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The Last Days of Disco, with Cocktails at Petrossian Afterward #2020

The Last Days of Disco with Cocktails at Petrossian Afterward Opposites do attract but is that really such a good idea Whit Stillman has won international acclaim as one of the wittiest most original filmmakers of his generation the Balzac of the ironic class

  • Title: The Last Days of Disco, with Cocktails at Petrossian Afterward
  • Author: Whit Stillman Pierre Le Tan
  • ISBN: 9780374183394
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Last Days of Disco, with Cocktails at Petrossian Afterward By Whit Stillman Pierre Le Tan, Opposites do attract but is that really such a good idea Whit Stillman has won international acclaim as one of the wittiest, most original filmmakers of his generation the Balzac of the ironic class, the Dickens of people with too much inner life, in the words of Stephen Hunter in The Washington Post Now, twisting the film novelization genre in an entirely new directionOpposites do attract but is that really such a good idea Whit Stillman has won international acclaim as one of the wittiest, most original filmmakers of his generation the Balzac of the ironic class, the Dickens of people with too much inner life, in the words of Stephen Hunter in The Washington Post Now, twisting the film novelization genre in an entirely new direction, Stillman has produced something equally fresh and surprising a novel based on the characters and events touched on in The Last Days of Disco the movie The New York Times called deft, funny and improbably touching with results that are even defter, funnier, and improbably poignant.Jimmy Steinway, the Dancing Adman of The Last Days of Disco and, we later discover, a frustrated, desk drawer novelist , gets his lucky break when Castle Rock Entertainment, unable to find anyone else to write a novelization of the movie, reluctantly gives the assignment to him Jimmy struggles to bring to light the true origins of the story at Kate Preston s party in Sag Harbor and the fast, then slow, then fast again unfolding of his love for Alice Kinnon, the boyfriendless social failure from Hampshire College whose quite charm detonated a bitter rivalry between him and four of his Harvard classmates He also sets the record straight about the beautiful, passionate, painfully candid Charlotte Pingree Set primarily in Manhattan in the early 1980s but spanning two continents and two decades The Last Days of Disco, with Cocktails at Petrossian Afterwards redresses the wrongs done these characters and this period, while helping to ameliorate the comic novel shortage in the world today.

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    1 thought on “The Last Days of Disco, with Cocktails at Petrossian Afterward

    1. The story of a group of recent college graduates in the early 80s who spend a lot of time dancing to disco and being a bit talky Sounds terrible when written so plainly like that.As pretty much everyone who reads this book must be, I am a big fan of Whit Stillman s films and the premise of a novelisation of one of his movies as written by one of the characters from the movie was too much to resist As a novelisation it is fine, who really needs a novelisation anyway The concept certainly puts it [...]

    2. I adore Whit Stillman s movies, so it pains me to give this book such a bad review But the truth is that it fails to enrich, deepen, or supplement the world brought to life in the film of the same name Instead, it tediously reenacts transcribes might be a better word the events of the film Line by line Shot by shot Scene by scene There s one or two new bits thrown in, but they re few and far between This narrative approach forces Stillman into some very clumsy maneuvers And he doesn t do himself [...]

    3. Unique mix of the feel good and the heartbreaking Deeply civilized and literate, this is exactly what the modern novel should be an extension of the classical tradition while knowingly postmodernist at the same time obliquely commenting on the state of society without a left handed axe to grind delicate and modest but unselfconscious A work of art.

    4. The Last Days of Disco was the last Whit Stillman film to be made, but it was the very first one I saw and for years the only one I knew I saw it at the Avon during a summer writing program at Brown when I was still in high school Back home, I bought it on VHS the first time I saw it for sale and good thing too, as it doesn t seem to have stuck around long In college my roommates all remember a mythical DVD, but no one can agree on who owned it and no one can find it to this day It was released [...]

    5. Stillman s elegant, innocent, melancholy book adaptation and expansion of his subtle and underrated film is really something to be savored as a work of its own Vastly enlarging the dimensions of the character of Jimmy Steinway from his relatively supporting role in the film, Stillman weaves a comedy of manners that recalls Forster and Austen at their finest moments, only set in the upper class apartments of early 1980 s New York a time that now seems almost as removed as Edwardian England or the [...]

    6. 4.5, rounded up Admittedly a huge fan of all now five Whit Stillman films, I suspect Last Days is my absolute favorite, and the one I have seen the most times Usually I eschew novelizations of films and put off reading this one others have complained there is no real reason for this existing, but I humbly disagree While it follows the film fairly closely, the addition of the narrative portions is as witty, hyper articulate and revealing as the dialogue of his urban haute bourgeoisie in Whitman s [...]

    7. Whit Stillman is one of America s great cult filmmakers In the last 24 years, he has written and directed four indie movies, and published this novel, based on his 1998 film The Last Days of Disco He s met with critical acclaim one Oscar nomination, two films in the Criterion Collection but has never become widely popular Several of his films were financial flops , and the novel is out of print.Which is really a shame, because it s a lovely entry in the kinda pretentious young people coming of a [...]

    8. An exceedingly rare book, this autographed copy bought at a second hand store for a mere 4 was lent to me by a work colleague, based on his admiration for the film of approximately the same name I m no worse for having read it, but he really oughtn t to have bothered.The Last Days of Disco is a meta novelisation of the film, written by the character of Jimmy Steinway the dancing adman The strength of the film is its female characters, with all of the men being interchangeable versions of one ano [...]

    9. Yes, a novel by Whit Stillman You either love him or hate him, and rarely is a divisive figure so kindly and proper He is a filmmaker Metropolitan, Barcelona, The Last Days of Disco, and Damsels in Distress, all comedies of manners chronicling young, wildly articulate, cerebral East Coast preps and misfits Despite being a regular old Midwestern girl, I cherish these movies and their neurotic yet joyous protagonists So it was easy for me to love The Last Days of Disco, with Cocktails at Petrossia [...]

    10. Big, biiig Whit Stillman fan right here If you re all, Metropolitan was kinda cute but I wasn t nuts about Barcelona and I didn t even bother seeing The Last Days of Disco, then you re not going to even think about checking this out If, however, you re all, Oh my god, Metropolitan was Woody Allen esque in its brilliance, Barcelona was extraordinary, and Last Days of Disco, though handicapped by an unfortunately misguided marketing campaign, was equally witty and effervescent, then this is probab [...]

    11. A companion read of the film, while binge watching all Stillman s trilogy Metropolitan, Barcelona, The Last Days of Disco.Woody Allen s writing may be better received and maturer, but to me it s rather aged and stale, in comparison with Stillman s romantic comedy on youth, coming of age, loss of innocence, UHB urban haute bourgeoisie Both filmmakers excel on dialogue wits, and transforming the trivial into the profound But the book didn t bring me satisfaction The first person also one of the m [...]

    12. Whit Stillman is an engaging writer The premise that this book was written by a main character of the film, who was hired after the success of the film narrates the book is a brilliant touch As I re entered the world of Des, Alice, Charlotte The Club I found myself wishing I could read of his writing not just hear it spoken on the screen As an avowed Stillman aficionado I m definitely biased in giving this five stars but it was such a pleasure to read both the story which I knew well and the ad [...]

    13. Whit Stilman s movies are among the greatest in my opinion and The Last Days of Disco is my favorite of the three he made so naturally the book would be a favorite too, right Right except there s a twist to the novel The book is written from the perspective of a character in the movie who actually wrote the movie screenplay based on real events, and it s about how the movie is different from what actually happened, and how all his real life friends are pissed off about how their characters appea [...]

    14. Good, not greatI was hoping of the sensibilities of the movie would find their way into the book, but maybe got a little bit too much of that I guess my problem is that I love Stillman on the screen, and I do not enjoy his words quite as much in the written format This is probably a book that would best be read with no knowledge of Last Days the film.

    15. The Last Days of Disco With Cocktails at Petrossian Afterwards is certainly the best and most fascinating movie novelization I ve ever read, if not the best ever written The premise here is that Whit Stillman s film, The Last Days of Disco, is a true story, and that one of the film s characters, Jimmy Steinway, is commissioned to write the accompanying book This premise opens up the book to not just tell and expand upon the film s story, but to comment on the film itself, which the book does onl [...]

    16. The way I came about reading this was sort of convoluted With the release of Whit Stillman s latest movie, Love Friendship, I found myself interested in reading the post mortem, epistolary story Lady Susan by Jane Austen which the movie was based on In my search for it I discovered that the director had written a novelization of that movie and was thus reminded of the novelization of this movie, The Last Days of Disco It had been awhile since I saw that film and was interested, so I decided to r [...]

    17. Like the movie that preceded it, this book tells a story that s both highly specific to and immersive in its particular time social milieu while being, I think, quite universal to any young adult who is just coming to understand what it means to actually be an adult and a person in the world and the various entanglements that follow along the way The movie has the advantage of actually showing those divine and joyful dancing sequences and letting you hear that great music the book has the added [...]

    18. an unusual novelization of a film after its theatrical release, that also happens to be written by its director writer by telling the story of the movie from the point of view of one of its characters who knows about the movie, its script, and various other background materials The Last Days of Disco, with Cocktails at Petrossian Afterwards actually improves upon what was an excellent, enjoyable film to begin with but don t be concerned that this is some trite post modern, deconstructionist gobb [...]

    19. What exactly was the point of this book A writer director decides to make a novelization of his own film, as told from the perspective of one of its supporting characters Oh, and by the way, the film is THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO, one of the best movies I know of Anyway, this book could have been an interesting exercise, but instead its mostly a slapdash cut and paste job from the screenplay I don t know why Whit Stillman wanted to revisit the movie if he was not going to expand on its story and giv [...]

    20. I knew this was kind of going to be hit or miss for me I love the movie and Stillman, but a director writing the novelization of his own movie seemed a little bit arrogant to me Luckily it was much better than I expected There were, however, some things I didn t like about it For instance, Jimmy Steinway was the most boring, irritating character in the movie, so I thought it was a strange choice to pick him to be the narrator All of his asides would have been much appropriate coming from Des or [...]

    21. Stillman s movies are gems, mostly featuring talky young people trying to figure it all out This novel is a different look at his most recent movie The conceit is that relatively minor character Jimmy Steinway is the author of the book, which acknowledges the existence of the movie as a dramatization of events which happened to real people So for instance, Stillman Steinway talk about how the real Alice related to the actress Chloe Sevigny who played her.You ll find all this either too precious [...]

    22. It s an imperfect book, granted, but sometimes it s just the style of the book that really grabs you As with his films, I really go for the vibe of these posturing, weary, literati types congregating over dated cocktails to discuss stuff like lady and the tramp I could read about these characters watching daytime TV or playing call of duty Not that they ever would The books kind of meanders, drops in and out and leaves you feeling a little short changed I m recommending it though Snarky wasps bi [...]

    23. I enjoy the films of Whit Stillman This is supposed to be the novelization of his last film by one of the main characters in that film, many years after the fact It is a clever and funny read if you are interested in the social lives of young people from well to do New York families during the 1980s I recommend seeing the film prior to reading the novel.

    24. Not too shabby My favorite thing about books about the publishing industry is the crushing sameness of the job through the years at least as it pertains to women The experiences of these ladies are very similar to the experiences of the ladies in The Best of Everything, minus all the sexual harassment and discrimination.

    25. This book was a really good, appropriate novelization of the movie It s not about a whole lot other than characters, and downtown NY in the early 80s, but I like that and it s part of the reason I loved the movie so much.Really puzzled by the Harry Potter reference Anybody

    26. Why doesn t Whit Stillman write books This was entertaining in the same ways as his films great characters, witty, crisp dialogue and bone dry humor This was fun even though the plot wasn t super engaging.

    27. Really a big meh after seeing the movie The characters do run into folks from Metropolitan and Barcelona while at the Club, but the totality of the narrative is really week in the epilogue chapters.

    28. Novelization of the film Last Days of Disco, which already was novel like As I have seen the movie several times, it was a quick read, and worth it I savored the words Whit Stillman is great with them

    29. You actually have to watch the movie first And maybe two others if you re a purist the correct order Metropolitan, Barcelona, and The Last Days of Disco It s all very mannered and kind of goofily intellectual but I liked the movies and it has a sweet ending, so why the hell not

    30. Since Whit Stillman doesn t make enough movies, I take what I can get Recommended only for fans of the movie or Whit Stillman s other films.

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