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Not Just the Greek's Wife #2020

Not Just the Greek s Wife Ariston Spiridakou had one reason and one reason only for marrying Chloe he needed a biddable bride to provide the requisite heir Yet three years later Chloe s status as good Greek wife is a distant m

  • Title: Not Just the Greek's Wife
  • Author: Lucy Monroe
  • ISBN: 9780373130955
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
  • Not Just the Greek's Wife By Lucy Monroe, Ariston Spiridakou had one reason and one reason only for marrying Chloe he needed a biddable bride to provide the requisite heir Yet three years later Chloe s status as good Greek wife is a distant memory and her defiance has had her cast out of Ariston s life Infuriatingly, Chloe now finds herself at Ariston s mercy but his help comes with a wicked price the unyieldiAriston Spiridakou had one reason and one reason only for marrying Chloe he needed a biddable bride to provide the requisite heir Yet three years later Chloe s status as good Greek wife is a distant memory and her defiance has had her cast out of Ariston s life Infuriatingly, Chloe now finds herself at Ariston s mercy but his help comes with a wicked price the unyielding condition that he won t even consider her request until she s shared his bed and is expecting his baby

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      158 Lucy Monroe
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      Posted by:Lucy Monroe
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    1 thought on “Not Just the Greek's Wife

    1. Ms Monroe, what has gone wrong here Your MBs used to be full of awesome angst and h s with a spine and most importantly self respect, you used to follow my code of romance rather awesomelyNow i m getting h s who just fall into bed with the H due to being overwhelmed by the magic pens, h s who let their H s treat them like dirt because they are so gosh damned understanding and everything really isn t the H s fault, it s because of whatever childhood trauma they can t build a bridge and get over s [...]

    2. Bland second chance story The heroine left the hero because he had divorce papers drawn up and she felt she should go before he had a chance to serve them The hero had the divorce papers drawn up because he found her birth control pills Their arranged marriage was about providing an heir, so he was livid that she reneged on their agreement Now, two years later the heroine is back asking the hero to bail out her father s company for her sister s sake The hero agrees if she will bear his child.The [...]

    3. 3.5 StarsI did enjoy this one but will say that I felt like I had read it many times before It is the classic case of Greek girl married off by her father to rich man as part of a business deal Chloe always felt that Ariston never had feelings for her and thought he was gonna divorce her after the time that the business contract allowed him to do so, so she flew the coop first They did divorce and spent 2 years apart but then her father s company was sinking so she went to Ariston for help He ag [...]

    4. Monroe s ping pong conversations really spiral out of control in this book, to mix a metaphor She shook her head, but her thoughts refused to settle as they spun endlessly around one simple fact I don t understand how you could know I found your pills In my jewelry armoire But he never went through her things.Only he must have At least once Yes Why Does it matter Maybe it shouldn t but I feel like it does If he had never trusted her and had spied on her, that put their marriage in a different li [...]

    5. First Lucy Monroe book I hated It was extremely dull and boring The romance was nowhere to be found Endless conversations about business and money which I didn t get or even care to understand The characters were one dimensional, lacking depth and complexity I didn t care about their reactions or their emotions Talk about cardboard characters Still can t believe this is a L Monroe book

    6. This was a better read for me than some of her recent HP offerings.But,this book had something lacking for me.I did not really connect well with these characters and their love scenes were like clinical sex scenes.The first part of the book just felt so cold and I thought that the later part was trying to be of a romantic read,but missed.Still,a better read for me than as previously stated.

    7. I honestly don t know how to begin to describe how bad this book was.I really dislike how these novels took a huge downfall They used to be a good guilty pleasure, not really useful but certainly a good time spent But now it s guilt with no pleasure at all I feel guilty wasting my time and money on them.This novel was stupid to say the least Both leads were horrible The text was filled with narration, and when there s no narration it s the same conversation over and over again I cant fathom the [...]

    8. This book is not my cuppa Firstly, I have a problem with romances which the heroine plays a doormat to someone 1 because they love them and this is the best they can get, 2 they are rich and this solves all ills Sorry, I never really bought the rationalizations see above and think this type of situation He divorced her for her use of birth control, without really finding out any reasons which were that she wanted them to have time for him to come to love her requires a bit of remorse and atoneme [...]

    9. I loved reading this story It had everything that I love about Lucy Monroe s books A super Alpha male, a heroine who was in love with her man.d a conflict that took her away from him.Lucy knows how to write great love stories with Happily Ever Afters that make me feel great after reading them.

    10. Okay, so I know that this is supposed to be a romantic book, but is it bad that instead of feeling romanced I just laughed out loud

    11. This was my first book by this author, and so far, I am interested in reading from her What I liked about this book is that you are able to see how Chloe changed since her divorce from Ariston She may have once been the typical spineless and young Harlequin Presents heroine, but by the time this book starts after Chloe and Ariston have already divorced , she has made her own life Not too much, because these books always seem imbalanced in that the girl is always wildly in love with the guy In t [...]

    12. Reviewd by HarlequinJunkie Romance ReviewsNot Just the Greek s Wife I really enjoyed this re union story by Lucy Monroe It was a great read minus the revenge angst factors you except to find in re union stories.Ariston Spiridakou and Chloe got married as part of a business deal, an arranged marriage with contracted terms of three years Their marriage fell apart due to misunderstanding and mistrust on both their parts.Fast forward two years and Chloe and Ariston re unite when Chloe approaches Ari [...]

    13. Really liked the dialogue and heroine s maturity, as well as the communication between the H and h once it started But other women in the 2 yrs while trying to gain the means to blackmail his wife back to him Instead of just showing up to talk and find out whether his divorce papers or failure to declare his love in fact, declaring he would not love her caused her to leave, especially in light of his knowledge that she loved him Just not consistent with the supposedly happy marriage where he sup [...]

    14. Lucy Monroe has done it again Not Just The Greek s Wife is a great book Ariston and Chloe had been wed as the result of a business deal, but, with each having their own reasons, the marriage ended in divorce Two years later Chloe approaches Ariston as a favor to her sister to seek out help to save her sister s failing company Ariston uses the opportunity to draw Chloe back into his life You can t help but fall in love with Chloe and Ariston and their journey back to each other It s a fun, great [...]

    15. Lucy Monre never fails to deliver NOT JUST THE GREEK S WIFE is a fantastic read Ariston Spiridakou had married Chloe as part of an arranged marriage He married her for a heir and after three years of marriage and several misunderstandings they divorce It is two years later and Chloe enters back into Ariston s life for her sisters sake Passions still run high between the two and they enter into another arrangement and this time they are both playing for keeps

    16. Sometimes when you read one of these revengeful ex husband stories from HMB presents series, I lose sympathy with the hero, because he makes too many assumptions But in this story, Lucy Monroe made the hero intelligent enough to spot where he d made mistakes, and moderate his behaviour, so that it was far easier to understand why the heroine was so in love with him.

    17. I actually adore it when the heroine develops a back bone in these HP books and this one did took a couple of years but she did The hero was no one s fool but did make assumptions about the heroine which when he discovered was untrue he had an arrogant time of apologizing.I found the ending to be really quick but it was a good book one which I think I will reread so it s a keeper.

    18. 3.5 stars I really wish would offer a half point rating A quick and easy read with the typical formulaic story but it s a formula I happen to love Add in the fact that the hero is Greek I m there Lucy Monroe is one of my favorite authors to read I love the fact that she still writes for Harlequin Presents The first series I read after deciding I wanted to read adult books in my youth The sitch is that Ariston Chloe were once married however it was an arranged marriage and of course due to lack [...]

    19. I really enjoyed this sappy romance Ariston, and Chloe had entered into a marriage as a business deal Chloe walked away three years later, because of misunderstandings Now three years had gone by, but the chemistry, and passion is still there burning between the two The First meeting they had after the separation, lead to a hot steamy office encounter They agreed to marry again, based on business This time around they couldn t hide the love that shined Ariston was a tentative, and caring husband [...]

    20. Really enjoyed this HQN story from Lucy Monroe The hero was my favorite sort Uber Alpha and the heroine was actually able to think for herself without continuously throwing issues up to the hero.I would definitely recommend this book for readers of all levels whether you re a Lucy Monroe fan or about to become one The author writes equally well in both the contemporary and historical genres.Again, this is a quick, enjoyable read and I would recommend to anyone

    21. y l nce bo anan Chloe ve Ariston un hikayesi biraz dura an bir hikaye idiBir yanl anlama ve ileti imsizlik y z nden sona eren bir evlilikFakat Ariston ne yap p edip kar s n tekrar kazanmaya karar verirKar s n n yumu ak k z karde ine olan ba l l n kullan rK z karde inin yuvas n da lmas n istemeyen Chloe Ariston un teklifini kabul etmek zorunda kal r Yinede okurken zevk al nabilecek bir ikinci ans roman idi

    22. Takis was the wisest one in the whole novel It was a good read I felt the emotional flow and beauty of the story However in some aspects it seemed to be lacking It was a good happy ending though.

    23. Lucy writes alpha males in a way that you can still love them Their hard outer shell hides their soft, gooey insides.

    24. I have this soft spot for Harlequin romances and Lucy Monroe s in particular This one was exactly what I was looking for to read today I liked Chloe and Ariston was wonderful.

    25. Have a bunch of reviews to do, and attempting to get them all done tonight We will see how far I get With that being said I m going to try to keep these reviews fairly short and just give my thoughts on the books But if you ve read my reviews in the past you know how well that goes Anyway let s get started First thoughts I absolutely loved this book, and it reminded me why I love Lucy Monroe books and her style of writing This book was brilliant on so many levels there was not a single thing wro [...]

    26. Not Just the Greek s WifeWhat starts off as a marriage of convenience became for her But when she married him it was a business deal for her father She took the precautions not to get pregnant She wanted than to lose her child of the marriage didn t last But her heart is broken when she is given divorce papers with his signature on it She leaves But now he wants her back He made sure she had to come back to him But will she stay What about the reason he divorced her

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