needed in Bitter Springs, Wyoming, she responds with a hopeful heart He has everything to lose Rancher Morgan Longstreet is in want of a wife who will be his partner at Morning Star, someone who will work beside him and stand by him His first impression of the fair and fragile Jane is that she is not that woman But when she sets out to prove him wrong, the secrets he cannot share put into jeopardy every happiness they hope to find.

    • [AZW] ✓ In Want of a Wife | By ☆ Jo Goodman
      349 Jo Goodman
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    1. 4 stars Review posted May 27, 2016 What s wrong with what I have on she asked It s pretty That s an observation, not a compliment I was not in danger of mistaking one for the other I have no objection to pretty, he told her But it goes against my grain to see it come to a bad end Someday you ll look at it and not recollect that it was ever once the color of summer apples or that it had that little ruffle at the neck It s for wearing, she said, stirring the batter It goes against my grain to tuck [...]

    2. 4.5 starsFor fans of historical western romances, or readers who enjoy Ellen O Connell s westerns, this one s a treatJane Middlebourne is in need of a new life Orphaned, and brought up with her rich cousins in Manhattan, Jane has never been considered as part of their family With better prospects elsewhere, she answers an ad for a mail order bride.Morgan Longstreet is in want of a wife After corresponding with Jane, he sends her money for the train trip to Wyoming Unfortunately, when Morgan lays [...]

    3. This book definitely satisfies my Western historical romance craving While slow building and with a lot narrative than action, it was a book that captivated me with lead characters whose stories I wanted to know It definitely helps that Morgan is a redhead I have a not so secret fondness for red headed heroes I loved the manner in which Goodman conveys the loving intimacy that a marriage can cultivate between two people.Overall rating 4.5 5.0 stars.Reviewed for Affaire de Coeur Magazine in the [...]

    4. This was sooo good Jane, an unwelcome family member to her cousin s household much in the manner of Jane Eyre answers and ad for a wife, and she exchanges letters with Morgan Longstreet until they come to an agreement She s to ride out to Bitter Springs, Wyoming where they re to be married, sight unseen Both Jane and Morgan have secrets and things don t go smooth when she first arrives, but I absolutely loved their journey So much feeling, so passionate, and oh so very steamy I have to say both [...]

    5. Originally posted at The Book NymphoQuick summaryJane Middlebourne needs a way out of New York City As the ward of a distant cousin, she s destined for a lonely life of servitude Morgan Longstreet recently bought a ranch in Bitter Springs and needs a wife to help him manage Morning Star When Jane answers his ad for a bride, he believed he d found the perfect solution for both of them.The conflictWhen Morgan sees Jane in person, he doesn t mask his disappointment because he thinks she s not going [...]

    6. I never said you were pretty Well, maybe I did, but I didn t mean it I just couldn t say the other He shrugged a little diffidently About you being beautiful and all, I m saying Partly I kept my tongue in my head because it hurts a mite to look on you that way, like there s a radiant light coming from you that could blind me if I stare too long Legit, this is one of the best books I ve read in a good while, and it definitely qualifies as my favourite of the year The characters pretty much every [...]

    7. Another wonderful book I ve read the first book, The Last Renegade, and enjoyed it very much I ve foolishly missed the second one, True to the Law, but I ll remedy that ASAP In this book we also have the theme of mail order bride, but the twist we had in The last Renegade view spoiler where Kellen was kind of mail order bride, as he himself says so hide spoiler , here we have a real mail oder bride Jane Jane was such a wonderful heroine, completly different from Raine, but in so many ways very s [...]

    8. 3.5 starsThis rating and review is a little tough for me because I had mixed feelings about this book I liked the plot I liked most of the content I liked the characters BUT, I did not like the writing style I don t even know how to describe it I guess some terms that come to mind are Formal Intellectual Emotionless Dry Unique Overall, I found it hard to feel the connection between Morgan H and Jane for much of the book The second half was definitely better than the first though Both Jane and Mo [...]

    9. Love Mail order bride stories and this one was extra special I thought that Jane and Morgan s romance happened in the right sequence and timing, so by the end of the story you really believed in their romance I wasn t ready for it to be over or leave Bitter Springs, so I hope that she has other stories lined up as good as this one was I need time with Jane and Morgan Wonderful western romance.

    10. IN WANT OF A WIFE, the third book in the Bitter Springs series, introduced two new characters to the quirky town Jane Middlebourne had come to Bitter Springs to marry Morgan Longstreet, a rancher, who was in need of a wife They corresponded by letters, each omitting some secrets that they meant to share with the other when the time was right Morgan was a quiet man, a thinker as one of his men referred to him When he spoke, he meant what he said Jane did a wonderful job matching his earnestness I [...]

    11. Review on Oct 13 2016 I have just read this book in summer, so when I picked it up for a reread, I did not expect to be swept into it so completely I will keep my original 4 star rating But I read this book from beginning to the end as if it was a new story Morgan and Jane are both quiet characters, nothing theatric No one is brooding or feisty Just 2 people slowly getting to know each other I imagine some might find it slow or even boring But I have said this before in a review for another Jo G [...]

    12. This was very, very good At this point, I d expect no less from Ms Goodman This book deserves a better review than I can provide, I ve left it a little too long since I finished reading to provide a proper overview of my thoughts I know it isn t five stars frankly, if it was I d have found time to review it It s probably around 4.5 stars An absolutely stellar, solid read but it didn t send me into the stratosphere I love a marriage of convenience story What we have here is a mail order marriage [...]

    13. For me, this book s gift is the slow, yet simmering build up of romance between the hero and heroine I love that it s not a spark at first sight.Their first meeting isn t promising yet I love that both of them are willing to risk at least a part of themselves on the line while keeping some close at heart Which made me love the story The way they came together is logical yet the longing and fascination towards each other gives romance its way to develop between them I love books like these, wher [...]

    14. Also posted at TBR Mountain Range Recommended Read Jo Goodman creates a tale that easily compels western historical romance lovers hearts.It took me about a minute to fall in love with author Jo Goodman s talent I love westerns and if they re historical westerns with romance, I love them even , but finding one that mesmerizes is true gold Jo Goodman understands how to create a setting and then slowly build upon it with three dimensional characters who demand your attention Do you crave the unlaw [...]

    15. Oh man I was so excited to find this book at the library finally I love mail order bride stories Especially with the stoic, gruff hero and the heroine trying to escape from a previous bad home life The book starts with the hero waiting at the train station for the heroine to arrive The train station employee kept trying to have conversation with the hero as he waited, but the hero was getting irritated and was coming off as an uncommunicative loner I was thinking, ok, ok,this is good But as soon [...]

    16. I have a number of Jo Goodman titles on my To Be Read pile They are all going straight to the top I am a sucker for mail order bride stories I adore them I love the circumstances of the couple that make such a marriage necessary and all the couple time we get with a married couple makes for good romance As the this book opened, I was impressed with the setting of mood and mystery Once our hero and heroine meet, the wit of both of them jumps off the page We get a ginger hero as a bonus The book s [...]

    17. This was enjoyable, particularly the last quarter or so The hero is very likeable The kind of badass cowboy you d want in real life versus the kind of alph hole that s only fun to read about The heroine was likeable as well It s a nice opposites attract, mail order bride type of scenario.Both have had a traumatic family life especially the H trigger warning view spoiler childhood sex abuse hide spoiler.At times I think it was a little too slow Most of the story took place in dialogue narrative w [...]

    18. 4 5 4 stars A This is the type of book where the secondary characters are as important as the main characters Why is that Well, because this is the third book that takes place in Bitter Springs Wyoming and by now, all the secondary characters are old friends This book can stand on its own but I think it would be much enjoyable if a person had also readand One of the things I like about Goodman s western romance stories is that the main couple get a chance to get to know each other and become fr [...]

    19. 4.5 stars.From the book s description I expected this book much intense and darker or at least something like Ellen O Connell s books.But I was wrong, while the Hero s past is very dark and sad and the heroine s past only slightly better than his, Ms Goodman didn t concentrate with those things and made us feeling down too much with the whole situation Despite the seriousness with the subjects I found this book a lighter read than many western romance out there and Ms Goodman made me laugh and [...]

    20. 3 5 3 stars C for the audiobook.I gave the paperback four stars and I highly recommend it but can t recommend the audiobook version I loved the characters and the story However, I can t figure out why Tantor would think it s ok to publish an audiobook where it sounds like the narrator is not only three sheets to the wind but has a mouthful of marbles to boot It s a real disservice to the author.I will try to find something else with Talmadge Ragan narrating just to see if it was a fluke or if it [...]

    21. Ugh So bad.Can I get a few contractions Choppy dialogue and lots of tell tell tell Romance was a dud as well This wasn t a winner for me.

    22. I actually became intrigued by the book when I read Jill s review a couple of weeks ago she wrote it a bit earlier, but no matter , but decided to give the first two books a shot first Now that I finally reached the book that made me want to give this series a shot in the first place, I am very glad that I gave the first two a shot as well even if I think the third book this one is the best in the series, because I enjoyed the first two as well.It always bothers me a little when I read a book wh [...]

    23. As a fan of old Westerns, I m always longing for a title by a good author to show up in audio format And I probably enjoyed In Want of a Wife than the average listener because I am such a Western fan It s a good story I try to avoid using good in a review as it says so much yet so little but I can t think of a better description for the content It s a nice, Western story with likable characters The content gets 4 stars a B if I was giving letter grades The narration gets 3 stars Talmadge Ragan [...]

    24. Jo Goodman is on my shortlist of best authors writing western historical romance Each book of hers that I read convinces me of this, and In Want of A Wife is definitely a keeper Morgan Longstreet and Jane Middlebourne are the kind of quiet characters who make a huge impression on a reader Their love story unfolds in a rational and mature fashion as they get to know one another, despite their unromantic beginnings when Morgan sends for Jane as a mail order bride The drama at the end builds beauti [...]

    25. I loved In Want of a Wife by Jo Goodman The hero orders a mail order bride They gradually fall in love There were some very romantic moments in this book.Lots of funny moments too I had not read the previous books in the series and I was fine.I know I ll be re reading it.I highly recommend this book.

    26. Title totally grabbed me on this Western Historical Romance New to me author, western backdrop, and mail order bride trope were just thick layers of icing on this already tantalizing fictional cake.This was the third book in a series, but I was able to jump right in and read it no problem though after meeting several of the town characters and enjoying the author s writing I will go back for the rest of the series.The story opens with a prologue describing Jane, the heroine s dismal situation th [...]

    27. 3.75 stars.I liked Jane very much She had a backbone and inner strength that helps her throughout the book Morgan past was darker than Jane but when Jane explained what her cousin Frances did with her I felt really bad Despite what happened in his past Morgan grown into an honorable man I liked how their relationship grows slowly Both Jane and Morgen past gives them strength to heal each other The only complaint I have is that internal monologues, sometimes it feels unnecessary and a bit boring [...]

    28. Originally Reviewed For Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and FantasyJo Goodman remains at the top of my favorite authors list She writes these sweeping stories about two imperfect individuals People who have made mistakes and after taking their lives in their own hands, they triumph Usually they aren t horrible people, they aren t evil redeemed, nope they are just people Ms Goodman has written, pirate, regency, revolutionary, civil war and western as well as one contemporary it s not the era, it s [...]

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