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What If...? #2020

What If Joe is nervous about his first big party and as Mum walks him along the darkening street to his friend s house his imagination starts to run wild They search for the right place looking through the

  • Title: What If...?
  • Author: Anthony Browne
  • ISBN: 9780857531131
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What If...? By Anthony Browne, Joe is nervous about his first big party, and as Mum walks him along the darkening street to his friend s house, his imagination starts to run wild They search for the right place, looking through the windows, wondering What if while making surprising discoveries along the way.

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      234 Anthony Browne
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    1 thought on “What If...?

    1. The illustrations are beautiful, but as a story I think a lot was lost on me I get the whole anxiety about attending a party by yourself for the first time, but I did not understand the illustrations of the houses that they passed.

    2. Joe and his mother walk down a street trying to find a party As they travel they peer in through the windows and see bizarre scenes which scare Joe More terrifying than all is the party Joe is going to attend Nothing his mother says can persuade him otherwise Visually rich the illustrations and story offer great opportunities to explore inference, building an image of the ultimate party A class which built up predictions together might be surprised Others in the class might demonstrate their und [...]

    3. Opening Today we re going to read What if by Anthony Browne, which is about a little boy named Joe who is nervous about going to a party We ll be able to tell Joe is nervous because he keeps trying to convince his mom that he shouldn t go Have you ever felt nervous about doing something new or meeting new people What happened Students share with partner or with group This book has some interesting literary structures that we should notice First, I want you to see how the author uses boxes and di [...]

    4. Natasha and I read this aloud together, because we enjoy doing that sort of thing, even at our respective advanced and very advanced ages And this is a fun one to spend time reading closely Well, examining the pictures closely The text is straightforward Joe s mother is taking him to a birthday party, and he s nervous, and as they walk down the street in front of the doors, he s asking about specific situations that might arise His mother is reassuring him But what we see through the front windo [...]

    5. I thought that this book had a lot of intertextuality that would be fantastic for children to discover when they are reading It s also a great opportunity for children to discuss anxieties that they may have.

    6. Like all of Browne s books there s a lot that can be unpicked explored in the illustrations I personally am not a huge fan of his style, but the story is one that will resonate with young children and their grown ups, as well as working well in schools doing homes as a topic.

    7. Lots of pictures in this books, which give away clues very good for reading comprehension Very simple and enjoyable story with big font Maybe a guided reading book for lower KS1.

    8. A young boy worries about all sorts of things that could go wrong as he goes to his first party Artful, subtle, and astute.

    9. Joe is invited to a birthday party, but he lost his invitation He knows what street the house is on, but cannot remember the house number He is walking with his mom trying to identify which house the birthday party is at, but he is very anxious He is unsure if he will have fun, if he will like the food, or if he will like the games He is trying to convince his mom that maybe it s best that they go back home His mom has been reassuring him along the way that it will be fun, that he will enjoy the [...]

    10. Like most of Anthony Browne s books, the text in What if can be very simple, but the illustrations convey a lot of the meaning This is a story that many parents and children can relate to In What if Joe is nervous about going over to a friends house for a party, so each time he passes a house with his mom he imagines crazy scenarios of what is happening inside When he worries about the games they will play, inside the house he sees people playing a life size version of snakes and ladders When he [...]

    11. WHAT IF by Anthony Browne is a wonderful book, it is about a boy name Joe who is invited to a birthday party and begins to question himself as they find the house The pages have a pattern has they try to find the house The verso images have Joe and his mother with at least four white border images having a conversation with speech bubbles and the two character are like an ice blue color The recto image gives a full color page with a white border walking by and looking inside to find Joe s friend [...]

    12. What If by Anthony Browne tells the story a little boy who is walking down the street to find his friend s house with his mom and worries what if questions about what could go wrong as they pass bizarre scenes occurring in each house they pass The gouache and crayon illustrations are drawn in a cartoony fashion as they depict strange and silly scenes occurring in each wrong house they pass by The monochrome coloring of blue over Joe and his mom as he worries about the party convey the mood of th [...]

    13. This is a great book to read to children who are nervous to go over to a friends house for a party or sleep over Anthony Browne shows both the boy s point of view as well as the mom s point of view In the end, the boy realizes how fun it is to go to parties at other children s house and wants to have one for himself Along with a great story line, this book has beautiful illustrations When learning about the boy s feelings he is walking down the street looking for the house of the boy he is visit [...]

    14. Joe loses the address and phone number to his friends house for a party His mom and him walk through the street trying to find his friend s house All while they walk Joe asks what if At one point, Joe doesn t even want to go to the party This book shows that doing something new and pushing through your anxieties can be a really good thing I would recommend this book for any child that is going through anxiety with meeting new people, or maybe a child who has just moved to a new school As someone [...]

    15. One of this book s really strange illustrations disturbed me It was creepy I didn t like this book because of that I m not sure how you re supposed to deal with a child with anxiety problems, but this mother just brushes him off That was a fine technique, because the kid has no problems after he arrives at the party Not recommended.

    16. This book showcased anxieties, which is super important Lots of times kids worry, and it can get passed off and dismissed This reminds people, and kids, that some anxiety is normal Some will pass, and some may need some assistance in order to pass, but all is valid.

    17. What if features a little boy and his first birthday party with friends not mom Great detailed pictures and dialogue Definitely enjoyed the read.

    18. Una historia con la que me hubiera identificado de ni a perfectamente pero con la que lo hago a n de grande, con el ni o y con la madre.

    19. The story of Joe who is apprehensive about going to a party He can t find the house with him Mum so they look in the windows of every house on the street while Joe tells his mum about his fears.

    20. I don t understand why this book has 3 stars on here, but I give it 5 because it truly deserves it I just love how Anthony plays with points of view

    21. What If 2013 By Anthony Browne, Picture bookSummary Joe was going to his first party in his friend s home, but he lost the address So his mom walks him along the street to his friend s house Joe was so nervous during the whole way because he is worried about the party They stop at almost every house along the way to see if it s Tom s Each house they saw has different looking kind of people And Joe keeps asking his mom, What if All kinds of questions about the party When they got to the end of th [...]

    22. A nervous boy is escorted to a birthday party by his patient and understanding mother The cover shows the boy, close up, with a house behind him with some odd things in the windows There s a shape like a bear in one window and the other is filed with fish swimming about Is the whole room a fish tank The back cover has windows too, but the things in the windows are shadows and shapes that are indistinguishable What s going on in there The big window in the center contains some of the boy s questi [...]

    23. Joe is headed to a birthday party and its the first one that he s ever gone to He s very nervous about what is going to happen at Tom s party and whether he will enjoy it or not Joe s mother walks him to Tom s house They know what street it is on but not the house number, since Joe lost the invitation So along the way they peek into windows to see which is the correct house But the things they see in the windows don t help Joe feel better at all There are old people with a staring dog There s an [...]

    24. Anthony Browne uses his brilliant artwork in combination with dialogue heavy text to tell the story of an anxious little boy on the way to his first birthday party Seeing as he lost the invitation, Joe doesn t know the address, so his patient mother walks down the street with him to find his friend Tom s house.Joe s anxieties are clear in the illustrations, as he is portrayed as very small sometimes only shown in the bottom left corner of the page The houses, especially their windows, are huge i [...]

    25. This story is about a boy who is going to his friend s birthday party The boy and the mom walked to find the house for the party While they walked, they would look in the windows to check if it was his friend s house Throughout it, the little boy would ask what if questions He would be worrying too much and ask questions like what if I don t know anyone there At the end they find his friends house and his mom drops him off At the end, the mom is the one that is worrying and asking what if questi [...]

    26. In this story Joe is nervous to go to his friend Tom s birthday party Tom s house is on his street but he makes his mom walk him to it Joe worries the whole way there because he is worried he won t like the party They stop at almost every house along the way to see if it s Tom s Each window that they peep into has different looking kind of people When they get to the end of the street they finally get to Tom s house Joe goes in and has a blast but then the mom starts to worry that he won t have [...]

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