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Storybound #2020

Storybound In the land of Story children go to school to learn to be characters a perfect Hero a trusty Sidekick even the most dastardly Villain They take classes on Outdoor Experiential Questing and Backstor

  • Title: Storybound
  • Author: Marissa Burt
  • ISBN: 9780062020529
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Storybound By Marissa Burt, In the land of Story, children go to school to learn to be characters a perfect Hero, a trusty Sidekick, even the most dastardly Villain They take classes on Outdoor Experiential Questing and Backstory, while adults search for full time character work in stories written just for them In our world, twelve year old Una Fairchild has always felt invisible But all that chaIn the land of Story, children go to school to learn to be characters a perfect Hero, a trusty Sidekick, even the most dastardly Villain They take classes on Outdoor Experiential Questing and Backstory, while adults search for full time character work in stories written just for them In our world, twelve year old Una Fairchild has always felt invisible But all that changes when she stumbles upon a mysterious book buried deep in the basement of her school library, opens the cover, and suddenly finds herself transported to the magical land of Story.But Story is not a perfect fairy tale Una s new friend Peter warns her about the grave danger she could face if anyone discovers her true identity The devious Tale Keeper watches her every move And there are whispers of a deadly secret that seems to revolve around Una herself.With the timeless appeal of books like A Wrinkle in Time and the breathtaking action of Inkheart, Storybound has all the makings of a new classic Brimming with fantastical creatures, magical adventure, and heart stopping twists, Storybound will leave readers wishing they too could jump through the pages into this enchanting fairy tale world.

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      Marissa Burt

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    1. Originaly reviewed hereBe prepared for a review where I squash any negativity regarding this book and sing its praises at the top of my metaphorical mountain Una is a child who doesn t quite fit in In fact, she feels as if she is an invisible being who even her teachers don t see That s why she hides in the basement she goes to her quiet corner and reads books that take her away from the drudgery of her daily life That is, until the day that she finds a book entitled The Tale of Una Fairchild, w [...]

    2. I ve heard people comparing Storybound to books like the Inkheart series by Cornelia Funke and I think it s an apt comparison because like Inkheart, Storybound, too, crosses several boundaries and blurs several lines between fiction and reality However, unlike the Inkheart series, I found that, as a matter of personal taste, Storybound seems relatable and accessible But that s not really the point The objective here is to tell you that Storybound is an exciting middlegrade debut by an author wi [...]

    3. Oh noI had a bad feeling this book couldn t possibly wrap up everything, but to end with to be continued was really annoying I love fairy tale books, like the similar ideas of Inkspell and Neverending story book and movie really liked the twist on those concepts and so ordered it in My husband picked it up looking for an easy read as opposed to the textbooks for his masters program, and only got about 50 pages in before he gave it back to me and told me it was too silly We don t always share tas [...]

    4. There s so much to enjoy here the characters, the setting, the themes, the dialogue the food I enjoyed the way the story unfolds, with a few serious, unexpected plot twists One twist in particular is so good that it s really hard to recommend the book to a friend without wanting to spill the beans I won t spill it here, but I love the way that particular twist takes a fun, fanciful tale and leads the reader to ponder issues of identity and relationship from unexpected angles Plus there s the del [...]

    5. I loved this middle grade book The story swept me away to another world right from the beginning Una finds a book and opens it Inside it says The Tale of Una Fairchild That is her She begins to read the book and soon she finds herself in the story I love the land of Story and all of the characters who live there The element of mystery was wonderful and I found myself reading and reading For a 400 plus page book, it went by so fast There was a twist that I never saw coming and endearing character [...]

    6. It was a real treat to read Storybound by Marissa Burt This YA novel is currently unlocked and the entire text is available to be read on the HarperCollins website HarperCollins Canada HarperCollins USA Choose the appropriate site and start reading today.Una is a foster child who has no idea of her history All she knows is that she has lived in a lot of families yet not been considered a part of any of them She feels invisible at home and at school To escape the torments of school, she seeks sol [...]

    7. REVIEW ORIGINALLY POSTED bookalicious 2012 03 revieStorybound by Marissa Burt is the perfect book for lovers of middle grade fantasy and adventure From the first few chapters, the reader will be sucked into the land of Story, just as Una Fairchild is.Marissa Burt did a great job building the characters in Storybound There were a lot of characters, but none of them ended up falling flat each had their own story to add Una Fairchild, the confused protagonist lost in a strange world and there s Pet [...]

    8. THREE WORDS a Fantasically Enchanting AdventureMY REVIEW Marissa Burt s Storybound has enchanted me so completely This book swept me away on a grand and epic adventure filled with edge of your seat action, fascinating characters, and a wonderfully whimsical world.Twelve year old Una Fairchild has never felt like she fits in, not at school or in the various foster homes she s been through, and when she s magically pulled into a mysterious book and into the world of Story, Una believes she s once [...]

    9. Storybound gives a fun and unique take on how all of our favorite stories have been created from Fairy Tales to Pirate Lore to Cowboy Westerns They re all created in the world of Story When a girl from our world enters Story, however, everything begins to change Una Fairchild finds herself transported from her school to a school in Story, where her fellow students are training to become characters Heroes, Villains, Ladies, even Sidekicks and Beasts She must learn who to trust as she tries to fig [...]

    10. 3.5 stars.Favorite aspects Heroics practical, Villainy practical, Snow, Professor Thornhill, atmosphere, friendships, WIs, etc.The atmosphere of the book, as stated above, was one of my favorite things The fairytale world, the characters within, and the overlying storyline of the Muses and their books, are all nicely woven together with likable characters throughout, a pinch of humor, a smidgen of suspense, and a hint of things to come.I absolutely LOVED getting into Snow s head I am sensing a c [...]

    11. Okay, so I thought that since it said Neverending Story on the back, that I would NOT like it Because I thought the movie I think that s what it was for the Neverending Story was weird and annoying But when I finally got past the beginning and all the boring stuff and it got to the action I really liked it It was kinda cheesy how the main girl s name is Una Fairchild like, that s kinda weird But the character in general was cool She was brave, smart, kind, and clever, and she always came up with [...]

    12. 4.5 starsUna felt invisible to the world, and life as a foster child only accentuated how much she could phase out Her favorite place is the school library where she can escape the feeling of invisibility and get lost in a different world every time she opened a book.One day instead of getting lost in a book she gets sucked into one, here starts the story of Una in the land of Story where kids her age study to become characters of stories we grew to love Now she must learn not to stand out, beca [...]

    13. First of all.Dammit The sequel to this book doesn t even come out until next April That said, I thought the idea for this story was very interesting A girl pulled into a world where storybook characters practice to become the characters that we, in the world of Readers, read about everyday The beginning is alittle slow and I wish there was to Una s backstory that is available in the beginning other than Oh she s an orphan and has had terrible foster homes and hides in the library basement durin [...]

    14. First in the Storybound fantasy series for children My TakeBurt has a cute idea here that I would have enjoyed if she d been a bit intelligent with it There were too many spots where I felt Burt was being condescending I think Burt is hoping to create the next Harry Potter with this, but the story is too simplistic and doesn t provide enough credit to children s intelligence The drama is there, but there s no depth to it It s that Storybound has some great bones, but Burt didn t bother to fle [...]

    15. I knew I needed this book when I saw the cover And especially when I read the summary I have started to love middle grade books a whole lot lately Just love reading them so much Before I managed to order it, though, I won a signed copy And I was so happy about that D Won lots of other swag too, that I love way too much It arrived this week and I just needed to read it right away I m glad I did Mostly.I fell in love with this book right away Just like I knew I would The writing is perfect, the ch [...]

    16. When I first picked up STORYBOUND, I labored under the misconception that a girl from our world finds a book and is sucked into a world full of fairy tales I was both right and wrong While Una Fairchild is indeed sucked into the world of Story, she doesn t run into any fairy tale characters The princes and princesses and villains of the fairy tales we know and love did in fact live and exist at one point in time, but long before Una arrived in Story Now, everyone trains to be characters, taking [...]

    17. Check out all my reviews at flyleafreviewStorybound by Marissa Burt was the first book I was sent to review as part of the DAC ARC Tour, so I was doubly excited when the book arrived, straight from the author with a very cute owl themed note card saying hello One of the main reasons I wanted to read the book was because it is a MG book, and I have a 9 year old son who is really into reading I was hoping that we could read and review the book jointly But the book is quite big, 416 pages, and he w [...]

    18. I always love stories that take you back to your childhood Fairy tale spin offs and retellings certainly do that.Storyboundis not your every day, run of the mill retelling, either Have you ever finished reading a book and wished that you could keep going Ever wish you could meet your favorite characters from your favorite books Storyboundtakes that idea and runs with it There are two worlds out there the land of Readers that s us and the land of Story Children in Story learn your basic how tos f [...]

    19. More reviews at Rondo of a Possible World YA Book ReviewsDiversity is my middle name, and reading a Middle Grade novel seemed like a turn in the right direction for me Too much dystopian novels within the YA genre brought me at the doorstep of this wonderful piece of literature I must give a big thanks to Lisa and Tara over a DAC ARC Tours for allowing me the chance to read this book because I enjoyed the magical story that Marissa Burt weaved before me.I adore fairy tales End of story So I knew [...]

    20. Once upon a time there was a very sweet read with lots of fairy magic in it One thing is for sure I fell in love with this book when I found it here on and read the description I love fairy tales, and books who deal with hose fairytales Also, the cover of this novel is very nice as well and fits the story perfectly.But I grew sceptical when I read the agerecommondation on , and when I saw how large the font size was But I started it right away and I loved it.Storybound tells us the story of Una, [...]

    21. Fantastic storytelling, a creative premise, and smart dialogue collide in Marissa Burt s Storybound Una is a captivating main character that any young reader will identify with and maybe even wish to switch places with She s is a smart, sassy young girl that fits into the world of Story surprisingly well though I have a feeling many bookish people would I liked that Una quickly got over the this isn t possible phase and moved into the let s kick some butt phase Una and the reader leave reality e [...]

    22. ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON SHELF AWARENESS.With fairy tale retellings trending in books and television, debut author Marissa Burt s Storybound, with its metafictional humor, makes a terrific addition to the genre.Twelve year old orphan Una Fairchild finds a book in the basement of her school library called The Tale of Una Fairchild Soon, she finds herself pulled from the land of Readers into the land of Story, where she meets young Lord Peter, a Hero in training she was previously reading about In [...]

    23. Time for a great middle grade read, Storybound by Marissa Burt Published by Harper, it will hit shelves next week on April 3, 2012.The Story Welcome to the land of Story, where children are raised to fill a role in literature Will one become a hero, a villain, a princess, who knows Twelve year old Una Fairchild is sucked from our world, into theirs, and is immediately thrown into danger.Una is befriended by a hero in training named Peter Together, they try to find out how Una was written in to t [...]

    24. Ohhh, the deliciousness of finding a book that when you finish it you can t wait for the next installment Delightful Fans of Inkheart, the Emerald Atlas, and dare I say Harry Potter, are in for a treat with this great debut novel by Seattle author Marissa Burt Una is the kind of girl no one notices or seese lives in foster care and spends her lunches eating alone reading a book in the 300 400 s at her library Until, one day, when she finds herself in a a story book world where the entire world i [...]

    25. I m REALLY happy that this book has a girl heroine Like, super HAPPY Woo hoo Okay, well this book is about a girl who doesn t really fit in her regular life At the library, she finds this book that catches her eye Of course, she goes to it, and opens it What she didn t expect to happen, was to get sucked into the book, into a place called Storybound With heroes, princesses in distress, magic, wizards, and many other things, what s not to like Going into this mysterious place, she s than a littl [...]

    26. I really liked this one I d never heard of it or of this author But as I was wandering around Powell s Books in Portland there it was on an end cap display Imagine me finding the young adult middle readers section right away LOL The cover is GORGEOUS and it really caught my eye there on the shelf which is, I suppose what it s supposed to do And the story does not disappoint There s to be a sequel released next year and I ll be picking that up for sure My only complaint is that the book simply en [...]

    27. I just finished reading this to my 6th graders and they were begging me to read it to them all the time Because of my awesome reading skills or because they wanted to get out of working With school almost out, I let the kids come in PJ s and bring pillows while I finished the book They requested this that I finish reading this book as their end of testing reward.So, with that said, they were so disappointed that it ended in a cliff hanger and with so many plot points left unanswered They gave a [...]

    28. I was really enjoying Storybound, sure I had it all figured out In one sentence, everything changes I found that I loved this book, that I hadn t a clue, and that, despite the lack of info on the cover, it was the first book in the series Una is a girl written into a world of Story Story has freed itself from the oppression of the Muses and is now free to live the same old stories over and over again Everything is good Except for the fact that people disappear That there is a resistance movement [...]

    29. Storybound by Marissa Burt is the story of a girl who loves to read She is an orphan as so many heroes in todays fantasy literature are and she finds herself retreating to the school library to find a cozy place to curl up with a book One day a very odd book catches her eye As she begins to read the book she is suddenly transported to the world of story Characters that enter story from the land of readers are called Written In s but Written In s are treated with suspicion She must make friends t [...]

    30. I would have loved this book when I was a 10 year book geek The very idea of jumping into a book and learning the behind the scenes lives of characters is fascinating It would have introduced new ideas and I would have been awed by it As the parent of a 10 year old, I still love it I can think of hundreds of books I would love to fall into Hogwarts, here I come And I could meet the March sisters, and Septimus Heap, and visit Oz, and escape on 21 balloons and live on the island of Blue Dolphins, [...]

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