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Summer Flambé #2020

Summer Flamb Book two of THE RACHAEL O BRIEN CHRONICLES a novella details Rachael s summer back home working in the family art restoration business where chances of hooking up with her college crush hover betwe

  • Title: Summer Flambé
  • Author: Paisley Ray
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Summer Flambé By Paisley Ray, Book two of THE RACHAEL O BRIEN CHRONICLES, a novella, details Rachael s summer back home working in the family art restoration business, where chances of hooking up with her college crush hover between slim and none Weirded out as her father s relationship with a ditsy young aerobics instructor heats up, Rachael soon finds herself living under the same roof with both ofBook two of THE RACHAEL O BRIEN CHRONICLES, a novella, details Rachael s summer back home working in the family art restoration business, where chances of hooking up with her college crush hover between slim and none Weirded out as her father s relationship with a ditsy young aerobics instructor heats up, Rachael soon finds herself living under the same roof with both of them But that cannot compare with the shockwave of her mom showing up with her new traveling psychic partner , which sends life into warp speed wackadoo The theft of an eccentric client s painting throws her another mind bender by unraveling a family secret and propelling Rachael into the arms of a wanted man.A tangled thread of personal discovery, heartache, and resiliency ignites in Paisley Ray s SUMMER FLAMB.

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      Paisley Ray

    1 thought on “Summer Flambé

    1. This is the second book of the series, and I liked it better than the first one It takes place during the summer between Rachael s freshman and sopho years of college, and focuses on her family instead of her friends I was sad to find out that the next book won t be out until this summer, but I ll be reading it once it s available.

    2. Quirky family fun storyRachael is a college student that has a missing mother She heads back home for the summer break right as her fathers girlfriend, Trudy decides that she needs to stay away from home Her mother shows up with her friend Betts Trouble brews between the characters at this point and events lead to suspicion and confusion Funny and unusual characters fill this book It is a fun read.

    3. first i didn t know there was a second book got this and read it in an afternoon can i say im really hooked can t wait to see what trouble rachel attracts in the third book Was it me or did this read go a lot better, faster than the first book in the series She is a great author and everytime rachel go to the bern i am right there with her

    4. This was a quick read, but it was entertaining I thought it was going to be weird because how much trouble can one girl get herself into But then I liked that it tied back into the trouble she got into in the first book.

    5. I really liked the book, but I was under the impression it was going to be about the size of the first book I am an extremely fast reader and I had it completed in one evening.

    6. It seemed like the author s writing is only getting better with practice My only complaint is that it was too short

    7. Honestly, I bought this book because of the setting it s an area I m familiar with and the novelty amused me I m not a cozy mystery type but was pleasantly surprised However, I m disappointed that I won t be able to go back and read the first book By the end of this book, I m pretty sure I know all of the major plot points because of references It s unfortunate because book one would have been a fun read, too.

    8. Another great adventurePaisley Ray, you always surprise me I dislike stories that I know the plot before it s written I never have that issue with Rachael O Brien The characters are nuanced and subtle enough that they are all shades of grey None are caricatures of archetypes Thank you for writing believable characters that don t make me cringe.

    9. Wow.ed this book in the same day as the first one Enjoyable and funny read with a quirky cast of chatacters A summer beach read.

    10. Modern Day Romance and mysteryThis novel holds your interest It keeps you guessing Moves quickly and reads with ease You will enjoy the antics of Rachel

    11. It was ok for a free book, but I don t think I ll be reading any of this series Readers should probably read the books in order I felt I was missing some key information at times.

    12. Well written, with likable characters who live in a world unfamiliar to me because of my age senior , but if you are college age or close either side, you will, no doubt, enjoy it than I did.

    13. Awesome This was a delight to read and I loved everything about this story, even creepy bush hiding, gun toting Doneski.

    14. This is my second book to read in the Rachel O Brien Chronicles and they just keep getting better and better Rachel is at is again She has come home from her first year in college to work in her father s art restoration shop for the summer During this time she hopes to figure out what is going on with her mother, trying to navigate her dad s new much younger girl friend, and she s still upset over the fact that she s still a virgin Her summer starts off well enough until her dad s girl friend ha [...]

    15. Thank goodness I took a chance on this, the second book in The Rachel O Brien Chronicles After I d read the first, I swore I wouldn t ever read another Then, the combination of another few reviews and a second freebie tempted me to try another serving.It s Frosh , the summer before Rachael s return to school for her second year She s working for her father and dreaming of Clay, her almost boyfriend, and developing a bit of a roving eye However, she just can t shake New Elm and stolen forged art. [...]

    16. This is the second in the Rachael O Brien chronicles and is set in 1987 Nineteen year old Rachael is home from college for the summer holiday Whilst there, she has a few problems to deal with including her father s very young girlfriend, a stolen painting, her absent mother s sudden return and a family revelation.I wasn t sure I liked this book at first and almost gave up since the author seemed to be trying a little too hard to set the time and the place, but I m glad I stuck with it Rachael is [...]

    17. This is the second novel in the series but it s of a novella.Anyway, this covers Rachel s summer between her freshman and sopho years of college, when she is back at home, working in her family s restoration biz, and her absconding mother returns bringing a girlfriends and a LOT of questions.Repercussions from the first book do show up, so I d recommend starting there And this was very short.Still, I liked knowing what Rachel was up to in the summer, and immediately started reading 3.These are [...]

    18. I started this book the night before our trip home to Colorado from Arizona so only read it in snatches It was shorter than the first one in the series but only covered the summer between Rachel s freshman and sopho year in college the first book covered her entire freshman year I adore Rachel She is such a kid but sophisticated in the world of art history and restoration all at the same time Her family relationships took front and center since she is home in Ohio for the summer, though the thef [...]

    19. Rachel is at it again This book is hilarity at its finest Not only is Rachel still holding her v card but it seems like her mom and dad are getting action that she is After her mom left to go explore her psychic abilities and become a possible lesbian, Rachel s dad has found a young aerobics instructor to pass his time with This book will make you laugh so hard I m sure tears with come out Rachel once again gets involved in an art theft and makes out with a fugitive At least he was hot Oh and d [...]

    20. Rachael O Brien s life is certainly never dull and because of that, the Rachael O Brien Chronicles are interesting and fun to read Summer Flamb is well edited with only a handful of mistakes, mostly toward the end The climax and resolution happened a little too suddenly, but were quite the unexpected twist I highly recommend this book it is not necessary to read the first book first, but it does gives background information that would make this one understandable.

    21. Enjoyable Second OutingI enjoyed the second book in the series Rachael is home for the summer and not her happiest Her father is still dating much younger Trudi and her mother is still not back Plus one person is still on the loose from her adventure in New Been Read what happens over the summer to Rachael.

    22. This is another series that I am falling in love with Rachel is a Midwest girl who couldn t wait to get away for college This book takes place in the summer following freshman year when she finds herself at home in Ohio Trouble seems to follow her wherever she goes It s fun to read her adventures and see how she solves the mysteries around her.

    23. Fun cute easy readThis was a fast easy read Rachael is having a tough summer She is working for her Dad Dad has a new girlfriend and Mom has not been heard from in quite some time How they all end up at Dinner together is very unexpected You have collectible art, psychics and a few unexpected additions Did not think I would like this book, but I did

    24. Fell a bit flat for meI loved the first book in the series, but not this one Although I enjoyed some of the new characters, I did not like Rachel s mom or Bette It was tempting to just skim over the pages about them For me they were cardboard characters The plot in this one was less believable I wish book two had been shorter and combined with book 3.

    25. Not nearly as good as the first novel I missed the other gals and the school life I also found the replacement characters Trudy, Sky sort of meh and found some of the characters Betts, Mauve downright annoying The grandmother thread I did enjoy as well as the Jackson thread I am hoping the third book takes it back up a notch.

    26. I would suggest a good teen novel but it just did not hit the spot for me It was slightly far fetched, no family can keep that sort of secret, when it is so close But it did keep me reading to the end I will have to admit that i am nolonger the target for this type of book

    27. Though I don t really like this series overall, once I start reading, I do find them hard to put down I found this second book to be predictable and slightly believable, but overall I really think this series just isn t for me.

    28. Such a great read.Love the storyline.Such a great read.Love the storyline.I would recommend to everyone to read this serif it s wonderful I can t wait till I read next one.I hate to rush any writer but I wish they could get the next one released.

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